Horse adventures, Yoga, Meditation, Hikke, E-bike, Guiding excursions; Different programs to discover this incredible Natur-Park in Southest Spain.

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Sandra Trujillo

Francisco Trujillo

Sascha Pflaum

Victor Trujillo

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Alena Kf

from France, November 2019

"Amazing Andalusian familiy experience!"

My stay was a dream! I came back full of energy and good memories. Hosting family is welcoming, kind and honest. Horses are well treated and calm. Food is home made and generous. Place has an ocean view and Andalusian sun shine. I will definitely come back!


from United States, October 2019

"First impressions matter"

Sascha was an excellent yoga instructor. He evaluated each student and explained the moves and techniques in detail. When no one showed up for meditation he incorporated it into the yoga class.

Lisbeth Sørensen

from Denmark, July 2019

It is very like famile. I felt like home. Lots of kindness. Maybe a little more English, but it didn’t really matter. They were experts in finding the right horse for you.


from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Best Day Ever....Every Day! "

What a privilege to have spent 5 days with Sandra and her family.

This is a family business and the family are wonderful hosts. You live on their farm and enjoy a truly authentic Andalusian life whilst riding in the most amazing countryside and on the beaches during the day. We then spent the afternoons on the beaches sunbathing then returned for evening yoga and dinner. Each day was wonderful. You won’t want to leave!

Joanne Hajjar

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Experience of a lifetime! "

From the moment I arrived and saw the location with the craggy mountains and horses and cows walking freely around, to being greeted by Sandra and Victoria in their family home as if old friends, I could tell it was going to be a very warm, homely and natural experience. At first I wasn’t sure if the yoga would be challenging enough for me, but actually it complimented the riding perfectly as the restorative yoga and stretching meant you never felt sore once from riding 5 days. Sandra was a beautiful instructor and throughout the week we tried a few differently styles of yoga such as flow yoga, which was more active so I was very satisfied by the end and felt wonderful from the combination of meditation,

Yoga and riding. The horse rides were incredible with every day providing something new and exciting from climbing up and over the steep mountains with fantastic views, to galloping along the beach and then finally swimming with the horses in the ocean. The horses were in really good condition, well looked after and very well behaved, which I was so happy to see. I think I was also very lucky with the group that I shared the experience with, because although the ages were varied we all got on very well and enjoyed spending time together during the planned activities and also in our own time going to the beach. We were all very flexible, which was important for going with the flow of the daily activities if things needed to be changed. I would highly recommend this experience

Jane Carter

from United States, June 2019

"A little piece of heaven here on earth "

Aventuras del Sur is an oasis of peace, beauty and wsrm affection set in the stunning andalusian countryside. The yoga and meditation had a profoundly calming effect and I felt so much more supple by the end of the week. Paco is a horseman second to none and all of his horses are well looked after, keen in the gallop and soft in the mouth. And the food! I've never eaten so well from the fresh fruit, cheese tomatoes and cereal, the picnic lunches with salad from the kitchen garden and each night a beautiful andalusian meal from paella to tuna steaks, beef casserole and calamari with plentiful local wine and beer. We were spoiled!


from Germany, April 2019

"Absolute Paradise"

We wanted to book an all-inclusive retreat and got so much more than we even expected. The meditation/yoga classes are super professional and Sandra and Sascha explained a lot about the effects on both body and mind. (Their equipment is really cool, too!)

The riding on the beach is really amazing. Paco is the sweetest guide ever and adjusts the courses and speed according to the group's abilities. If you speak some Spanish he'll tell you about the beautiful nature around.

The cherry on top however is Victoria's cooking. Fresh vegetables from her garden and lots and lots of Andalusian flavor. Even if you have any allergies, she'll do everything she can to accomodate and make an extra portion without whatever you can't have. We usually topped it off with one of the local wines they always keep plenty of in their kitchen.

Overall, if you love hanging around beautiful souls, lots of animals and have an amazing time far away from your daily worries, this is the place for you to go.


from Germany, October 2018

"Relaxing vacation in an extraordinary environment "

High quality in all areas

Horseriding, Yoga and amazing food!!!

