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6 Days Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Spain

  • Asturias Yoga Shala, Los Quintanales, Avin, Asturias, 33556, Spain


Intensive Yoga Holiday Spain

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Set in the deep tranquility of the mountain forests of the Picos de Europa, this retreat’s aim is to prepare you to practice the complete Ashtanga primary series. This means five days of intensive practice and study covering the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga and learning each asana in the series individually. You will leave the retreat with an understanding of the purpose of each asana, its sequence and benefits, what dangers to avoid, and valid modifications.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Complete Ashtanga yoga primary series
    • Talks on yoga philosophy and workshops
    • Daily Picos de Europa excursions
    • 5 nights’ accommodation
    • Daily vegetarian meals

    Skill level

    • Intermediate

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 8.


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: Spanish, English
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    There are several types of accommodation offered in the retreat. The most recommended is in a beautifully restored traditional mountain cabin situated above a small mountain meadow and chestnut forests 200 meters away from the shala. The cabin has great views over el Hibeu, a mountain on the costal side of the Picos de Europa. It has a kitchen, a large bathroom, and a stone built fireplace with supplied firewood. It accommodates up to three people. The cabin is usually offered on a shared basis, although if available, it can also be reserved for private usage.

    You can also choose a more economic camping option in 4m bell tents on a spectacular mountain ridge with views of the Picos de Europa and the Gueña valley. The tents come with comfortable mattresses..

    If you are after a little luxury, Asturias Yoga can arrange an accommodation at the Casona de Con, a luxurious rural hotel seven kilometers away from the shala.

    Each day begins with a yoga session, followed by a long workshop in which you will focus on specific asanas. In the evenings there will be another yoga session and talks on yoga philosophy.

    The workshops


    In this workshop, you will first learn how to breathe correctly during your Ashtanga practice (the Ujjai breath). You will then learn the sun salutation sequences. Next, you will focus on the basic asanas of the primary Ashtanga series; once learned, they will serve as an indispensable foundation from which the more complex asanas to come can flourish.

    The foundations workshop includes:

    • Samastiti
    • Padangustasana
    • Utitta trikonasana
    • Dandasana
    • Navasana

    Intermediate asanas part 1

    In this workshop, you will learn modifications of the basic asanas introduced on day one, and begin working on spinal twists and inverted postures.

    This part of workshop includes:

    • Padmotanasana
    • Parivrita trikonasana
    • Virbhadrasana A
    • Virabhadrasana B
    • Paschimottanasana
    • Trianga mukhai ek pada pachimottanasana
    • Janusirsasana
    • Marichyasana
    • Urdhva dhanurasana
    • Salamba sarvangasana
    • Halasana
    • Karnapidasana
    • Padmasana
    • Tolasana

    Intermediate asanas part 2

    In this workshop, you will be focusing on the balancing asanas. These particular asanas have the characteristic of providing the practitioner with improved concentration and mental clarity.

    The workshop includes:

    • Utitta parsvakanasana
    • Parivrita parsvakonasana
    • Utitta hasta padangustasana
    • Parsvotanasana
    • Bhujapidasana
    • Upavista konasana A, B, C
    • Badha konasana A, B
    • Matsyasana
    • Uttana padasana
    • Sirsasana A

    Advanced asanas

    In this workshop, you will attempt to perform the most challenging asanas of the series, while also learning valid modifications.

    This workshop includes:

    • Ardha badha padmotanasana
    • Arhda badha padma paschimotanasana
    • Kurmasana
    • Supta kurmasana
    • Gharbapindasana
    • Kukutasana
    • Ubhaya padanghustasana
    • Supta padangustasana A, B, C
    • Uhrdva padmasana
    • Pindasana
    • Sirsasana B


    In this workshop you will be introduced to the practices from the next level of yoga, pranayama, or the art of breathing. Pranayama helps make the mind clearer and more efficient. In yoga, it is considered a preliminary to meditation.

    Sample daily schedule

    • 08:00 Yoga session
    • 09:30 Breakfast
    • 11:00 Meditation
    • 11:30 Ashtanga workshop
    • 14:00 Lunch
    • 15:00 Yoga Nidra
    • 16:00 Activity in nature
    • 19:00 Meditation / talk on yoga philosophy
    • 20:00 Light meal

    An afternoon will be scheduled for you to visit the spectacular and rarely visited cave of Alda. This cave has magical acoustical effects, which you will appreciate by playing Tibetan Bells inside. Other afternoon possibilities include mountain, forest or canyon walks from the doorstep. An afternoon of rock climbing or visiting the beach is also possible if you desire.

    This retreat will be held in Asturias, Spain. Known in Spanish as “paraiso natural”, Asturias comprises spectacular geographical features, Europe’s most diverse eco-system, and traditional culture. It is a land of high mountain peaks in juxtaposition with sandy ocean beaches and sea-cliffs; it is famous for verdant mountain forests, green valleys and renowned cave-aged cheeses.

