7 Days Private Ayurvedic Detox & Yoga Retreat UK

  • The Ayurvedic Retreat, 123 Ferrers Avenue, Tutbury, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK


Private Yoga and Detox Retreat UK

  • 6 days with instruction
  • On this seven-day Ayurvedic detox programme youll receive a three-hour Ayurvedic massage and shirodhara or svedana therapy each day. This programme is an ideal introduction and preparation for the more intensive panchakarma (full detox) programme, but is also a suitable option if you simply wish to rest, relax, lose weight, de-stress and address your underlying health issues in greater depth. This programme also includes daily personal lifestyle and health coaching with Danny or Carol, along with optional yoga and meditation. This is Ayurveda UKs most popular retreat choice, with many clients booking from year to year.


    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Daily yoga & pranayama sessions
    • Daily 2-hour Ayurvedic massage & shirodara or svedana therapy
    • Personal lifestyle and health coaching
    • Pickup from Tutbury / Hatton station
    • 6 nights accommodation
    • 3 daily organic meals

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    As youll be their only guest at Ayurvedic Retreat in Staffordshire, youre guaranteed individual care and attention at all times. The venue is exclusively yours for the duration of your stay, apart from scheduled visits by Ayurveda UK for treatments, health counselling and the cooking and serving of the simple and delicious vegetarian meals created to match your body type and goals.

    One of the things Ayurveda UK regular clients really value is having the house to themselves whilst knowing they are nearby. As they live next door they are able to be flexible with timings, never in a rush to get home and always available when you need them. If you wish to take time out for a little 'inner reflection' Ayurveda UK will leave you to sit and ponder and if you wish seek their knowledge and advice they are never far away.

    The house is ideal for one guest. Theres a bedroom, along with the bathroom and treatment room upstairs. Downstairs youll find the kitchen, sitting room and conservatory overlooking the pretty garden, which we've transformed into a quiet, meditative space, so its an oasis of calm. On a clear night you can even indulge in some star-gazing.

    Your private retreat will be individually-tailored to your own unique personal goals, needs and desires. A typical day is detailed below but in general your days will be structured around Ayurveda UKs relaxing massage therapies, personal development and health education but you'll also have a little time to explore the local area with its craft and antique shops, walk down to the River Dove or visit the famous Tutbury castle. As youll be Ayurveda UKs only guest youre guaranteed by their undivided attention at all times.

    Typical day

    07:00 - 08:00 Ayurveda UK recommends that you start your day with an hour of yoga, pranayama and meditation - instruction can be given to those who are not familiar with any of these practices or who would like extra tuition.

    08:00 - 09:00 A light breakfast of freshly-squeezed, organic vegetable juice - this starts off the day for all Ayurveda UK clients, not just those on juice fasts.

    09:00 - 12:00 The main therapy session of the day - a blissful massage selected that day depending on how you feel, how you are doing and what your overall goal is, with two Ayurvedic therapists massaging your body in total synchronisation with warm herbal oils. This is followed by either svedana, a herbal steam treatment, or shirodhara, warm herbal oil poured rhythmically over the forehead.

    12:00 - 13:00 Rest and relaxation with gentle Indian flute music (if desired), and a cup of ginger or herb tea

    13:00 - 14:00 A light lunch of rice or buckwheat, vegetables and lentil dhal, or an organic vegetable soup

    14:00 - 15:00 A chance to explore the craft and antique shops in the local village, relax in the garden or take a walk by the river

    15:00 - 17:00 Personal development and counselling or Ayurvedic education. The topics include diet, lifestyle and exercise or your personal issues. The luxury of having additional Ayurvedic therapy sessions at this time is also optional.

    17:00 - 18:00 If you feel in the mood, Ayurveda UK recommends concluding your day with an hour of gentle yoga, pranayama and meditation - these sessions can be lead by Danny or Carol if prefer their guidance.

    18:00 - 19:00 Light supper of rice, lentil and vegetable soup

    19:00 - 22:00 A chance to relax, read, watch DVDs or listen to self-improvement tapes

    22:00 The ideal time to retire to bed for a blissful nights sleep

    What to expect

    On an Ayurvedic retreat youll receive the very best in the field of complementary healthcare. Not only does Ayurveda UK provide scientifically validated purification therapies but they also offer effective health education, life-coaching and stress-management programs. The therapies are profound and powerful, the life coaching are comprehensive and the personal service second to none. Once youve experienced the therapies they offer, they trust youll agree that theyre the most natural and effective path to health and happiness in the world today. An Ayurvedic retreat is your chance to unwind and relax in a caring, supportive environment.

