Awake Space, headquartered in Biarritz France, offers yoga teacher training, inner body yoga retreats, and yogic healing retreats.

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7 Day Yogic Healing Retreat in Biarritz

March | May | June | November, 2022
    from US$1,087
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    Sunshine Ross

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    Eva Target

    from France, November 2020

    "Amazing training "

    Superb training

    I did the training in November 2020. As there was the second confinement, the training took place on Zoom.

    Although it was online I loved it! Sunshine is an excellent teacher and the content of her program is very successful. I learned a lot about the philosophy and history of yoga. Sunshine offers us several styles of yoga, which is very enriching.

    Thank you a thousand times


    Claire P

    from United Kingdom, November 2020

    "Fantastic journey "


    Clara Merlin

    from Switzerland, April 2020

    "Yoga Teacher Training despite Covid"

    Because of Covid19, we were not allowed to go to Biarritz for the yoga teacher training and had to do it with Zoom. I was skeptical at first but Serena managed to teach us as if we were with her. It must have been difficult for her, but she kept correcting us and I learned a lot !

    Allison Clark

    from France, December 2019

    "Yoga teacher training"

    Our trainer demonstrated a deep knowledge of the history, philosophy and continued research and developments in the field of yoga.

    Carole Davis

    from United States, November 2019

    "Excellent teacher training."

    The skills I learned, the rigidity of the program, the coverage of the material, were lessons that I will keep with me throughout my practices. The friendships and kinship amongst us was truly awesome. Both, spirits and camaraderie were high. Thanks for a great experience.

    Clara Bocquelet

    from France, October 2020

    Je viens de terminer ma formation 200h qui a eu lieu à Biarritz. C’était une superbe expérience. Le contenu de la formation est très complet. Sunshine est très pédagogue et disponible. Je repars de cette formation en ayant appris beaucoup de choses et surtout avec le désir de transmettre. Je recommande.

    Alexandre Chauffourier

    from France, October 2020

    "Formation sérieuse dans la bonne humeur."

    Formation complète, dispensée avec sérieux. La bienveillance et le sourire de Sunshine vous accompagnent durant ces 3 semaines. La présence d'Adeline durant la première semaine fut également des plus profitables.

    Très bonne ambiance au sein du groupe.

    Je recommande sans hésiter.

    Mallaury Laclau

    from France, October 2020

    La formatrice très agréable et passionnée

    L'ambiance du groupe

    Le cadre incroyable de Biarritz

    Les pratiques quotidiennes matin & soir

    Les petits ateliers entre élèves

    et tout ce que j'ai appris et découvert ! Merci !

    Marie Simesak

    from France, April 2020

    "Formation qui répondait complètement à mes attentes "

    Le contenu est super complet. La formatrice très propre et à l’écoute.


    from France, April 2020

    "N'hésitez pas avec cette école"

    Le nouvel endroit allait être l'hôtel Escale, à 2 minutes à pied de la Grande Plage, hypercentre. J'ai vu l'endroit, excellent pour notre classe. Mais parce que si COVID-19, on nous proposait de passer à une autre date ou de faire la formation en direct par visioconférence. J'ai choisi la visioconférence parce que je ne veux pas attendre. Je n'ai pas été déçu! Tous nos cours étaient en direct, tous les jours, du matin au soir. C'était comme si j'avais vraiment connu ces filles. Le contenu était complet: anatomie, physiologie, science, puis histoire profonde et philosophie du yoga. Nous avons pratiqué tous les jours, une fois le matin et une fois le soir, le pranayama, la méditation, l'asana (tous les styles) et le yoga nidra guérison à ne pas manquer! J'ai tellement vécu et je vais manquer de le faire tous les jours. N'hésitez pas avec cette école - du vrai yoga

    Rébecca Lavoué

    from France, December 2019

    "Très belle expérience !!"

    Les enseignements effectués par Sunshine étaient parfait ! À la fois technique et spirituelle, cette expérience m'a permis de m'ouvrir d'avantage.

    Iker Villanueva

    from Spain, December 2019

    "Muy recomendable"

    La experiencia fue súper positiva, la profesora es súper amable y comprensiva. Y por supuesto tiene unos conocimientos muy altos de toda la materia que imparte.

