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Rahul Chamoli

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Josie Lynch

from Vietnam, August 2020

".. a safe place to breathe into the magic you hold inside"

Where do I start?

Aum Yoga has created a yoga training which I felt was rooted in authentic methods and where students were encouraged to explore, ask questions and discover more for themselves.

There were only four other trainees including myself and a real sense of community was created throughout the duration of the training.

Rahul is knowledgeable, pushes you to your limits and is funny..even if he doesn't mean to be! He's a genuine and kind person who shows passion and commitment to the program. We also had other teachers as part of the Aum Yoga team - Sita who is an experienced meditation teacher with lots of stories to tell and methods to help you to learn about meditation and Ashish who also taught us yoga on the mat as well as other methods of meditation.

As yoga originated in India, we also learnt chants and mantras that were relevant to Hinduism and India - this may not be for everyone, but for me, I wanted to explore the origins of yoga to develop a deeper sense of connection to the practise.

We lived in a simple house where the yoga training was based with everything you need - private bed/bathroom and Thao - the wonderful cook who makes delicious vegan meals 3 x a day. The beach was close by and the area is filled with green rice fields.

I cannot be more grateful that circumstances led me to come and complete my training with Rahul. I feel I have left the course with a good starting point to continue further study, and more passion for the practise.