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4 Days Winter Sattva Yoga Retreat in Ireland

  • Springfield Castle, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Ireland

We called our late winter retreat, Sattva, as it embodies the essence of this retreat. Sattva is nourishing, creative, and supportive to a harmonious life. A Sattvic mind works peacefully and is more content. During late winter, our body and mind can become distressed and ailments such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia can become more common. Ayurveda, therefore, recommends specific supportive measures at this time of year.


  • Daily meditation
  • Ayurvedic cooking
  • Yoga classes twice daily
  • Guided and mindful nature walks
  • Ayurveda health maintenance and stress reduction classes
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Vegetarian meals
  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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Verified reviews

  • Review by Aisling Fenix
    10 out of 10


    "This retreat was really enjoyable and exactly 'what the doctor ordered'. Time to stop, reflect and reset. The setting was truly breathtaking, raw, wild, rugged beautiful Ireland, and the accommodation and resources available at the centre were second to none. In particular the yoga shala was a beautiful space that nourishes the soul, spectacular views, great lighting. It is easy to feel pure reverence in such an environment. The food was also really delicious and lovingly prepared. Dougie and Julie who ran the retreat were both open, friendly, knowledgeable about their field of expertise and importantly clearly lived their practice, thus inspiring confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and can highly recommend the Retreat Centre and Dougie and Julie to others." website, edited

  • Review by Lesley Fleming from Scotland

    "I found the retreat very beneficial and informative. I am new to ayurveda, so was not fully aware of some of the detox processes ie drinking salt water then vomiting! Not sure if I would have gone if this was detailed in the information for the retreat. I participated in all of the activities and was feeling the benefits by the last day.The castle was a wonderful setting and the tower accommodation of a very high standard. There was plenty of ayurvedic food and refreshments, so I never felt hungry or unsatisfied.Yoga and meditation twice a day was the other half of my reason for going. I came away much looser and with a mantra that allowed me to finally get into meditating.The Satmya team were brilliant and had planned a well balanced weekend of activities and theory. I gained a better understanding of my body and and how to support it on each home. There was a good selection of items and books to purchase and I was promptly sent organic products not available at the castle to my home.I hope this helps. I would throurghly recommend this retreat to anyone wanted to learn about ayurveda or undertake a supervised mini detox.", edited


  • Review by Sandeep from Australia

    "Awesome. Great natural health and Ayurvedic practitioners."

    Satmya Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Barbara

    "I love this place! Magical little apothecary run by two very knowledgeable & beautiful souls, Yvette & Douglas."

    Satmya Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Keeva from Europe

    "Dear Yvette & Doug,I just wanted to thank you both so much for the wonderful weekend in Killaloe. Satmya is really such a special place and Ill look forward to visiting again. The workshop and all the fantastic advice has helped so much and the food was delicious. Many Thanks & Best Wishes, Keeva."

    Satmya Natural Medicine Centre website, edited

  • Review by Rosemary from Europe

    "I have been here for ongoing treatment for several months and have found great help & despite my regular whining have always been treated graciously & helpfully. My in house treatments have been wonderful and graciously applied and I now see light at the end of the tunnel. I have experienced great gentleness here & will continue to come when I have the need. Thankyou, Rosemary."

    Satmya Natural Medicine Centre website, edited

  • Review by Jim from Europe

    "Ive had a bad allergy for 30years but since being treated at Satmya, by Douggie & Yvette, it has improved immensely and also my overall health has improved. I have more energy & am feeling a lot better in myself."

    Satmya Natural Medicine Centre website, edited

  • Review by Audrey from Europe

    "I came to Satmya because I was going through a really stressful period and wanted to take the natural route to healing. I can honestly say that I got some respite from my anxiety as soon as I walked through its doors even if it was only temporary to begin with. Theres just this tangible sense of calm. It emanates from the warm earthy dcor, the incense-filled air and the bright, smiley faces of the owners. I did the ayurveda workshop and picked up some gems like the gyatri mantra and the daily massage routine. The workshop was practically based but was also really conceptually stimulating. It sparked a deep interest in me for greater spiritual development and personal responsibility. Im so grateful for the experience. Im a calmer person for it. Thanks, Doug."

    Satmya Natural Medicine Centre website, edited

  • Review by Geff from Europe

    "Both Doug & Yvette have helped me a great deal over the past few months. Their expertise and knowledge have benefitted me and personally I am delighted with my decision to try & explore other remedies. I have learnt a lot about myself and my lifestyle and would encourage anyone to enrich their lives by exploring and experiencing some quality time at Satmya."

    Satmya Natural Medicine Centre website, edited

  • Review by Aaron from Ireland

    "This retreat was absolutely fantastic, and I left feeling enlightened and inspired. The Ayurvedic practitioners felt more like mentors than teachers and they established a setting that felt comfortable and even intimate - a space that afforded all of us the opportunity to talk about health and emotional issues in a real and honest way. Just as nurturing as the practitioners was the food. I walked away from this weekend with improved digestion, as well as the knowledge needed to continue to strengthen my digestion. And the gentle cleanses were good for both the body and mind, helping me absorb what Id learned and prep for what was to come. In a nutshell, this retreat is an experience thatll stick with you long after you leave the beautiful castle."

    Ayurveda Retreats Ireland website, edited

  • Review by Meghan from United States

    "The instant I pulled up to the beautiful Springfield castle I knew I was in for a special and unique retreat. Mornings began in a spacious, warm, candle-lit room with guided meditation followed by a gentle yoga class and self-massage. The practitioners guidance and instruction in these practices was the best Id ever received. The group meals were also wonderful. The Ayurvedic food was simple yet amazingly flavorful. The kind of meals that reassure you that healthy eating is truly doable. The family-style service not only gave us a chance to bond with each other, but also with the practitioners. Just three days of this retreat have had far-reaching effects in my life. Its been two months since I left the castle and I am still waking up to meditate, doing the gentle cleanses I was taught on the retreat, and eating Ayurvedic foods that have transformed how I look and feel."

    Ayurveda Retreats Ireland website, edited

  • Review by traveler

    "Ive read a lot about Ayurvedic practices in the past, but on this weekend retreat I actually learned how to implement them into my daily routine and why its so important to do so. From self-massage techniques and Ayurvedic cooking to the proper way to use a neti pot, the instruction provided on this retreat was second to none. This is the perfect weekend retreat if youre looking for a countryside getaway thatll help you de - stress, press the reset button, and kickstart your health goals."

    Ayurveda Retreats Ireland website, edited

  • Review by traveler

    "The benefits were amazing and I would definitely recommend this yoga retreat to anyone."

    Ayurveda Retreats Ireland website, edited