    The exact location of the retreat will be on the lower slopes of the Picos de Europa mountains, not so far from the ocean, in a quiet chestnut, hazel and oak forest. There is a vegetable garden and a young orchard with five bee hives.

    • Caving
    • Hiking
    • Rock climbing
    • Surfing
    • Fireplace
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
    • Yoga shala

    During the retreat, you will be provided with organic, vegetarian food that mainly arrives direct from Asturias Yoga’s garden or is foraged from the surrounding meadows and forests.

    The following meals are included:

    • Brunch
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Snacks
    • Drinks

    The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

    • Vegetarian
    • Whole food
    • Yogic
    (If you have special dietary requirements its a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

    Massage and certain Ayurvedic treatments are available upon request

    • 2 organic vegetarian meals per day and ingredients for evening meal
    • 5 nights’ accommodation
    • Ashtanga workshops
    • Complete Ashtanga yoga primary series
    • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
    • Guidance in daily excursions
    • Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda talks

    Driving directions from Avin

    • Follow the small road to the side of (but not turning into) ‘Camping Picos de Europa’ up the steep concrete road for one kilometer until you come to a fork
    • From there, take a right on the gravel track and continue for another kilometer until you reach some abandoned buildings
    • The retreat venue is the one on the right at the end

    Arrival by airplane

    • The nearest airports are Oviedo (Asturias) airport, and Santander.
    • If driving or car rental is not possible, buses and trains are available to take from either airport that arrive close to the AsturiasYoga center.
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Asturias Yoga an inquiry.
    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 21 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


    • Review by Fay Lodge from England

      "Simon and Aly live on the edge of the beautiful Picos de Europa, surrounded by nature and tranquility, the perfect place for a yoga retreat. The retreat was five days in length and offered a semi-structured day starting with meditation and a led ashtanga yoga practice (gradually moving to practicing Mysore as the week progressed). We then enjoyed breakfast before taking part in a thorough yoga workshop which worked through all the asanas step by step, allowing us to make adjustments and improve our postures. Lunch was followed by yoga Nidra and then time was available to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings as the group wished. We were privileged to go on a walk led by Aly and Simon to visit a local cave where we spent some time exploring, meditating, and feeling the energy resonate around us. In the evenings, lectures were held on different aspects of yoga and Ayurveda. The food was plentiful and delicious throughout the week, being totally vegetarian (sometimes vegan) and with much produce from their garden. We also enjoyed food foraged from the surrounding woodland, learning all the time! Aly gave everyone on the retreat an Ayurveda consultation, providing information, advice, and some treatments as required. Aly and Simon are very knowledgeable on many topics, easy to talk to and happy to answer questions. I cannot recommended this retreat more. I loved my time here and the sense of well being I got. I can't wait to return! "

      AsturiasYoga website, edited

    • Review by Molly from USA

      "Words don't describe the magic that this place brings by not only the people that surround it and are pulled to it, but the energy that each star, rock, tree, leaf, and cow bell leave on your heart after landing here. I spent a short time in this new found home. Aly and Simon are two strong spirits that will comfort you in a way that you can completely be yourself while there."

      AsturiasYoga website, edited

    • Review by Tom and Emma from UK

      "Simon and Ally were great hosts, we only stayed a week but had a brilliant time. The area they live in is absolutely beautiful, lots to explore with mountains, beaches, and lovely Spanish towns. We had shared interest of yoga and rock climbing and the guys really helped us out with our yoga practice and took us to some good climbing spots."

      AsturiasYoga website, edited

    • Review by Constance from Australia

      "I had such an amazing experience with Simon. It was exactly the experience that I needed without me knowing that. It's a place where you can really allow yourself to be free and relax. First of all the surroundings are magnificent. Mossy green hills, old chestnuts, distant mountains, and as I learned- food everywhere! It was great living in a self sufficient household. I learned a lot about foraging, cooking, and yoga. I now try to do yoga everyday and want to explore that path further. Thank you Simon for opening that door, and all the others that open after it as well. I think the great thing about staying with Simon is he allows it to be an individual experience. I think everyone who stays will get something different out of it, but after my three weeks there, I felt a different part of myself had developed. It was hard to leave. I hope to return one day, sit around the fire baking potatoes and talking about anything and everything! Thanks again Simon."

      AsturiasYoga website, edited

    • Review by Julia from USA

      "My retreat at Asturias Yoga was a truly amazing experience. Aly and Simon are phenomenal teachers and they live in a breathtakingly beautiful place. The mountain views that we saw on our bike rides are images that I will carry with me forever. Both Simon and Aly are talented cyclists as well as gifted yoga teachers. I had practiced yoga for a few years before coming to their retreat, but their adjustments to my poses really helped me sink deeper into them and experience yoga in a whole new way. I loved drinking tea with herbs from the garden, and the food was delicious. Asturias holds a special place in my heart and I can't wait to go back. I would highly recommend Asturias Yoga for a retreat."

      AsturiasYoga website, edited

    avin, Spain

    Asturias Yoga offers yoga holidays for individuals or groups in Asturias, Spain, which integrate the tradition of Ayurveda into daily life.

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