    Siempre está dispuesta a resolver cualquier duda. Si quieres formarte como profesor de yoga este es un sitio donde vas a aprender y además pasarlo bien.

    Dorothée Baizé

    from France, June 2019

    Les cours de yoga le matin en extérieur

    Camille Dusart

    from France, August 2021

    "Very good experience ! I recommand !"

    - Very good organisation, all the program is available at the begining, very serious and professional!

    - Each week is validated by a short exam.

    - We study all posture adaptation needed for all students to make it accessible.

    - We have access to a lot of books to improve, discover knowledges.

    Irina Schiavitti

    from Russia, August 2021

    "Best teacher of yoga 🧘‍♀️ "

    Everything was perfect 👍, teacher Sunshine is very professional, she has a lot of knowledges. Food was amazing 🤩, place very calme.

    I advise to everyone this school !

    Thank you Sunshine.



    from France, October 2020

    "Great experience !!!"

    This training was really enriching and transformative. Thank you for everything!!

    Sindy Vandeweghe

    from Portugal, October 2020

    "Perfect "

    It was an amazing experience, thanks for everything.


    from Belgium, August 2020

    "A wonderful journey"

    I loved the routine everyday, it made it possible for me to really make a shift in my daily life. I loved the fact that we tried different yogastyles (hatha, vinyasa, nidra, pregnancy, hatha-vinyasa, ashtanga, lady niguna, ... ), meditations & pranayama techniques - it deepend my understanding of the different styles & adjustments. I also learned more about the art of positive feedback: it really helps people to grow into their best version of themselves.

    The location itself can be called a little paradise ! Difficult not to be charmed by the environment ;)... Beautiful for a little walk or a campfire by nightfall before going to bed. We had a very cosy room, with enough privacy and a bathroom to share.

    And the food... it was really good! Described as basic, but delicious !

    In these strange times this three weeks were the perfect getaway!

    Thank you Rainbowlightyoga-team !



    Johana Millier-karagouch

    from France, August 2020

    "Amazing and peaceful YTT "

    The amazing location in the middle of French Countryside provides the perfect environment for Yoga classes and peacefulness.

    Great vegan/vegetarian food.

    Very grateful to our YTT teacher Serena Sunshine for the great training and lessons, the schedule is perfectly balanced between Yoga classes and studies of anatomy, history and philosophy / spirituality.

    Had a great experience in RainbowLight Yoga center

    Celine Gadomski

    from France, August 2020

    "It was just magical !!"

    Everything. Sunshine, Glen, Sandra, Adeline, everyone is so sweet, nice, professional, available. Just a dream!

    Olivia Mansel-stewart

    from France, September 2019

    "Authentic yoga in the Romantic french countryside ❤️"

    A friend highly recommended this yoga school/retreat to me and it does not disappoint.

    The teaching was in-depth, group size was small. It was yog for the modern age but also we learned about the deeper spiritual traditions of yoga. The course was comprehensive with topics from anatomy, safe practices to professionalism and practical teaching practice!

    During the daily yoga sessions, I was able to open up and deepen my physical practice. It was a challenge but my advice is just have fun and go with the flow!

    Sunshine is very experienced, you’re in safe hands. During our time, we had other teachers who came for a few days and they added a different perspective and different styles which was greatly appreciated. It was also really nice to chat with others about their when they were here.

    Glen prepares the food which we loved-simple and fresh, hearty. They also grow most of the veg.

    The manor house is old, beautiful and romantic. For a city person like me and very stressed, this place was really like paradise, a welcome change. My room overlooked a sunflower field!!

    I felt so close to nature. I’ve never heard so many birds singing. It was like a phone app! The grounds was perfect for meditating or just enjoying nature. No car traffic anywhere so you can walk on the roads. There are bicycles available, although some days I was just so tired. You can also go to the lake via the forest- a magical experience. It’s very safe. Definitely recommending RainbowLight Yoga x

    Marion Bergin

    from Ireland, September 2019


    I came away on this yoga teacher training not quite knowing what to expect but deciding on gut instinct. Have spent a last few years in India I felt I needed to do my training somewhere a bit gentler on the body as well as the senses and I like the idea of being in the countryside with flowers and butterflies. Rainbow Light really is a very special place. Nestled in an agricultural area of France the surrounding countryside is nothing but views of lush crops, sprinkled with bees, butterflies and birds. The food was simple, nourishing and very very tasty - we all looked forward to the lovingly prepared meals and the variety was excellent, it was never boring. The veg were mostly pulled from the garden and we all enjoyed pears, apples and figs from the orchards with our bread and cheese. The house is stunning, old and creaky with wooden floors, cool in the Summer and shaded to provide rest from the heat.