Kathinka Gaess

from Netherlands, May 2018

"A few days in paradise!"

This is a very special place: A tiny village in the mountains surrounded by pure nature, a lovely host family that makes sure you're having everything you need, relaxing and demanding yoga and meditation classes by Sandra (exactly what I needed), amazing Spanish food made with love by Victoria and the best horse rides you have ever experienced guided by Paco. The scenery is breathtaking and the horses are well-trained, although they live almost free. This was a very special experience! I recommend it to anyone who is looking for some calm days with a little bit of adventure.

David Hötzel

from Germany, June 2019

"Think of honey, sun and the smell of a rose: That's it!"

The experience at Aventuras del Sur is very authentic, caring and warm. The hosts, Paco, Victoria and Sandra are amazing people who know their country, their horses, their food ... The riding paths are well selected and provide you with stunning views. The beach gallops will leave you breathless. The morning yoga sessions are generally more calm in order to give your body balance and relaxation after many riding hours (restorative yoga, although you can get power yoga on request). We had a very cool group dynamic coming up during the week, but that of course depends on the group and what you make out of it.


from Germany, April 2019


In einer traumhaften Lage fand ich unglaublich herzliche Menschen, liebe Tier und absolute Ruhe. Die Yogasessions haben mich sehr weit nach vorn gebracht und ich habe in einer Woche mehr gelernt, als in einem halben Jahr. Ich möchte unbedingt wieder kommen.

Martina Kasser

from Austria, December 2018

"Arriving as a guest, leaving as a friend"

Being located in a very small village with the animals all roaming around freely, time passes a bit slower in this family-run homestay. The yoga & meditation lessons were adapted to the skills of the participants. The teachers really know what they do and how they could support me!

Being a total beginner at riding it was amazing to do riding tours from the first minute on - from beach to mountains and forest-tours. The horses are well cared for and made me feel very comfortable & safe on their back. The horses were chosen by Paco, the horse-tour guide, according to the riding skills - and for me the choice fit perfectly!

I am so grateful for the warm welcome and look forward to going back!

Judith NT

from United States, November 2018

"It was amazing!"

I loved everything. Yoga was great, riding was sublime, the whole family is great. I really really enjoyed it and would love to come back!


from Netherlands, November 2018

"Excellent stay"

It was a great time for a close, spanish family in which everyone has their own task. It's nice if you speak a little Spanish. Paco (the guide with the horses), Sandra and Sacha (yoga) are very careful in everything they do. Victoria cooks deliciously. The apartments are spacious. It takes some getting used to the sounds at night (cow bells, dogs, wind). The yoga is very good and a lot of variation. The horseback riding was different than I expected. Normally you make a ride in which you step, trot and gallop. But here it is really climbing with the horses. Sometimes along the beach, sometimes the highest mountains. It is really learning to trust the horse. Sometimes a bit of galloping, but especially steps and up. This way you see the most beautiful views and you get to know the country in a different way.

In addition, everything is optional, so if you want to do something different, you can do that. So thanks for the nice time!

Chloé Letzelter

from France, October 2018

"Un séjour ressourçant, apaisant, dépaysant ❤️🙏"

Que dire tellement tout m'a semblé parfait?! Un accueil chaleureux et discret. De gentils chevaux au pied sûr, des paysages magnifiques, des repas délicieux et des cours de yoga qui m'ont fait un bien fou.

Un vrai havre de paix dont on ne veut plus partir ! Merci Sandra, Paco, Sacha et Victoria pour votre gentillesse et votre bienveillance. J'ai hâte de revenir !

Ingrid Redcliffe

from United Kingdom, September 2020

"Idyllic stay with Aventuras del Sur"

The setting in the farm house in the hills above the Atlantic is idyllic. A Beautiful garden to relax in around the house with views of the beach and the vivid blue ocean below. It is a peaceful and welcoming space. The family who run the retreat are warm, friendly and accommodating and go out of their way to ensure that your needs are met. Victoria created delicious meals eaten in the garden and her lemon cake is extraordinary.

