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Amy Halton

from Nepal, March 2022

"Wonderful experience with Atmashree"

Yoga was great for any level. We were able to join as beginners. Dietary requirements were catered for with no problem. Laid back atmosphere and staff were super nice

Steven Everaert

from Nepal, March 2022

"Family stay at a yoga retreat"

You are welcomed as such you are part of the family. It is an amazing vibe. They take good care of their guests.

Regarding the yoga, i would say it is very beginner accessable yet they try to challenge you in the fields you are more advanced.

Btw the food is amazing, experience here local food of great quality! I never got sick and ate all the raw vegetables i dreamt of during the past few weeks.

I hope to come back soon!

Lina Brümmer

from Nepal, January 2020

"Super spiritual getaway"

This place is a true authentic meditation and yoga experience we could not find in the western world. You get to know many different ways of meditation, chanting, breathing, yoga, everything to understand what it means to live this way of life. The home is a true home with the family around, the mom cooking, children playing etc. The food is incredible. Real homemade Nepal food as much as you like and you won't find better even in the city. I enjoyed my stay a lot, especially since it gave me new perspectives on my life, how to live it, what's important and how I can achieve what I truely feel. Also Saurabh gave me a lot of new insights about my own yoga skills, what I can do, what I have to work on and what I am able to do. Thank you for that. This helped me a lot to develop myself in the best possible way. I hope I will be back one day. NAMASTE

Crystal Hamburg

from United States, December 2019

"Perfect yoga retreat for Pokhara sightseeing vacation!"

I absolutely loved spending my vacation in Pokhara at Atmashree Yoga! After a month in Kathmandu for ytt it was time to relax somewhere peaceful and I was still eager to learn Yoga under the guidance of as many teachers as possible while in Nepal and really needed a break from the busy city. The retreat I chose was a Yoga sightseeing vacation. It was awesome! We went to different locations at sunrise for morning Yoga and the views were amazing! We did early sessions at the World Peace Stupa, Sarangkot and Begnas Lake which were beautiful. Atmashree is located in Happy Village which is a quiet and peaceful area of the lake. The lake view is beautiful with all the paragliders flying in the sky nearby. There were such lovely scenic areas where we got to take mindful morning walks which I was there one morning to join. We ate so many great meals home cooked by Sita. She took such good care of us and always gave us a new, fresh and delicious meal... Each one was different! The food was so plentiful and good! The daily Yoga Nidra and chanting were amazing. The Yoga was great and I got to attend all the daily classes between visiting the sightseeing locations. The family was so nice and every teacher so caring and knowledgeable. Mantra, Saurabh and Raj were so helpful and fun. I learned so much from them and met amazing travelers from around the world. I can't wait to return and hopefully join Atmashree for a Yoga trek. They are family now and I miss them so much!

Felicia Jitaru

from United Arab Emirates, November 2019

"Loved it "

Loved every single moment of my stay in Atmashree. The team was very helpful and receptive to any request, food was great, the yoga and all the other practices were very interesting and unique. Loved the kirtan nights a lot. I also have been trekking organized by Atmashree and couldn’t be more grateful for all the care I got along the way. Highly recommended for a blissful vacation.

Amy Fox

from Spain, October 2019

"Quality yoga retreat "

I really enjoyed the yoga and the support provided by the teachers during the classes. After ten days I feel I have more than a basic knowledge of yoga and meditation. I also enjoyed the extra activities such as an early morning sunrise hike, yoga over the hill over looking the smaller lakes. Food was fantastic and plentiful. Overall a really positive experience, I would definitely come back.

Arne Kersting

from Germany, October 2019

"Awesome 8 days!"

I am a yoga beginner and this was my first 8 days retreat. I liked basically everything about the place! Gentle yoga class in the morning, two meditation sessions and my favorite was definitely the more challanging evening sessions.

The teachers are so welcoming and whenever I had a question they were happy to help. Special thanks to Saurabh who helped my put together an individual flow to practise at home.