    Sunshine herself is an amazing friendly teacher, informative but not overbearing, passing on the learnings in a non-preachy manner leaving the student to make up their own mind. She is insanely knowledgeable about all kinds of yoga practices and well versed in many different religions but doesn't push her knowledge onto anyone leaving the student open to ask lots of questions.

    I came back feeling calmer than I've felt in years and inspired to continue my learnings and impart what I'd picked up on the course.

    Sofia Apospori

    from Malta, September 2019

    "Brilliant learning experience!!"

    What a wonderful learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an RYT 200 course!

    Sunshine is a seasoned teacher who shares both her knowledge and love for yoga in an enthusiastic, kind and generous way. More particularly, she has planned a course that is very balanced: through yoga practice, lectures and practical workshops, I felt that the training helped me to not only deepen my personal practice, but also build up the confidence to teach yoga (something that I never thought I would be able to do). What I particularly enjoyed and appreciated during the training was that it went beyond the physical aspects of yoga. While the study of asanas and daily yoga practice were an integral part of the course, we were also taught the history, theory and philosophy of yoga with the same amount of commitment and ardor.

    As a bonus to all of the above, the setting in Coudures is ideal for yoga teacher training because the proximity to nature really encourages you to turn inwards. The accommodation is clean and to the point and the food is simple but extremely tasty - Glen is a brilliant cook.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Rainbow Light yoga for your RYT 200 - if you are looking for a course that examines equally the body, the mind and the spirit, that is set in a beautiful location close to nature and that is taught by a talented and generous teacher, this might be the right pick for you.

    Eva Schiffler

    from Netherlands, August 2019

    "Great time in Coudures"

    Sunshine is a great yoga teacher! She has extremely much knowledge/skills/experience about yoga in all it´s aspects and she is able to teach it very well!

    I enjoyed all the lessons with her!


    from Germany, August 2019

    "Good! But defenitely things to improve."

    The place is great for yoga students that want to focus on Yoga and not getting distracted. Its in the middle of nature and the house and the rooms are clean and very beatiful. The Yoga deck in the garden is perfect for early mornings!!

    Sunshine is a very good teacher. She is a passionated Yogi by herself and she knows what she is talking about. You can ask her everything. Very good- I really enjoyed her classes.

    Glenn and her took us to Pau, a city nearby and we had a "city experience" that me personally I did n t need, but I find a nice gesture, considering that we are in the middle of nowhere.

    I got a lot of knowldge in these three weeks and I feel able now to give classes in small groups for people who are aware of my frechly received YYT. So now it can go on!!Greetings

    Maelle from Germany ( don t want my full name to be indicated)

    Lucy Hernandez-riviere

    from France, August 2019

    great countryside location to relax and just be. It felt like a second home. It as easy to approach Glen and Sunshine for whatever I needed. Sunshine adjusted the classes to the interests and even fitness level of the students. I was able to eat vegan and not worry about my allergies. Glen accommodated this and organised everything really well. I wanted to re-connect with nature and with myself and this was the perfect environment for me to do that. I didn't have to spend a fortune on airfare to Asia to experience yoga there with so many unknowns. It was totally safe and peaceful in the French countryside. Cool in the mornings and evenings and warm sun during the day. It was perfect for me. Thank you! I am definitely coming back!

    Hanna Härkönen

    from Finland, August 2019

    "Confronting myself"

    I went to this retreat with very different thoughts in my head. It was not what I was expecting but it gave me so much (and to question; why to expect anything? That is not that much of a yogic lifestyle). My life had been really busy few years in a row and there I really stopped and realized many things. I am beyond grateful to Sunshine for the talks we had and her authenticity! I really confront myself there and started to re-grow this seed I had already planted in the past. There was time to reflect my thoughts, feelings and actions (what i really liked is that it was peaceful and there was not distractions). There was time to re-connect with my heart.. It was not easy, not at all. But there was a lot go through with and a lot to let go of. I'm still processing but this really gave me the wanted guidance to stay grounded with myself and to trust and believe.. The food was good and Sunshine's family welcomed us all nicely.