Sandra is there involved in a variety of activities ensuring all goes well but is a particularly inspiring yoga teacher offering deeply restful and relaxing sessions alongside Sascha who is the main yoga teacher. He is hugely experienced and an incredible teacher his gentle adjustments to postures were perfectly executed. As one person in the group said he seems to understand your body better than you do.

Riding along the stunning beaches with Paco and Nicola and through the incredible fir tree forests was a feast for the senses of colours and smells. I hadn't ridden for over 15 years but there is something for all levels. To see the horses released into the national park at the end of the ride adds to the scene.

An incredible week I will definitely come again it was amazing


from United Kingdom, July 2020

"Lovely people, lovely place, "

Peaceful location, lovely authentic people, great spanish food at dinner, challenging classes from people who believe in the benefits of yoga and meditation

Julia Clifford

from United Kingdom, October 2019


Everything, I have travelled the world and this was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Absolutely amazing!

Vilma Štaffenová

from Slovakia, October 2019

Beautiful country, pleasant accomodation,very nice tours. As for me, special thanks to Sasha, I did yoga for the first time and he helped me to solve some of my problems with neck and back.

Margit Sichrovsky

from Germany, October 2019

It has been a wonderful week, Sandra, Victoria, Paco, Lydia, the whole Family is so caring and friendly and made the group feel at home in their house.

Yoga and meditation in the morning for me was the best start in the day and the perfect balance for the riding tours. Thank you Sascha and Sandra, I’m totally reeeelaxed now.

The riding tours in this beautiful landscape where gorgeous. Thank you Paco! What a special experience! It was different everyday, relaxed walking in the mountains with stunning views, galloping on the beach, swimming with the horses, ....

The Food was amazing. Fish, seafood, vegetarian, cooked with love and mastery. Delicious, thank you Victoria.

And Lydia, thank you for the music!

I am definitively coming back.

Charlotte Koole

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Beautiful, hearth warming adventure"

The horses were so balanced, reliable and with lots of spirit. Very nice to watch them go back to the herd in Freedom after the ride. The surroundings are Beautiful, every ride was different. Thank you Pacco! Victoria’s home cooked food is really yammie, fresh and something to look forward to everyday. She endlessly spoils you and is the smile of the house.

My room was made for a princes, so Beautiful..

And last but not least the yoga and meditation sessions. Lots of different elements of yoga were discussed and practised. Sometimes confronting, other times relaxing, but always inspiering and with personal attention. Thank you Sandra and Sascha!

Warm huggs for this family and all the animals.


from Spain, September 2019

The very lovely horses, their tenacity and willingness...... overalll a great riding holiday.

Brooke Frakes

from United States, September 2019

"Will be back"

Two others were there for second time, this tells you everything. They are welcoming and clearly passionate about what they do. The horses are so balanced and cared for. They are free to wander as a herd when not working. Even two horses without riders joined us for entire ride one day of thier own choice.

You can arrange beginner rides if new rider. I am intermediate to advanced rider and agree this is best for main horse program. We did gallop 4 of 5 days! Safety is priority of course. My horse pacho was not the fast one but he has lots of heart and will do his best for you. I hope to ride my short tailed black horse next year also.

I cant wait to go back!

Sanja Bekavac

from Ireland, September 2019

"The best retreat I had so far! "

Wellcoming feeling from the hosts, spaciousness of the accommodation in the way that provided opportunity for being alone as well as hanging out with people. Natural park is huge, there is plenty to see, hiking tours and horse riding tours cover really good part. Yoga & meditation are mostly tailored depending on the group likes and experience. Victoria was cooking super delicious food every day, and we could all feel very welcome

Shane Gerard Fahey

from Ireland, June 2019

The yoga and meditation were excellent and were conducted in a calm and relaxed manner. Sandra has a great personality and her yoga classes are so interesting and varied. She is very flexible with the times as some days we had to go horse riding earlier due to it being so hot.

Also it is a family run business and I felt so at home in Analdulcia. Victoria's home cooking is out of this world. Paco and Victor manage the horse riding and Sandra will answer any of your questions with a smile!