I am very happy that i went for the 8 days instead of just 4. Even the 8 days were so quickly over and i just got really into it by the end.

And the food was sooo good :)

Steph Ryan

from Nepal, October 2019

"Came for the yoga, stayed for the food "

An amazing experience, the instructors were so kind and friendly, the food was the best I’ve had in nepal. Learnt so much and feel so much lighter

Anne-laure Romand-monnier

from France, October 2019

Wonderful people met and very good teachers. Spending time at atmashree is about sharing, not only yoga. It s a peaceful place you d like to stay more. Thank you everyone for time shared and chanting too 😁

Senthan Balachandiran

from Great Britain, September 2019

"An incredible experience "

You could not ask for more from a Yoga retreat that combines both mental and physical elements of yoga.

The team at Atmashree are great and accommodate to your every need. The location speaks for itself both the actual retreat centre and the trekking routes to Poon Hill.

Also need to point out that I have lower back issues so its crucial that you tell the teachers your issues and if something does not feel comfortable or aggravates the issues then be careful and don’t try and push yourself.

It was truly unforgettable experience with some great people. Will recommend this to anyone and cannot wait to come back.

Jennifer Dinglasan

from United Arab Emirates, August 2019

"Excellent place for Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation "

Each morning you will be greeted by the mesmerizing view of FEWA lake and the mountains. The morning yoga practice are held in the idyllic locations such Begnas Lake, Sarangkot View Point, etc. The Yoga instructors are very patient and encouraging to beginners like me. Excellent location, food, service, yoga teaching etc. Way beyond my expectation.

Hussain Qamber

from Kuwait, August 2019

"Amazing and relaxing experience"

I felt like I'm home everyone was super friendly and helpful, the food was really good. I learned so much from the instructors and improved a lot during the 9 days I've spent there. The location is amazing, waking up early morning with a view of the lake was really spectacular and relaxing. I'll definitely come back.

Myles Wimmer

from United States, August 2019

"Amazing yoga retreat experience"

the depth and training of the staff was exceptional. Classes were a balance of asana and yoga teachings, perfectly tailored to the abilities of the students. Raj and his family were very welcoming, and the food was wonderful home cooked Nepali vegetarian. everything was completely stress free, and other local activities such as parasailing or rafting were easily accommodated in the schedule.

Montserrat Bardon Martin

from Spain, August 2019

"Really confortable "

I felt like at home, they are really kind and helpful. I have enjoyed a lot and learnt more.

Samantha Pryse

from Nepal, August 2019

"Beautiful Family Atmosphere"

This yoga retreat is all about connection and synergy. The instructors were caring and kind and the food was plentiful and healthy vegetarian. We (me and the other participants) formed a beautiful friendship with our instructors and each other. I loved the singing bowls sessions and the chanting.

Xandra Tielman

from United States, April 2019

"Excellent retreat for those seasoned and new yoginis"

The day started at 6:00AM with a silent walk and ended at about 9:00PM with kirtin chanting. All classes were excellent and ranged from gentle to more intense yoga, to guided meditation, to chanting. The food was good and the staff very attentive.


from Hong Kong, April 2019

"Love it! Would like to visit again."

the arrangement is wonderful, everything is fine. Have learnt the in-depth knowledge form Yoga instructor and trekking guide Surya. He is a very nice person. Responsible and kind. Glad to have his guding in our Poon-Hill trip.


from Great Britain, April 2019

"A wonderful experience"

It was a great experience. I enjoyed the yoga and felt I learned a lot. I tried new things. I had a single room which was very nice, lovely views of the lake. It was a good place to recharge and reconnect with yourself again. The food was delicious. Being able to do yoga in different locations on the vacation package was very special... I loved practicing yoga outside and also seeing the local area.

Nneyra Pass

from Great Britain, April 2019


Beautiful location, great food, friendly people, not overcrowded. Accommodation was modern, clean and comfortable. Yoga was excellent, looked at many different aspects and suitable for various levels. One of the best things I've ever done, don't hesitate to book!