    Life coaching

    • Discover your Ayurvedic body type and the secrets to keeping it balanced
    • Learn how to effortlessly introduce this ancient wisdom into your daily life
    • Find out how to stay healthy and live a happy, stress-free life
    • Explore gentle Ayurvedic exercises to maintain peak health and fitness
    • Practice simple yoga postures to improve muscle tone and joint flexibility
    • Learn a powerful meditation technique to release stress and relax the mind
    • Learn an effective breathing technique for instant relaxation and mental balance
    • Discover how to improve digestion, regulate appetite and reduce cravings
    • Find out how to administer your own Ayurvedic body massage

    The Ayurvedic Retreat is situated in a small and cosy terraced town house in the quiet, historic village of Tutbury in Staffordshire, chosen for its easy access.

    • Massage
    • Mountain walking/trekking
    • Shopping nearby
    • Stargazing
    • Steam room
    • Bar
    • Caf nearby
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
    • Meditation garden
    • Mini bar
    • River nearby
    • Terrace
    • ATM / banking nearby
    • Library
    • Local market
    • Parking lot

    All meals are light and vegetarian - breakfast is usually freshly-squeezed carrot, ginger and apple juice, and lunch and evening meals are delicious soups based on rice, lentils and vegetables.

    Explore the local area with its craft and antique shops

    Listen to self-improvement tapes


    Relax in the garden

    Rest and relaxation with gentle Indian flute music

    Star gazing

    Ultimate Panchakarma detox

    Visit Tutbury castle

    Walk down to the River Dove

    Watch DVDs

    You will experience the main therapy session of the day, that is a blissful massage selected that day depending on how you feel, how you are doing and what your overall goal is, with two Ayurvedic therapists massaging your body in total synchronisation with warm herbal oils. This is followed by either svedana, a herbal steam treatment, or shirodhara, warm herbal oil poured rhythmically over the forehead.


    This amazingly relaxing therapy gently releases stress and tension from the mind and body; it usually accompanies Abhyanga or Vishesh. A steady stream of warm, aromatic oil flows rhythmically across the forehead calming the mind and soothing the nervous system. It induces deep relaxation and feelings of profound happiness and well-being.


    A herbal steam treatment allowing the body to perspire and release impurities from the skin. It is excellent for helping soothe painful, sore or aching muscles and joints and for improving the complexion.

    • 6 nights accommodation
    • Daily meals
    • Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama sessions
    • Personal lifestyle and health coaching
    • Pickup from Tutbury / Hatton station
    • Shirodara or Svedana therapy each day
    • Two-hour Ayurvedic massage each day

    Arrival by airplane

    East Midlands Airport (EMA) is about a 30-minute drive.

    Arrival by train

    The nearest railway station is Tutbury / Hatton station. Tutbury and Hatton (approximately 15 minutes from Derby, 1 hour from Birmingham, 1.5 hours from Manchester, 2 hours from London). Ayureda UK will meet you at the station if you choose to travel this way.


    • East Midlands Airport (EMA) - 30 minutes by car
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Ayurveda UK an inquiry.


    • Review by Anne Harris from Dublin

      "If you were to imagine a community composed of ministering angles, perfect parents, top chefs who were also nutritional scientists, physicians (in the Greek sense), nurses who were present when there is pain - you are actually beginning to comprehend what Danny and Carol - Ayurveda UK - are doing. This is Ayurveda expanded and demystified - it is a priceless gift. Do the leaders of the world know what they are missing? Such overwhelming generosity of spirit, open hearts and a well of knowledge that can only be dreamt of! That is Carol and Danny. That is perfect healing. Carol cossetted, cooked, treated and gave gifts of healing. Danny taught and demonstrated. And then they left their home to you. Therein was the safety to heal yourself - to contemplate your own journey in peace. I know it will stay with me as a turning point, and I am grateful beyond measure. Thank you for the love."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Aengus Fanning from Dublin

      "A very beneficial few days for me. It brought me some of the way back to myself, someone who has been obscured for many years under the normal clatter of life. Danny and Carol, your knowledge, your kindness and your skill has left me deep in your debt and Carol, your food has converted me to vegetarianism! Thank you both."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Anne Sullivan from Dublin

      "I came here fifteen years ago, a chronic asthmatic on steroids and other medications, with a bad back and a cluster of anti-immune conditions. That I am now medication free and feel healthy and strong is the least of the transformations achieved by coming here every year to Carol and Danny. Bliss, balance and joy are the gifts of this way of life."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Maria Tebaldi from London, UK