Alison Holland

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Amazing holiday"

This holiday was wonderful, fabulous hosts in a beautiful environment, the national park is just stunning. Paco and his horses are so wonderful, seeing the horses live freely and being part of the natural environment and then saddling up and enjoying exploring the mountains and coastline is very special.

The yoga is great, coupled with meditation and incorporating lots of variation, it really met my needs.

Topping it all off with Victoria's wonderful cooking, I had a really fabulous time.

Cyndi OBrien

from United States, June 2019

"An adventure for the soul"

I chose the horse back riding adventure and highly recommend this option. Paco, the horse whisperer, carefully matches you with your horse for the week. I loved my horse Trueno! The rides are 4-4/12 hours daily and Paco takes you all on the most beautiful treks.

The location and accommodations are perfect. There is a beautiful garden and a stunning view of Morocco. The beach is a 5 minute drive down the road. Tarifa is close by and is quite enjoyable. The horses and cattle roam free and it’s fun to have them show up and say hello.

Yoga and meditation are optional. There were 1-2 yoga classes available each day. There is a great amount of stretching and I think I am now 2 inches taller now 😊

The meals are made with love by Victoria and are so very delicious!! Her paella was amazing!! There is an abundance of food and warmth.

Susan Meakin

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Amazing Experience"

I have nothing negative to say! Sandra, Paco and Victoria are lovely people. The location is beautiful. The horses are amazing and the food is to die for.

Michael Osnabrugge

from Netherlands, May 2019

"Amazing horseriding holidays "

The most perfect spot to do one week of horseriding. The finca is at a wonderful location. The trails you ride bring you to even more beautiful places. The horses you ride are well trained and to top it off: breakfast, pick-nic and dinner: finger licking good

Maria Grahn

from Sweden, May 2019

I loved the nature, the yoga, the horses, the food and the familiar feeling. I realy would like to go back to this amazing place.

Louise Taylor

from Sweden, April 2019

I simply can't recommend this retreat highly enough! It was like stepping into my very own Spanish family! The yoga was amazing! The yoga instructors have so much competence and experience that they are able to adapt the sessions to the level of their clients. Our group had a lot of exprience so we were able to explore a lot of different yoga styles and meditation techniques. I came away with newly acquired knowledge and inspiration for my practice at home. The riding couldn't have been better! The day rides aren't for beginners or the faint hearted! Everyday brought new adventures and challenges! Galopping on the beach at full throttle was the stuff dreams are made of! Victoria was our Spanish mum for the week taking care of all our needs and providing us with traditional spanish soul food, which was much needed after the arduous days in the saddle and on our mats! I will definitley be going back! YA echo de menos vosotros. Abrazos x


from Czechia, April 2019

What a fantastic week! It's been amazing in every way. Beautiful location, food and people. The horse riding was epic and the yoga/mediation has changed my life.

A stunning experience.

Lynn Cimino-hurt

from United States, March 2019

I liked the attention given to each guest to make sure that needs were met and that I was having a good experience. I loved the location and the retreat center. This retreat has a new name in my mind: Rancho de gran Corazon.

Helen Freeman

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Fantastic location, food, hosts, yoga and horse riding."

Loved every minute of the break in the most relaxed tranquil beautiful scenery. Lovely family with beautiful food and welcoming home. The horse riding was absolutely fantastic on the beach and through the mountains. Scenery was breathtaking. Horses were forward going and very safe. Brilliant little hidden treasure away from the stress of life.

Jo Norman

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"A dream experience"

The whole experience was brilliant- the food the accomodation the friendliness of everyone and of course the riding and yoga, Sandra and Sasha were excellent teachers of yoga and riding was fabulous.

Rossella Peretto

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Can't wait to go back"

Lovely people lovely horses fantastic food great nature

Hayley Tuffin

from United Kingdom, October 2018


The rides the food the people. Perfect

Aleksandra Golebiewska

from Switzerland, October 2018

"most amazing holidays ever"

well trained horses, amazing atmosphere, delicious food

Julie Morrison

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Fabulous holiday!"

I loved the mix of yoga and riding. Everyone in our group hopes to visit again.

