Avayasana uses the powerful gifts of the Dead Sea in a set of unique, holistic therapies, and practices designed to restore body, mind, and spirit.

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Yvonne Wozny

from Germany, April 2020

"Wonderful experience"

Great Yoga sessions with Shaul being a very good teacher!

The atmosphere of the lodge in the desert is super unique and relaxing. Together with the time spend at the Dead Sea it’s a perfect retreat to unwind. Loved it very much and would come back any time. Thank you Shaul!


from Netherlands, March 2020

"Magical Experience "

The new location in the desert for the retreat was pure magic. High in the mountains overlooking Dead Sea and in the night one could see all the way the lights of Jordan. If you are looking for quiet and peace this is the place. The lodge is comfortable and neat with amazing beduin character, but it is good to keep in mind that is a eco lodge, not a luxury hotel. Food was very tasty and fresh and enjoyed the trips to the Dead Sea. We were a small yoga group and Shaul gave plenty of individual tips how to do the poses correctly. Extra niceness were the camels and sheep’s passing by with sunsets seen from the yoga shala. I would really recommend this retreat if you seek a special experience! With best regards, Katri - Finland

Peg Ryan

from United States, February 2020

"Good Yoga Instruction ; Terrible Facilities "

Saul is a classically trained Iyengar teacher. His style is pretty rigid but very thorough. It requires total concentration. I enjoyed this approach because I have not practiced with this kind of discipline for several years and I found it interesting and helpful. However, I would not recommend it for beginners or for any looking for vigorous vinyasa flow. If you're interested in focusing on body awareness and learning about a classical yoga style, you will appreciate Saul. The instruction was workshop style and we got lots of individual attention which I really enjoyed and found beneficial.


from Germany, February 2020

"Good Yoga, not too happy about the place "

Shaul is a very good Yoga teacher and I was impressed, how quickly the positive effects of the classes could be felt. We also made nice trips to the Dead Sea and the sights there.


from Finland, January 2020

"A transformative experience"

Deep and mindful yoga practice, powerful healing treatment at the Dead Sea, calm and peaceful location with the desert and sea in proximity. A good atmosphere, valuable sharing with the group. Sincere, helpful and radiant yoga teacher. At our service from morning till nite :-)

Romane Touati

from France, January 2020

"Thank you Shaul"

We had an amazing retreat. Shaul is a great yoga teacher, a great man and a great cook. We will come back with no hesitation.

Tiziana Checchi

from Italy, December 2019

"Nothing better to relax and improve my practice’s quality"

Thé environnent was extremely peaceful, and the yoga teacher was great!

Katia Vettori

from Israel, December 2019

"Yoga in the desert "

It was a nice calm and fun atmosphere! I really enjoyed it :) The program was quite open and we were able to do what we wanted to (for example dead sea and massada)

Saul is a great yoga teacher and cook

Thanks a lot !

Marlene Morvan

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Perfect for relaxing"

It is a beautiful region to discover (desert landscapes), while driving to the Dead Sea. Good opportunity to rest, take a break and relax at the Dead Sea; as well as learning and practicing Iyengar, an interesting approach to yoga which was new to me. Saul is a very experienced, patient and dedicated Iyengar teacher.

Marie Jareif

from Netherlands, December 2019

"Great experience"

Saul is great! We were only four people at the retreat the week I was there, so Saul let us have our own rooms even if we had booked shared rooms and he did everything he could to make us feel at home! He cooked amazing breakfasts and dinners for us, held excellent yoga classes, and drove us to the dead sea every day so we could enjoy a relaxing day at the beach between the yoga sessions. Thanks for an excellent experience!

Sofiya Shaginyan

from Russia, November 2019

"Great relief"

Saul is so good to be around just as a person and of course as yoga instructor as well. He would make as local food himself every day.

The Dead sea is an amazing place if you want rest, peace and healing


from France, November 2019

"Not what I expected"

I liked how Saul tried to make things happen when we asked him.

Chiara Yuxuan Chew

from Australia, November 2019

The combination of yoga in the accommodation and swims in the Dead Sea made for a uniquely relaxing retreat. Saul is an excellent instructor who genuinely cares. To top it off, he is an excellent cook.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be missed.