Serena June

from India, April 2019

"Fantastic 4 day Retreat"

A combination of beautiful location, delcious local food and the most accommodating staff!

Each day we had several different classes to attend, 2 hour and a half yoga classes, meditations, a morning silent walk (which became one of my favourite things!)

The staff were so welcoming and friendly, every person there would be more than happy to help with any request.

The classes were perfect, the instructors never pushed you too far and always made you feel comfortable however they were knowledgeable in their practise they taught. More importantly they wanted to educate you in all aspects of yoga so you can understand your practise more deeply.

Thanks for a wonderful stay!

Claire Panisales

from Nepal, April 2019

I really enjoyed the morning meditation walk/hike. I arrived sick so I missed a lot of class. They offered Hatha yoga which was good although I was hoping for more. Perhaps some ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga style. They were really good on focusing on breathing technique and meditation/relaxation.


from United States, March 2019

"Huge disappointment "

Food was great, nice accomodation

They all have a good heart

Ryan Simmons

from United States, March 2019

"4 Nights was not long enough I could have spent a few weeks"

From touching down and Pokhara airport after a day of travel I was greeted by Prabhakar and driven through the little winding streets of Pokhara town to the Atmashree Center. Straight into Yoga the first day and a delicious home cooked meal, then down to sleep for trekking up to Australian camp the next day. Australian trek camp was just the right pace for a short stay, yoga in the morning and evenings with Saurabh's great focus on corrections and and breathing technique. Daily meditations, favorites included Saurabh's guided mediation on a rock overlooking the valley and Mantra's Singing bowl meditation at the center. Loved the food on the trek and the at the center dahl bart was delicious and never far form a hot cup of ginger and honey tea.

Jenny Alexandrou

from Great Britain, March 2019

"great stay "

I loved the fact that the instructors and all of the staff were friendly and ready to help with any issues, whether to do with yoga or other issues. They were always onsite and helpful. The yoga sessions were very good and were for all explained carefully with reasons for everything that made a lot of sense.

Caroline Hall

from Nepal, January 2019

"Excellent yoga retreat"

The classes were thorough and well explained, very varied and all the teachers were fantastic and very passionate, all with an in depth knowledge into the practice of yoga. I learn't so much, more than I could have hoped and expected in such a short time. The welcome into the family life of the yoga centre makes this feel like home. The location is beautiful, oh and the food is delicious!! i hope to return again :-)

Marjolein Kars-hartog

from Netherlands, January 2019

"Great yoga place!"

Intensieve yoga sessions and more relaxed sessions made it good to keep up with. The whole crew of the Atmashree center is just super! Silent morning walk was amazing!


from Nepal, January 2019

"A wonderful experience!"

The programming is designed very well, with activities and scheduling being really thoughtful and well-implemented. Morning yoga overlooking the Himalayas was incredible, and the instructors complemented one another's' styles and truly understand yoga as a spiritual as well as health practice.

Wan Ying Chan

from Nepal, January 2019

"Wan Ying"

Everything was very nice!

Maria Llano

from Nepal, December 2018

"Excellent Yoga Retreat experience "

The yoga retreat was an amazing experience, my boyfriend and I did 4 days/ 3 nights and would love to come back and stay longer! The programme is very well organised with different classes and meditation sessions every day. The teachers are highly experienced and very kind. Raj who runs the place is incredibly helpful and goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable! The food was also very varied and very tasty and nutritious, it was like a home far away from home!

Ester Cebrian

from Nepal, November 2018

"Exactly what I wanted!"

Wonderful experience with the best professional teachers, nice place and amazing people. High recommended. I really want to come back this was so good and very short. Thanks a lot!!!!

Anders Østergaard

from Nepal, November 2018

"Great place for a beginner like myself!"

Atmashree is run by a lovely family, all helping each other to make the retreat a great experience for the guests.