Emma Mitchell

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Beautiful people, beautiful horses and beautiful views!"

This is a wonderful place and perfect for a relaxing break. The riding tours were the best i have ever done - the horses lovely and the views spectacular. After our 5 hour rides we were guided through the most relaxing and restorative yoga before a delicious supper. There is a lovely homely feel, everyone is so friendly and relaxed and my daughter and I felt so well looked after.

Annica.fleming.jeppesen Annica.fleming.jeppesen

from Spain, September 2018

"Beautiful landscape. Fantastic horses. to much carbs "

The rides and horses. The yoga. The landscape. The Free animals. The very kind and Lovely people working there!

Sandra Jordan

from United States, July 2018

"An Oasis in the Desert "

Just back from a fantastic week of yoga, meditation and hiking at Adventuras del Sur. I want to say a special thank you to Sandra and her family for making me feel so welcome while I stayed there in a beautiful apartment with views towards Morocco. Victoria, your cooking was amazing and I enjoyed every meal Adventuras del Sur is a place of great beauty and peace - an oasis in the desert! I came away with great memories and completely relaxed. Thank you to Sascha for the great hiking over the mountain and on the coast and also the meditation on my last day. Sandra, you are so intuitive in your yoga teaching and each class brought something new. Thank you again. I will be back!

Jude Wadley

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"A piece of paradise"

This holiday is truly relaxing. The location is wonderful, a peaceful village up in the hills where all the animals roam free, with views of the sea and Morocco beyond. There is a beautiful garden to eat and relax in and the accommodation is spacious, clean and comfortable. You are staying with a family who make you feel truly welcome. Victoria's cooking is delicious- fresh healthy food and she accommodated dietary requirements for everyone. You can start the day with meditation and end the afternoon with yoga. Sandra is a skilled and calm teacher. And the riding is fabulous. The horses roam free across the national park and are calm, willing and capable, coping with whatever is asked of them. Paco the cowboy led us on many adventures, along beaches, through forests, up and down all kinds of terrain and the horses are forward going and trustworthy through everything. All the people and animals at Adventures del Sur are kind, generous and warm-hearted. It is a fantastic holiday!

Leila Fernandez

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"The best retreat ever"

I really enjoyed the peaceful environment, surrounded by animals in the stunning Andalusian countryside. The retreat is ideal to disconnect, find peace of heart and relax body and mind, since the yoga lessons have a therapeutic approach, adapting to each individual and needs. After a few days, you already feel renewed, cleaned and full of a new energy, approaching your daily life with a new mindset. The hikes and horse riding are a big plus, as we had the privilege to discover remote parts of this breathtaking area just in front of Morocco, not to mention the delicious dishes prepared by Victoria, which ally the flavors, freshness and quality of products from the South with the talent of a master chef.

Helle Johansen-baker

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Mi casa, su casa!"

A completely different holiday experience than we have had before. My daughter and I were not sure what to expect, but the stay succeeded all expectations. It was the most relaxing, yet full on experience starting with yoga and meditation early morning, followed by a lovely breakfast then horse riding with Paco till early afternoon. Back to the finca/farm for lovely lunch by Victoria and time to relax on the beach in the afternoon. The food was always very delicious and homemade, the best you can expect from authentic Andalusian food. I would recommend this type of stay very highly and would love to do it again. It felt very much like home and we made some lovely friendships. We were 5 in total in our group (different nationalities) and I have not laughed this much in a long time! We had the best time. Miss this place already.

Sarah Jarman

from United States, June 2018

Yoga, riding and a swim in the ocean was the perfect combination!