Joanna Konefal

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"The most authentic experience you’d ever live"

The ultimate goal of this trip for me was to unwind and relax, and it exceeded my expectations in all aspects. First of all, Saul is a true professional when it comes to teaching yoga (iyengar). He is also very knowledgable about water therapies, meditation, history and religious context which I was interested in learning about. The accommodation and surroundings are simple and humble but perfect for the retreat. Saul goes extra mile to organise optional excursions but I’d recommend to rely on him for suggestions and go with the flow. Highlights of the retreat for me: floating in the Dead Sea, daily yoga practice, sightseeing, Saul’s cooking and company.

Mara Gross

from United States, November 2019

"Unwind and Let. It. Go."

I came here on a whim, called by the need to seriously decompress my nervous system. The stillness of the overall environment and the relaxed nature of Saul re-set my whole mind/body/spirit within the first few hours. After that, it was simply a joy to be nurtured by our daily yoga practices and floating therapies. Saul is a spectacular guide to re-finding or discovering for the first time how you can live in harmony within your own shell... (and he is an outstanding cook!!) He is an honest and empathetic healer who understands the needs of the individual. I felt safe and comforted with every small adventure and each big leap into relaxation.

Yvette Azzoni

from Switzerland, November 2019

"Very great experience"

Thank you Saul for this great 6 days. Great yoga, great floating, great person :-)


from France, November 2019

"Not as expected"

Shaul is very kind and the watsu in the dead sea is a great experience. The landscapes at the dead sea are truly a must-see. The night spent in the desert under the stars was incredible and so was the desert oasis we saw at Ein Boqek


from Germany, November 2019

"Beautiful various experiences!"

Shaul provided a wonderful calming retreat - I got a great introduction to Iyengar apart from the Yoga styles I knew, and deeply relaxed during the daily time floating in the Dead Sea, seeing the desert, loving the watsu/ theta waves treatment and in general enjoying the time with group and him over shared food etc. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for some more simply lived days away from everything in daily life :) Sanja (29,Germany)

Sarah Dick

from United States, July 2019

"Reconnection with self at the Dead Sea "

Everything was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. I felt truly seen and taken well care of as the structure and schedule of the retreat were flexible and often catered to my needs and preferences. There was ample opportunity to soak in the beauty of the desert and the dead sea as well as have time to rest, eat well and engage in great conversation. I enjoyed the wastsu, the brain waves in the dead sea, the yoga and the food...well, I liked everything! I felt safe and with the guidance and intentional design of Saul's program, I was able to connect deeper with myself and my body in a beautiful and healing way. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone interested in slowing down the busy pace of life, reconnecting with self, nature and with God and/or spiritual purpose. I am grateful that I had this opportunity and hope to continue to carry with me and nurture this deeper, healing connection that I experienced during the retreat. THANK YOU!!

Jessica Foster

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"The most relaxing few days of my life "

This is not an ordinary retreat with tight schedules and rigid programmes. Saul shapes the retreat around the participants and ensures they get what they need. The Dead Sea treatments are amazing, floating at sunset is mind-blowingly beautiful, the desert at night is awesome with time to appreciate the stars, the silence & the stillness. The yoga was well taught, food was great, the guesthouse was comfortable and Saul is a very relaxed and easy going companion on the retreat. I would recommend this to anyone who wants time to reconnect with themselves and the natural world or who needs to detox from the strains and stresses of an over-busy life

Ashlene Boyer-millard

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Amazing for mind, body and soul! "

Saul was excellent, the group I was too. Saul seemed to know exactly what my body/alignment needed physically and spiritually and the group seemed to pick up on that too! Everything amazing.

Sarabelle Prince

from United States, May 2019

"As close to Heaven as it gets!"

The deep sense of relaxation and retreat from the maddening crowds... Saul's nurturance, fresh cooked healthy meals, his command of yoga mixed with attention to each individual's level... The escape from all pretentious - this retreat is about connection: one with one's body, one with others, one with the amazing landscape. The Watsu treatment took 30 years off my psyche. Honestly, I feel reborn.

Imogen Andrews

from United States, April 2019

"A heavenly experience! Would recommend for anyone"

The Dead Sea is like nowhere else in the world. It is astonishingly beautiful, with it's soft colours immediately calming down the mind. It feels like another world, with a flat, salty sea that lets you float peacefully and has it's own climate. You feel so instantly clean, fresh and calm being there.

