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Away Inward Retreats

The purpose of Away Inward Retreats is to experience the fullness of life through travel, cultural immersion, wellness, yoga, and self-reflection.

Instructors 8

Ryan Patterson

When he's not building schools for his non-profit in Nepal (or fundraising), Ryan is helping folks rock their human potential in New York, E Hampton, London, and Southern France. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in massage therapy, yoga, dynamic movement, gait training, and facilitating retreats, the Eclectic Summer Camp brings all Ryan's talent together. From a global network of amazing people and pioneering ideas around wellness, celebrate this man because he has organized the perfect playground to enhance your life.

Pete Longworth

Pete is a rose-smelling creative crusader, artist, and celebrated photographer. He has adorned the screens of Cannes, is a two-time winner at the New York Independent Film Festival, and was selected as Australia's featured artist for their National Day. He doubles as a world-class facilitator having taken the stage for Apple, Nikon, Wanderlust, Lululemon, and the Australian Government. Bottom line, this guy is going to teach you photography in an intimate setting at the foothills of the French Alps. Get ready to up-level your creative kung fu.

Thomas Sassier

Prepare your taste buds for a love affair that they will never forget. You will quickly discover why European elites fly Thomas to every corner of the globe for fancy private functions. Lucky for you he loves you and so he sweetly carves out time in his schedule to be part of the magic. He cooks, he cares, and he will educate you towards the healthiest way to fuel your body, sustainably. The only downside to Thomas' is the yearning that lingers after you leave the retreat. Sorry, not sorry.

Andrew Hewitt

Andrew is a TED x-talking, globe-walking, and mind-melting man of marvel and magic. A heart-based entrepreneur responsible for the epic-ness that is GameChangers, Andrew is leading a new era of business by re-thinking the way the world structures itself for a win-win economy for all. He will be throwing a foam brain for your brain cells and running a retreat center for your soul. He has spoken with the Dalai Lama, been featured on the BBC, and will now be sitting next to you at the dinner table.

Jess Magic

More than a singer, Jess Magic is a musical story-teller who creates compelling invitations for people to interact with life from an open heart. In a world where so many are longing for deeper levels of connection, authentic expression, and intimacy, Jess weaves a "spell" of love with each song and story to reveal aspects of the human experience that penetrate. Prepare to have your heart cracked open is the best kind of way. Aptly named, she is Magic.

Adrianna Zaccardi

A bendy, trendy, sexy sweetheart, the beloved Miss Z is here to ensure you feel more and that day-by-day your body loosens to levels you will adore. Mindful, playful, and all-in fantastic, Adrianna is rooted in sensory alignment. Both her flow and Restorative yoga classes evoke a natural yearning for curiosity, exploration, and self-reflection. Stuffed with stories and giggles, the only thing funnier than her classes is her.

Jeremy Goldberg

Jeremy is on a mission to make kindness cool and you're invited. A Ph.D. scholar who spent the past five years studying the science of human behavior, he has a stunning TEDx talk that will uplift and inspire you. Jeremy is onboard to share great tips and tricks scientifically shown to help you set and stick to your goals. It's useful academia that will elevate your life through heart-centered habits and rituals, and you'll even get kinder in the process.

Damian Chapparo

Damian Chaparro is a 12-year veteran in the health and wellness arena. He currently lectures and guides wellness adventures near Queenstown, New Zealand. He is a certified yoga instructor, and brand ambassador to Manduka and Lululemon. In his spare time, he designed and opened Aro Ha, which just happens to officially be one of the world's top-10 resorts and spas, seriously, google it.

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