Vanessa Bänziger

from Switzerland, June 2018

Everything. The people, the food, the accomodation, stunning Tarifa! And of course the horse riding were simply awesome. Thanks to everyone that made the week Great!! I would never forget about the beautiful time togheter. Thank you so much:)

Katariina Laine

from Finland, June 2018

Location is amazing in the middle of countryside. If you like farm animals and like to experience, how it is to live with a spanish family, this is the place to bee. The privat room was spacious, clean, romantic and the view over the hills to Tarifa and beond over the sea to Morocco was breathtaking. Food is very good local family food - 10 points to Victorias paella! Riding in the forest and beaches is something you can experience only here. There was plenty of time in the afternoon to drive to Tarifa, Bolonia or do some hiking on the mountains close by. Yoga was very calming, opening and relaxing. Sandra is a very good instructor. We did every morning 2 h lesson inc. meditation etc. wich was the perfect way to start the day. Other arrangements for the time of the class would have been an option too. Everything was very relaxed and easygoing in aventuras del sur and you could see that here you trust and have a good faith in people.

Bettina Engert

from United States, June 2018

"Beautiful place, amazing horses, awesome family"

What can I say, it was exactly what I was looking for. Sandra is just extremely caring for her guests and everbody's needs and Paco is amazing with his horses. Both, Yoga and horseback riding have been quite challenging and despite perfectly trained horses, I would only recommend the tours for experienced riders. Thanks to Vicky's cooking skills, food was very good, varied and authentic, the landscape is simply incredible. The whole surrounding and especially the hosts and how they care for the wellbeing of both, animals and humans, make this place so special.

Marianna Von Zahn

from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, May 2018

"wonderful vacation"

I felt very comfortable. Despite language challenges, I felt extremely welcome and the hosts took very good care of me.

Anastasia Bordas

from Spain, October 2020

"Extraordinario, lo recomiendo un 100×100"

La práctica de yoga con Sacha y Sandra. Sacha te explica principios básicos como la respiración y corrige tus posturas con gran sabiduría. Sandra con su yoga restaurativo lleno de amabilidad y respeto hacia uno mismo.

También las lecciones de meditación guiada importantisimas para la práctica. Me enseñaron un montón y me ayudaron mucho para la relajación.

Los paseos a caballo. Caballos preciosos guiados por Paco por senderos maravillosos, despuntando el día o al atardecer por playas de ensueño.

Los desayunos y comidas de Victoria, siempre atenta a cualquier cosa que necesitas.

Son una familia maravillosa.

Una experiencia que no olvidaré. Me siento muy agradecida.

Ruth Bär

from Switzerland, September 2020

Magnifiques excursions d’equitation dans des endroits merveilleux dont je me souviendrai toute ma vie.

Jeanne Schmitz

from Luxembourg, November 2019

Slavena Nazarova

from France, October 2019


Céline Burel

from France, October 2019

"Retraite dans un cadre très serein et convivial ! "

Accueil très chaleureux au sein d'une famille Andalouse

Cadre serein , et très belle plage à proximité (Bolonia)

Sandrine Matla

from Netherlands, October 2019

De lieve mensen, de accomodatie, de rust, de yoga, de prachtige omgeving

Lestari Vermeulen

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Amazing place!!!"

Everything-the meditation, yoga ,horsebackriding & the food was perfect and in balance. The main reason for this, is that you stay with a family that runs it all by themselves and all on their own premises.

Everyday is a different day because of the variety in horsetrails and variety in yoga. I was afraid I might not be able to walk because of muscle pain but although I feel a good stretch, no muscle pain at all!

Nothing but love and respect for this family and their so friendly horses, dogs and cats.

You can definitely find me here again a next time! Namaste..


from Spain, June 2019

"Wonderful yoga experience with amazing people"

I loved everything! It is run by an amazing family that really takes care about you! I felt so good and comfortable. Meditation, yoga and hikes have been all excellent experiences delived by two amazing teachers, Sandra and Sascha. I have learnt so much from them.Victoria is an excellent cook; everything she cooked was so delicious and prepared with care and love.The house is in a rural place surrounded of nature. Cows and horses are living in freedom.Bolonia beach is an Oasis. I wish to return already!

Ellen Beetz

from Germany, June 2019

"Gastfreundschaft, Liebe zum Detail und Freundlichkeit "

Ab der ersten Minute ist Entspannung, Wohlbefinden und Zufriedenheit zu spüren. Sandra und ihre Familie leben die Gastfreundschaft und bereiten ihren Gästen aus Leidenschaft und Überzeugung wunderschöne Tage. Die Yoga Klassen werden individuell mit der Gruppe abgestimmt und sind für jedes Level geeignet. Viktoria bereit leckere, frische Speisen aus überwiegend lokalen Zutaten für alle Geschmäcker und Wünsche. Ein toller Ort um zu entspannen und der Hektik des Alltags in der Natur zu entkommen. Vielen Dank für eine unvergessliche Woche!