    We also made nice trips to close cities and that was really nice to see the beautiful country side even more.

    Elizabeth Keen

    from France, August 2019

    "Wonderful - authentic yoga in France!"

    From the start I knew this was going to be great. Helpful pre arrival communication was always prompt and easy. I wanted a place to learn and also relax when I needed to, the house and grounds with its location in the country side was perfect. Its an old house that has kept all its charm and character. An outdoor yoga deck and a pavilion were perfect for enjoying the big garden.

    I've been vegetarian for a long time and I now have some new recipes to take home, healthy and basic dishes were served which the group loved. We even had fruits from the orchard and wild green teas. Shame next month I will miss the pears, melons and tomatoes.

    The classes and teachings were perfect again for the group as Sunshine seemed to understand what we needed and adapted accordingly. She has a wealth of knowledge which is shared with passion and enthusiasm.

    I can't wait to return, hopefully next year with my partner. Thank you for the wonderful experience - mind and body now in balance!

    Valentine Larici

    from France, September 2020

    "200H- YTT - septembre-aout"

    -Introduction aux cours de yoga pour enfants, prénatal et personnes agés.

    -Excellente qualité d'enseignement pratique, également de la prof assisstante (Adeline)

    -Chambres agreable - lit comfortable (mise à disposition de couvertures supplémetaire sur demande)


    from Belgium, August 2020

    "yoga coudures"

    prachtige lokatie, zeer goed eten, heel goede praktijklessen

    Anne Sophie Fostier

    from Belgium, August 2020

    "Paradise on thé earth"

    Qualité très haute de l enseignement, simplicité, chaleur et bienfaisance, nature, soleil, excellente nourriture à tous points de vue

    Eric Dupas Laigo

    from France, September 2019

    "Authentique retraite et formation de haute qualité"

    Ana propose un approfondissement du yoga comme discipline physique, spirituelle et philosophique. Pendant ces 24 jours, il est possible de découvrir plusieurs styles de hatha yoga et d'approfondir les connaissances sur les autres formes de yoga grâce à la bibliothèque.

    Les journées sont bien construites avec un équilibre entre le corps et l'esprit. Le matin la priorité est donnée aux activités physiques tandis que l'après-midi est prioritairement consacré aux études et aux échanges.

    Le centre de Glen et Ana est situé en pleine campagne landaise dans un lieu propice à la méditation et à l'activité physique. Le silence des voitures et de la foule laisse place aux chants des oiseaux et aux bruissements des feuillages forestiers environnants. Besoin de bouger? Il est facile de trouver un chemin de randonnée, un circuit pour faire un jogging ou encore d'emprunteur des routes connues du Tour de France ou du Pèlerinage de Compostelle.

    Le lieu est une magnifique maison de campagne avec tout le confort. Les chambres sont agréables avec du parquet et offrent une vue panoramique sur les environs. Les salles de bains sont confortables. La maison est entourée d'un immense jardin bien entretenu. Il dispose de plusieurs pour se délasser dont une petite cabane en bois avec d'immenses coussins.

    Les repas végétariens (vegan ou gluten free sur demande) sont un vrai délice. La qualité et la quantité ne font jamais défaut.

    Enfin, vous avez le wifi et on capte très bien la 3G et la 4G.

    Stéphane Bossevain

    from France, August 2019

    "Excellent YTT in southern France "

    This YTT gives you good understanding of both asanas and "philosophical" background of Yoga. Most important, it given you many tools to be succesful as a yoga teacher.

    Sunshine's family is very friendly and the house is lovely.


    from Netherlands, June 2019

    "Not that great"

    The location and environment were nice. The rooms + bathrooms were comfortable.

    Pierre Skowron

    from France, May 2019

    "Une super formation dans un cadre parfait"

    Une formation très enrichissante , un lieu exceptionnel , une super famille, de très belles rencontres ! Je ne peux que recommander cette formation ou tout est mis en place afin de pouvoir enseigner le yoga.