The location is amazing, on the other side of Phewa lake - peaceful, beautiful and dare I say mindful.. I really liked the very different sessions each day, and the retreat has made me very interested in the enormous world of yoga.

Amanda Bradrick

from Israel, November 2018

"Wonderful experiance"

The mixture of yoga and trecking and the freedom Raj gave us to choose what we would like to learn in yoga. Beautiful views, great and friendly staff, the yoga center was beautiful and right on the lake. really good food. I loved the first camp we stayed at near Australia Camp, it was homey, cozy and really peaceful with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Steven Martin

from United States, November 2018

"Fantastic experience with truly dedicated instructors "

I loved the structure of the days and that your not just doing yoga classes but you are introduced to every aspect of Hatha yoga.

The instructors are not doing this for the money you can truly see this and their passion really shows. They will take the time to explain things if you don’t understand and they are always around do give help and advise outside class times.

The food is amazing also and always plenty to go around.

Already contemplating the same time next year.

Juliana Trujillo

from New Zealand, October 2018

"Amazing sunrise yoga retreat!"

I had a great experience at Atmashtree, I picked a package which includes sunrises, sightseeing and yoga and it was absolutely amazing. I was very lucky with the weather, It was pretty much the whole time clear. The atmosphere was great, very familiar, very auténtic and amazing food. Had lake view from my room so couldn’t ask for anything else. Very well recommended!!!

Chris Miller

from Nepal, October 2018

"Excellent experience "

The yoga was challenging and rewarding.

Andreea Bianca Baias

from Romania, October 2018

"Wonderful Days"

We had very nice days at ASY. All activities were pleasant, the staff very helpfull, the food way too delicious. We felt lovely from the beginning until the very end.

Irina Ivanchenko

from United Arab Emirates, September 2018

For me it was my first yoga retreat and I loved the whole experience of it. I felt welcomed and comfortable being around, like being part of their family. It was more than yoga, I learned breathing practices and meditation techniques. It helped me a lot to sort my own thoughts.

Location was very good as well, just quiet enough not to be distracted. Our sunrise trips and doing morning yoga was absolutely divine.

On top of everything food should be really mentioned here. All Nepalese dishes were so good, that it made me interested in cooking it back home.

Camila Agostinho

from Turkey, September 2018

"Great place to learn more about yoga and meditaion"

Beautiful views from my bedroom, good quality yoga and meditation classes, a perfect place to get some rest.


from Nepal, August 2018

"Amazing 4 days"

I loved the atmosphere at this yoga retreat, the instructors are all really patient and great with beginners. The food was incredible, traditional Nepalese dishes but lots of variety. The location was lovely, just a little way out of Pokhara so it is much quieter and more relaxed but still with beautiful lake views.

Ashleigh Robinson

from Laos, April 2018

"Couldn't have been any better! "

Our time at the Atmashree yoga retreat was perfect! I can't think of a sing thing that I would improve. The staff were so friendly and helpful, the teachers really knew everything about yoga. The food and accommodation was great. We would have stayed forever if we could.

Mira Roxman

from India, March 2018

"Recomended for absolutte beginners"

The cleaning exercises.

Danielle Verreault

from Canada, March 2018

"Real yoga experience"

I loved the staff. The yoga instructors were friendly and extremely experienced. Atma's family lives in the retreat and it's so special to spend time with them. His wife cooks amazing food. She is so talented.

You practice yoga 4 times a day. I loved every minute of it. I learned a lot of new postures but more importantly I learned the theory behind the yoga.

The schedule is great. The timing between meals was difficult to get used to at first, but after a while I loved when we received tea and meals.

The accommodations are nice. It's far enough away from Pokhara that you can enjoy the peacefulness of the lake.

The actual hiking is a challenge, but if it weren't for Swabhiman, I would have been sore for the entire trek. I did not feel sore at all. The entire trip was amazing.