Anke Schütz

from Germany, April 2019

"What a wonderful week"

This week was absolutely amazing!!I The combination from horsebackriding and Yoga is just perfekt, and I enjoyed every minute. Sandra and Sasha are very ambitioned Yogateachers with different styles, and they love what they do. Just the mix of both of them is fantastic.

The meditation in the morning at 7 a clock, when it is still dark is very unique .

And the horsebackriding was so wonderful. The horses are all well trainend, well tempered and they move like goats sometimes in the mountains.

We did every day 3 to 4 hours rides in the mountains or at the beach , and Paco was a wonderful and funny guide, and you feel how much he loves the horses and the country.

And even after 4 hours riding we had another yogalesson , and so I hadnt a minute pain from riding!!!

The food , cooked by Victoria was fresh and so tasty an d yummy , that I eat a lot, much more then at home.

The appartment are so cosy and you have a wonderful view over the ocean. The enviroment is beautiful, it is also wonderful for hiking, all about are free animals, and you get a small glimpse of a typical andalusien live.

The place is so perfect for calming down and relaxcing, and it wont be the last time ill be there.

We were just 3 women, wich made it even more worthed, but even with some more it is all very familiar

What a wonderful experince!!!! Thank you for everything.!!!

Gesa Heierberg

from Germany, April 2019

"Der perfekte Urlaub für Körper und Seele"

Die Familie Trujillo schafft es mit viel Liebe und Begeisterung eine perfekte Urlaubswoche zu gestalten. Der kleine Ort Betis ist einen Katzensprung entfernt von der Küste zwischen Tarifa und Bolonia. Es bietet sich ein traumhafter Ausblick über das Hinterland in ruhiger Umgebung. Die Yoga- und Meditationsstunden werden liebevoll nd individuell von Sascha und Sandra gestaltet. Mit viel Feuer, Erfahrung und Gelassenheit sind die Ausritte unvergesslich. Alle Pferde bieten eine einmalige Trittsicherheit, einzigartige Charaktere und einen besonders weichen Gang. Das kleine Gebirge und den Strand meistern sie wie Bergziegen und sind auch einem Galopp nicht abgeneigt. Man sollte sich im Gelände und in allen Gangarten sicher fühlen und 4 Stunden Ritte durchhalten können. Purer Genuß! Die Wandertouren mit Sascha habe ich sehr genossen. Vorbei an Kletterwänden, hinauf zu Felsen von denen aus Gänsegeier beobachtet werden können und hinunter zum Strandspaziergang - so vielfältig. Dabei hat Saschas ruhige Art und seinen ortskundigen Erklärungen das Erlebnis noch bereichert. Nicht unerwähnt lassen möchte ich die modern, sauber und geschmackvoll eingerichteten kleinen Appartements und dass tolle Essen von Victoria. Man wird rundherum verwöhnt.

Ich überlege jetzt schon, wann ich das nächste Mal hinreisen kann...


from Germany, March 2019

"Amazing Retreat at an awesome place!"

Cannot describe in words how my experience was! Something changed in me cause Sandra & Sascha were such awesome Yoga and Meditation teachers with a great view on life! They made me take a different view on things, which helps me a lot and hope will stay when I am back home. The food Victoria cooked was really delicious and the place so peacefull with great nature around! That made the hiking trips with Sascha to a special event. Thanks!

Sherine Haagmans

from Netherlands, October 2018

"intens geluk"

Het is alsof je bij mensen thuis bent. De manier waarop je ontvangen word, de ambiance, homecooking van hoog niveau. Alle dieren lopen vrij rond in en om de tuin. Ben echt tot mezelf gekomen daar. Ik kom gegarandeerd weer terug!