Staying at this retreat was a perfect way to get a full relaxation experience. Shaul is a very experienced and excellent yoga teacher, able to cater to any level of ability. I was not familiar with Iyengar yoga before arriving and now I want to do no other type of yoga! Apart from doing yoga and some meditation there are is no strict timetable. Shaul listens to what you would like to get out the trip and it is a very personalised retreat. If you want to float, he makes the objective to take you to the beach and do floatation and relaxing by the beach, if you are interested in hiking and seeing the desert there is plenty of opportunity to do so. I would recommend seeing Masada, but also to use the trip to get into a state of total relaxation, and have a different experience outside of usual life, and embrace the wonders of the Dead Sea.

Shaul takes very good care of you. He looks after your stomach- feeds you freshly cooked, healthy, delicious (large) meals every morning and evening. He looks after your mind by helping you do yoga and meditation, he also listens if you have any emotional concerns. He provides great, interesting conversation. He is a lovely, caring man.

Victoria Brookman

from United States, March 2019

"Wonderful week in a unique place. "

I had a wonderful time at this unique retreat and highly recommend it. I felt refreshed and re-centred after five days of yoga, relaxation, slowing down amongst beautiful natural landscapes, and thought provoking conversation — armed with a renewed sense of self with which to return to my busy life. The yoga itself was great. I’d never done Iyengar before and am now a convert; this practice really lets you deeply engage with each pose, opening up your body and finding muscles and abilities you didn’t know you had. Saul is a great teacher (and his teacher learned from Iyengar personally!), has a wonderfully free spirit, and is a pleasure to be around and speak with (not to mention he’s a great cook - we enjoyed delicious meals whose recipes originated from various countries in the region). He made sure we were comfortable and was happy to help us see what we wanted to in the area. In terms of location, I found the Dead Sea to be a special and ideal place to feel timeless and untethered. We didn’t stay in tents at the busy kibbutz as some past groups had; the alternative arrangement of a quiet guesthouse was well suited to the retreat’s purpose.

Hannah Shecter

from Germany, March 2019

"Unique & Intimate Yoga Retreat"

- Saul our yoga master, retreat cook, chauffeur and guide

- 2x Daily yoga sessions with plenty of 1:1 time and guidance into doing correct postures

- Delicious Mediterranean/Israel/oriental with very large portions, cooked by Saul himself

- Quiet location, nice guest house, away from everything with friendly neighbors and cats & views over the dead sea and Jordan

- No fixed schedule, Saul let us decide on the pace of the retreat, and what we wanted to do - whether it was hiking, dead sea floating, relaxing or taking drives out into the desert we could decide the day of depending on our mood and the weather

- Great conversations with Saul & other retreat attendees

- Felt like you were with some friends, rather than with strangers

- the tailored experience, I advise to come with no expectations and let the retreat, happen as it's supposed to happen.

- not a typical yoga retreat, more of an experience.

All the best Saul - I really enjoyed it! Good luck for the future retreats.


from United States, January 2019

"Lovely experience but not what I expected"

Saul's iyengar classes were great and the view of the Dead Sea was amazing. The pranayama class under the stars one night remains the highlight of my time. Breakfast and dinner were incredible Israeli and Iraqi dishes. The small group experience was lovely. Our hike in Ein Gedi was a beautiful way to spend a day. Saul was very good at making sure we were as comfortable and satisfied as possible.

Georgia Green

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Better than I could have ever imagined. "

Never having gone to a retreat before, I didn't know what to expect and so I went with a "go with the flow" attitude. The 2 other two girls who joined the retreat and I were made to feel so welcome straight away. Even though there was a schedule, Saul asked how we would like the programme and adapted it to suit our needs. The accommodation had a very chilled vibe and travellers were passing by every day so we got to meet different people all the time (which we all loved). Saul cooked our food fresh every day (the best shakshuka and labneh!) - I didn't even notice it was vegetarian. During the day we were able to visit various places such as a hot spring, a waterfall, canyons and craters which were all amazing - the yoga was a bonus, really! I have never practised Iyengar yoga before but I have now been converted. Saul is a fantastic teacher who connects with you and works with your abilities and intentions. The whole experience was refreshing, energising and eye-opening and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from the chaos of life.

Diana Pintado

from United States, January 2019

"The best retreat ever!!!!!"