Gabrielle Laurier

from Nepal, January 2018

"Great way to see the sites while getting some yoga in"

Everyone was very nice and attentive. When I was sick they would check on me several times a day so I didn't have to leave my room if I didn't want to. The yoga was also great both very knowledgeable and learnt a lot more then just "poses


from Singapore, December 2017

"Yoga Retreat in the Hills"

Was here for 4D3N and was welcomed by a very warm family. Raj and Mantra are very knowledgeable and will impart yoga philosophy extending classes beyond asanas and meditation. Morning sunrise walks were unforgettable. The retreat is nestled in a charming, tranquil part of Pokhara away from tourists. Each meal is a treat (they insist you refill the delicious Nepali vegetarian cuisine)! Had a nice big and clean room with awesome view of Phewa Lake from the property. It's off-peak season so we had a small group which was really nice and Raj and Matra were able to customise the retreat accordingly. Perfect location to unwind - highly recommended!

Ellen Jacobs

from Nepal, November 2017

"Great value for money"

I especially like the individualized attention given

Lina Palici

from Nepal, March 2022

"Schönstes Yoga Retreat"

Ein wunderbares Retreat, welches ich nur jedem weiterempfehlen kann. Man wird morgens von Naturgeräuschen geweckt, man lernt sehr viel über Yoga und Meditation, die Yogakurse waren induviduell an unsere Gruppe angepasst und das Essen war das Beste, was ich in meiner ganzen Reise gegessen habe!

Angie Sora

from India, November 2019

Fue como estar en familia, los profesores ayudaban a corregir posturas, cada día era algo diferente, también mantra y mucha relajación, muy feliz de haber compartido con ellos estos días 🙏


from Nepal, November 2019

"Experiencia inolvidable"

Todo! Los instructores muy profesionales adaptándose a todos los niveles. Hemos aprendido mucho. Instalaciones geniales y las comida variada y deliciosa. Personal muy atento. Nos ha encantado la experiencia! Sin duda volveremos!

Larissa Schiesser

from Nepal, April 2019


Thank you to all the team! It was a great stay. I couldn't imagine anything better😊

Laila Chatila

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Great Place to be 👍 "

Mantra Sessions with Mantra, the gentle Hartha Yoga Class with Surya and the powerful Classes with Saroubh. Also the daily Yoga Nidra Classes, and the use of the Singing bowls in between. The theoretical basics of Yoga Philosophy and The different kinds of Meditation Classes. Every Single teacher has so much knowledge and wisdom to offer and is very happy to share it with you at any time. Also i loved the food and even through everybody worked very hard, they were smiling all day. I am very grateful that i found this place and of course i will come back again! My personal expectations for the month Retreat was to learn more about Hartha Yoga and to find a way to include this knowledge in my daily life. I am feeling very confident now to do so, thanks to the whole Team at Atmashree.

Lucie Heitmann

from United States, October 2018

"Great experience"

I really enjoyed my experience in this peaceful place. Very good teachers, planning is perfect, the food is homemade and really tasty, the place is very nice : clean and beautiful view on the lac.

Tanja Aeschbacher

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Super Yoga retreat"

Der ganze Aufenthalt war ein super Erlebnis. Inspirierende Teacher, verschiedene Yoga-Stunden, abwechslungsreiches Programm, leckeres Essen, liebes Team, angenehme Athmosphäre. Nach dem Aufenthalt fühlt man sich erholt und ausgeglichen. Ich würde sofort wieder einen Aufenthalt dort buchen.

Vielen herzlichen Dank nochmals für die unglaublichen 5 Tage!

Marjanne Klom

from Nepal, October 2018

"A wonderful, peaceful place with awesome yoga"

The yoga was very good and diverse. The surroundings are beautiful. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, you feel home directly. The food is healthy and delicious.

Michaela Frank

from Nepal, October 2018


This retreat was just amazing! I totally loved the schedule. The teachers are all amazing and so experienced, they want you to learn as much as possible and the make you go to your limits (but in your capacity)

The food was just amazing! The best momos and dalbhat in whole Nepal!