Gisela Feuz

from Switzerland, July 2018


Aventurals del Sure is a place where you naturally calm down. Situated in the middle of nature with lots of animals around it's just a gorgeous place. Since we were a groupe that also did horseriding every day (highly recommended, too!) Sandra did a lot of relaxing practices with us for our aching muscles.

I felt very much at home at Aventuras del Sur also because «mother» Viktoria is an exellent cook and took very good care of erveryone.

Ingrid Merklen

from United States, July 2018

"Merveilleux séjour"

Ma fille et moi avons adoré cette semaine passée à Betis, tout était parfait : les balades à cheval sont magnifiques et les paysages variés, des chevaux adorables qui passent partout et n'ont peur de rien, les séances de yoga très agréables dans une jolie salle bien équipée, et la cuisine est excellente et généreuse. C'est un lieu très reposant et ressourçant que je ne peux que conseiller.

Merci à Sandra, Paco, Victoria et Sasha pour ce beau moment...

Jennifer Krumnow

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"I couldn’t have been in a better place"

Lovely people, beautiful environment, great food and the nicest yoga practice. Everyone at Aventuras del Sur has her/his own passion and they are really good at it.

Sandra is a sweet person and a well educated yoga instructor who respects the individual body as well as the progress in yoga of her guests. I have pain in the lower back and her classes helped me with that.

Her mother Victoria cooks the greatest meals and I would definitely take a lesson in cooking if she would offer one. Every dish was total pleasure.

I can’t say much about the horse riding because I booked the yoga and hiking program. But the horses are quite impressing.

The hikes were a whole new experience to me. To see the beauty of nature, the wildlife of Betis Mountains which is like an Andalusian outback was astonishing.

In general I have to say I don’t know how it is still possible to find such an undiscovered place within all this tourist locations. But it excists and I was lucky to be a part of it for a week which passed so fast that I would have been happy to stay another one.

Besides the hacienda program you can do a lot in Tarifa: respectful whalewatching, visit the old town, eat a vegan meal in the city or shopping. My advice: be brave and rent a car you will need it to see other villages and cities like Vejer, Cádiz, Sevilla etc. or even to go to the beach. You could also go by bus to some spots but with a car it might be easier.

However I will definitely return!

Romina Wilms

from United States, June 2018

"Lugar maravilloso, comida deliciosa, super caballos y yoga"

Me han encantado el lugar maravilloso y mágico, la naturaleza y el entorno de Betis (el perfume del bosque de pinos, las montañas, el canto de los pájaros al levantarse, el silencio de la noche, la vista impresionante hacia el océano y África), la comida casera deliciosa y de buena calidad de Victoria (que, incluso, ha preparado especialmente para mi la comida sin gluten!), las clases de yoga con Sandra (que hizo un excelente trabajo y es muy competente - ella sabe configurar las asanas individualmente a las personas y elegirlas con respecto al horseback riding; el yoga de Sandra - ideal para empezar el día con brío!)

Los caballos de Paco son muy amables, fiables y tienen buena educación. Paco sabe muy bien enseñar el paisaje y lugares mágicos, elegir un caballo apropriado para cada persona y guiar las rutas. Fue hermoso, montar a caballo por el ondulado y salvaje paisaje (cada día una ruta diferente con special highlights como la playita el Cañuelo).

Muchísimas gracias a Paco, Sandra, Victoria, Sacha y también a las super chicas que han compartido conmigo esa experiencia fenomenal!

Espero con entusiasmo volver otra vez!


Stephanie Matthias

from Switzerland, June 2018

"Amazing Retreat"

There was not one small point I would change. I arrived on sunday with no Energie and left on saturday with a laughing heart.

The relaxing yoga was amanzing and it feels like the perfect start in the morning. Pacos Horse are calm and super well trained. He brings us everyday to different hills, mountains and beaches. Even without Saddle to swim😀

Victoria cook traditionel andalusien meals. Super tasty.

If you love to stay with a family on a farm, there is the perfect place.

I except to have musclepain in my legs. But we had such an amazing time every Day and evening, that I had muslepain in my belly, becauce we laughed so much. The groupspirit was unforgetable!