La energía, fluír, la variedad, el cuidado, el respeto, el silencio.

Yolanda Romero Rey

from Spain, January 2020

"Experiencia unica"

Saul is a great and unique person to start with, he is very knowledgeable about the culture, he makes you feel very good at home and he is a great instructor in yoga. He takes you to levels of energy i didnt know existed. He cooks very good and he is a great musician. I had an anazing experience on my first retreat. He made my stay special and i have made friends there too. I hope i will meet Saul again!! 100% recommended. Saul thanks for your energy, your happiness and for sharing everything 🙂

Annette Gantner

from Germany, May 2019

"What an experience!"

We stayed at a cozy house, that was close to the dessert and not far from the dead sea. It´s a quiet place, the lowest place on earth, with much space so everybody has enough privacy but it also offers nice places to sit together and talk insinde and outside. The house was clean and comfortable. It has two bathrooms, aircondition and a small pool.

The price is unbeatable regarding the service that is offered.

Everyday Saul cooked very delicious fresh vegetarian meals.

His yoga classes were intense, he has the ability to adjust it for beginners and advanced yogis at the same time so nobody is neglected. I do yoga since a few years but had never tried out Iyengar before. I can really recommend that!

The floating treatments are beyond words. It was the most relaxing experience I ever had! Try it!

All the time Saul was very caring for every participant. His openminded, uncomplicated and humorous character made him a very estimated dialogue partner.

The schedule was adapted to our moods, it was never ever boring and nevertheless the most relaxing week I had.

Thank you so much, Saul! And thanx to my girls I got to know there. We all could have stayed longer!

Alina Morosoli

from Austria, May 2019

"A place beyond the ordinary!"

Saul has been so welcoming from the first moment we met! I never had such a beautiful experience. The nature is outstandingly beautiful, the dead sea, the desert even just the light from the sun or moon make you feel like you are no longer on earth. Nothing is complicated and you can have amazing conversations about all of life's ups and downs. There has alIways been a ear to talk to. It has really been a wonderful safeplace for me. There were no strict timetables which underlined the relaxed and comforting vibes. Saul makes sure that you can get most out of this retreat and that everyone of us was comfortable and happy. The watsu and theta brainwave experiences have been something out of the ordinary world. In every moment I have felt secure. A place where you can truly be yourself and let go of your busy life. Saul is an amazing yoga teacher, he always took care of every individual and really knows how the body and the Iyengar works. The yoga lets you deeply engage with all your muscles, I learned so much about my body and what it is capable of if you really do the poses in the right way. Also every meal he cooked has been healthy, nurturing and absolutely delicious. I have met the most wonderful people, the vibes, the energy, everything has brought me so much joy! I'm so grateful that I had the chance to be a part of this deeply wonderful time that I will never forget. Already miss my new familiy! Hope to see you soon again! Thank you so much for everything! Lots of love

Ryzlène Jaïdi

from France, January 2019

"Lovely all the way!"

A one of a kind retreat. Saul is a wonderful human being. Iyengar is a very special type of yoga, much deeper than the ones we are used to in Europe. According to me, it is the best one if you want to get more flexibility as you stay for a long time in different postures. It is also excellent for the mind as it pushes your limits and allows you to slow down. We very rarely slow down in our everyday lives. This retreat is a perfect opportunity to do it. Saul makes sure the participants do what they FEEL like doing instead of sticking to a program. We discovered the most beautiful natural wonders in the area (hot springs, waterfalls, desert, beach). Saul made sure we had everything we needed but he also gave us the space at times to be with ourselves and do what we felt like doing (meditation, reading, drawing). And last but not least, he is A DIVINE cook!!! Big thanks also to Ein Guedi Camp Lodge. Everynight the atmostphere at the bar was different and everyday brought new people and new encounters. People leave their phones and talk to each other, play games or music...The staff was adorable, it was hard to leave. Will definitely come back this summer!!! Thank you Saul!

Axel Garrigue

from France, November 2018

"Great experience "

The most positive aspect is the yoga teacher, Saul .

He is definitely a very good teacher; he takes into consideration your person, your problems, strength and weaknesses.

I came with a back problem, I had no pain after the third day.

The second positive aspect is the Dead Sea it self of course. It is a unique place. Perfect for floating meditation.