The rooms are nice and clean! I felt like home and I will definitely try to go back as soon as possible! This changed my life and especially my body awareness!

Francesca Scott Escorza

from Nepal, October 2018

"Superó mis expectativas "

Me encanto el lugar, la gente, la buena energía, la calidad de las clases de yoga, las meditaciones, la comida exquisita!

Katarzyna Fedorowicz

from France, June 2018

"Un séjour magnifique!"

Les cours de yoga très variés, les enseignants s’adaptent à chacun.

La maison est très propre, les repas sont délicieux, préparés avec l’amour pour les visiteurs. Tout est parfait, un séjour inoubliable qui donne envie de revenir. Merci beaucoup à toute la famille!

Axelle Covemacker

from France, June 2018

"Très bonne retraite"

La nourriture était délicieuse , le cadre est magnifique , les profs super sympa et très réactifs.

Ainhoa Burguez Bargados

from United Arab Emirates, June 2018

From the very beginning I stepped in at Atmashree, people there were very kind and welcoming. Every single one of them were so helpful, attentive, patient and extremely warm, I could not have been more comfortable and happier during my time there... Missing them so much already!

The delicious food, the yoga classes, the guidance, the chanting, the fantastic and challenging trekking, the astonishing view of some 8000-meter peaks, the wild nature, the time spent together talking and sharing experiences, the ups and downs, I would not change anything! I felt literally flowing there and so much free to be just me, such a good feeling!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the sweet experiences and memories I now hold. Thank you Mantra for being so supportive, the trekking and yoga combination was superb! Really looking forward to seeing them again, I highly recommend Atmashree to anyone else willing to immerse in nature and yoga practices, to allow themselves to detach from their routines whichever they are, and to flow with life at a different pace.

Anne-laure Rio

from France, April 2018

"une belle découverte"

Des cours variés très riches avec des professeurs dévoués à leur art!

Anneloes De Leeuw

from Netherlands, April 2018

Very nice people. You feel at home immediately. Different yoga classes during the day. You can easily come back to your senses there. Really really beautiful location. Had some meditation, yoga nigra, astanga and chanting classes on one day, which was great. The yoga nigra is fantastic.

Audrey Honore

from Peru, April 2018

"This was a enlightening experience! "

Mantra, Swabhiman and Raj where excellent teachers and really guided me through learning the basics of meditation. There kindness and passion is incredible. This was an incredible experience, the program was very full and the accommodation and location of the center where really good. Also the food Sita prepared for us was devine. I hope to be back one day. Thank you so much for this experience!! ❤️

Anke Niessen

from Nepal, April 2018

The yoga teachers are great! Learned a lot about different kinds of yoga and meditation. The food is nice and the place is very clean. I would definitely come back when I return to Pokhara.

Laura Ste Romane

from Nepal, April 2018

"Relaxed and Happy"

The 4 days at atmashree yoga retreat were amazing, got to see the sunrise while drinking a tea, and then do some yoga on beautiful spots, what a great experience. And of course a big thank you for the amazing food we had everyday!

Thank you again to Atmashree yoga I loved it! 🙏

Pedro Miguel Ferreira Figueiredo

from Nepal, March 2018

"Namasté my friends"

The biggest pleasure was, that I had the joy to experience the true meaning of yoga; ashtanga and hata yoga. Everyone in this family was like a brother or sister. They shared their knowledge, so everyone could go deeper in hisself.

Beatriz Olvera Alvarado

from New Zealand, March 2018

"Excelente experiencia!!!"

Para mi fue algo complicado porque no entiendo muy bien inglés, pero realmente lo disfrute. Todos son muy amables y atentos. Tienen paciencia para los principiantes como yo, que nunca había practicado yoga. La meditación ni se diga, lo máximo te relajas realmente. Las caminatas también son muy buenas. Yo estuve enferma del estómago y me ayudaron con tés, algunas terapias alternativas y ejercicios. Fue muy bueno. La comida excelente, Un ambiente muy familiar.