      "I feel I have started a journey forward, a healthier and enjoyable life; thanks for showing me the way. Your help, advice and continuous loving support have been really appreciated."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Nicole from Lesage, Taunton

      "The treatments were out of this world, so peaceful, so purifying. I feel like an Egyptian Queen. Thank you Danny and Carol - you are so precious - I am grateful for all your help and your very useful knowledge."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Lucy Crewdson from London

      "Extended limbs, springy hair, relaxed state, etc. Its been great - a lot more laughs than I had expected - even during meditation! Wonderful, loving care, delicious food, divine treatments - bliss, bliss, bliss. All my best wishes and everything crossed for you both - you deserve all the success in the world. Keep up the good work."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by George Harrison from UK

      "Thank you to you and your colleagues for bringing calmness to my mind and balance to my body at this stressful time in my life."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Boris Berezovsky from Russia

      "I feel stronger and calmer and ready to face the challenges ahead. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Helen Bradshaw from Leeds, UK

      "This had to be one of the most enjoyable and heavenly massages I have ever experienced in my entire life. It was followed up with a treatment where gallons of sesame oil ran past my forehead, again, totally heavenly. The entire treatment took about two hours, and then I was retired to bed for half an hour, where I found a cosy hot water bottle"

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Nancy Harris from Dublin

      "Thank you so much for such a wonderful few days! I am only sorry it has been so short - I could stay here forever. Although, on second thoughts, perhaps its better - I think with every treatment Ive been coming closer to flying away with the fairies - its been so relaxing, not to mention powerful. Thank you for the cooking, yoga, meditation and care - its been paradise. I look forward to seeing you both soon and take care. Thank you for all your kindness."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Gill Graham-Maw from Winchester

      "Thank you for arranging such a successful weekend for me and my girls. We loved every minute and it was all so relaxing in such superb surroundings. The best part was obviously the massage but the care that Carol puts into the whole experience is so wonderful. We really felt so looked after by someone who really cared and who was so knowledgeable about the Ayurvedic system."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Anna Selby from London

      "I cant tell where the four hands are on my body, or even where I end and they begin, as tense muscles turn to fluid as the oil is poured over them. By the end of my stay, my skin and eyes were clear and my mind was rested. I felt wonderful almost immediately; quite calm and relaxed in spite of being straight into work overload and family drama."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Catherine Fairweather

      "Once again thanks to you and your charming colleagues. I feel like a saner, lighter and more relaxed person after a few days of your treatments. I have had many massages in my time, all around the world, but yours hit the spot that others just dont reach."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Ceril Campbell

      "The two-hour treatments were unlike anything I have ever experienced at any health farm. All my disillusionment and stress was massaged away in a stream of sesame oil. Imagine gallons of warm oil pouring all over you while two therapists massage in the oil in complete synchronisation, from top to toe. As a sensory experience it was unique, especially as I discovered on my return home that I had lost half a stone."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Jane Alexander

      "If you really want to give your health and beauty a kick start, treat yourself to an Ayurveda course. I woke up and the world seemed a different place, my body was clean and healthy, like a well-oiled machine. I felt like a whole new woman."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Wendy Haring

      "I have had many different types of massages before but have never experienced anything like it. It was blissfully relaxing; I got to the stage when I felt my body was no longer part of me, that I was floating on a bed of clouds. Its only a month since my treatments and people are still telling me how well I look and asking what Ive done to myself."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Joan Lewis from Nottingham, UK

      "Here, in the little house, I find complete peace of mind, relaxation, and one to one care. Not only do I receive wonderful food for my body but also for my mind to digest and consider. I may arrive feeling a little frazzled and worn but always leave feeling wonderful, alive, fresh, renewed and ready to face the world again. Be kind to yourself, come and experience this amazing retreat with some of the loveliest people you will ever meet."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Margot Dodd-Wilson from London, UK

      "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, soul and being for all your generous healing and facilitation of my transformation. You provide the perfect balance of trust, nurturing and patient witnessing to coax the innermost parts of a being into life and awareness. This is healing and the bearers of well-being at its absolute best! I will certainly be back and I will take with me all my treasures, tools and bits! May all your dreams come true, and surpass them!"

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

    • Review by Sarah Ferguson

      "Thank you for restoring my faith in human nature and connecting me to myself."

      Ayurveda UK website, edited

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