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The first truly authentic Ayurveda Panchakarma detox, weight loss, and stress management retreat in the UK.

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Anne Harris Dublin

Ayurveda UK website

If you were to imagine a community composed of ministering angles, perfect parents, top chefs who were also nutritional scientists, physicians (in the Greek sense), nurses who were present when there is pain - you are actually beginning to comprehend what Danny and Carol - Ayurveda UK - are doing. This is Ayurveda expanded and demystified - it is a priceless gift. Do the leaders of the world know what they are missing? Such overwhelming generosity of spirit, open hearts and a well of knowledge that can only be dreamt of! That is Carol and Danny. That is perfect healing. Carol cossetted, cooked, treated and gave gifts of healing. Danny taught and demonstrated. And then they left their home to you. Therein was the safety to heal yourself - to contemplate your own journey in peace. I know it will stay with me as a turning point, and I am grateful beyond measure. Thank you for the love.

Aengus Fanning Dublin

Ayurveda UK website

A very beneficial few days for me. It brought me some of the way back to myself, someone who has been obscured for many years under the normal clatter of life. Danny and Carol, your knowledge, your kindness and your skill has left me deep in your debt and Carol, your food has converted me to vegetarianism! Thank you both.

Anne Sullivan Dublin

Ayurveda UK website

I came here fifteen years ago, a chronic asthmatic on steroids and other medications, with a bad back and a cluster of anti-immune conditions. That I am now medication free and feel healthy and strong is the least of the transformations achieved by coming here every year to Carol and Danny. Bliss, balance and joy are the gifts of this way of life.

Maria Tebaldi United Kingdom

Ayurveda UK website

I feel I have started a journey forward, a healthier and enjoyable life; thanks for showing me the way. Your help, advice and continuous loving support have been really appreciated.

Nicole Taunton

Ayurveda UK website

The treatments were out of this world, so peaceful, so purifying. I feel like an Egyptian Queen. Thank you Danny and Carol - you are so precious - I am grateful for all your help and your very useful knowledge.

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