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Avín, Spain

Asturias Yoga offers yoga holidays for individuals or groups in Asturias, Spain, which integrate the tradition of Ayurveda into daily life.

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Great 9.7/10

Based on 10 reviews
from US$605
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6 days / 5 nights

Great 9.7/10

Based on 10 reviews

Reviews 10

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    El retiro está bien planificado y organizado. Todas las actividades están muy bien pensadas para la práctica y el aprendizaje en pocos días de la modalidad Ashtanga. Las excursiones en bici impresionantes y a la medida de la forma física de los participantes. Todo se complementa muy bien y los profesores son muy profesionales, a la vez que exquisitos en el trato y la atención hacia los participantes.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Mir gefiel besonders, dass neben Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga auch Vipassana Meditation praktiziert wird und viele Outdooraktivitäten wie Klettern und Radfahren angeboten werden.

  • Esme Cooney Great Britain

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I really enjoyed having time to focus on my practice, have learned so much in 5 days! The hosts are very experienced and knowledgeable teachers who were approachable and generous with their time. I had a lot of individual advice/adjustments during practice and workshops. I also learned more about the meditation and the philosophy of yoga, I feel more resilient in my day to day life since attending the retreat. As an added bonus the teachers have a real in depth knowledge of the local area which is full of beauty and wildlife, they did daily visits to mountains/caves/rivers all totally unspoiled- it was amazing. Being a meat eater I was worried about getting hungry on a vegetarian diet however the menu had been considered nutritionally for our activity levels. The food was delicious and filling, it was all home prepared and local, grown on sight or foraged. You get a lot for your money on this retreat.

    My bed was a bit too soft for me.

  • Claudia Rehklau Germany

    May 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Aly und Simon leiten angenehm, gekonnt, professionell durch die Yoga-Meditationsstunden. Die Gruppen sind sehr klein, und da beide anwesend sind, können Asanas gezeigt und gleichzeitig erklärt werden. Außerdem kortigieren sie individuell die Haltungen. Beide sind exzellent in den Asanas, und auch gute Lehrer. In den täglichen workshops werden Übungen gezeigt, die zu schwierigen Asanas hinführen. Mit ihrer Hilfestellung kann man Asanas selber erleben, die man allein nicht könnte.

    Die Tage sind sehr ausgefüllt, wie es meiner Meinung nach in einem Retreat auch sein sollte. Am späten Nachmittag kleine Ausflüge.

    Mir gefiel mein Zelt, es befindet sich ein pasr Meter entfernt vom Haus, mit schönem Blick, es ist bequem und wasserdicht. Ich fand es die passende Retreat-Unterkunft.

    Das einzige, was für meinen Geschmack besser sein könnte ist die Küche. Das bezieht sich nicht auf das Essen, sondern auf die Ausstattung und Sauberkeit und Aufgeräumtheit.

  • a traveler


    Hi Aly,

    Apologies for such a lengthy delay! A draft had been sitting in my outbox for months it seems.

    Asturias Yoga gave me not only a fantastic grounding and insight into the practice of Ashtanga asana and practice but also into breathwork, meditation and much more. Aly and Simon have created a beautiful world away from the distractions and pace of life back in London and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It was a privilege to spend a week in such a special place. My practice came on significantly over the week and their teaching gave me confidence that I'd not been able to find through solo or group practice at home. The food was wonderful, the space is enchanting and the surrounding landscape is like no other - abundant with forests, mountains and rugged coastline. We went for walks and to a cave during downtime from practice which complimented the overall experience really well. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to develop their yoga practice and to those seeking a general reset and a new perspective - it was a truly wonderful experience!

  • Katarzyna Ciblik, Shyam Antyah


    Peaceful, Loving and Harmonious

    Arriving at the Yoga Shala, we were mesmerised by its remoteness from the hordes of the rest of the world and the peaceful surroundings. We were greeted very warmly by 2 volunteers, Cale and Zara and shown to our room. We then were greeted by the lovely Aly, who made us welcomed into her world. Our first yoga practice began shortly after and that is where we saw Simon for the first time. That first encounter reassured us that we were at the right place.

    We had daily practices and workshops covering the 8 limbs of Yoga as well as Ayurveda. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were provided daily and we really enjoyed helping in the kitchen. The atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant and there was so much positive energy in the air all the time. We stayed in the house next to the Shala but tents are also available and look very nice. In the evenings, we would have talks and each was in a different place with a different topic.

    On our last day, Simon and Aly took us to the beach where we did some mountain climbing and had lunch. We came home stronger in our bodies and minds. The warmth and kindness of Simon and Aly is our best memory we take away from this experience!

Testimonials 5

  • Fay Lodge England

    Asturias Yoga website

    Simon and Aly live on the edge of the beautiful Picos de Europa, surrounded by nature and tranquility, the perfect place for a yoga retreat. The retreat was five days in length and offered a semi-structured day starting with meditation and a led ashtanga yoga practice (gradually moving to practicing Mysore as the week progressed). We then enjoyed breakfast before taking part in a thorough yoga workshop which worked through all the asanas step by step, allowing us to make adjustments and improve our postures. Lunch was followed by yoga Nidra and then time was available to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings as the group wished. We were privileged to go on a walk led by Aly and Simon to visit a local cave where we spent some time exploring, meditating, and feeling the energy resonate around us. In the evenings, lectures were held on different aspects of yoga and Ayurveda. The food was plentiful and delicious throughout the week, being totally vegetarian (sometimes vegan) and with much produce from their garden. We also enjoyed food foraged from the surrounding woodland, learning all the time! Aly gave everyone on the retreat an Ayurveda consultation, providing information, advice, and some treatments as required. Aly and Simon are very knowledgeable on many topics, easy to talk to and happy to answer questions. I cannot recommended this retreat more. I loved my time here and the sense of well being I got. I can't wait to return!

  • Molly United States

    Asturias Yoga website

    Words don't describe the magic that this place brings by not only the people that surround it and are pulled to it, but the energy that each star, rock, tree, leaf, and cow bell leave on your heart after landing here. I spent a short time in this new found home. Aly and Simon are two strong spirits that will comfort you in a way that you can completely be yourself while there.

  • Tom and Emma United Kingdom

    Asturias Yoga website

    Simon and Ally were great hosts, we only stayed a week but had a brilliant time. The area they live in is absolutely beautiful, lots to explore with mountains, beaches, and lovely Spanish towns. We had shared interest of yoga and rock climbing and the guys really helped us out with our yoga practice and took us to some good climbing spots.

  • Constance Australia

    Asturias Yoga website

    I had such an amazing experience with Simon. It was exactly the experience that I needed without me knowing that. It's a place where you can really allow yourself to be free and relax. First of all the surroundings are magnificent. Mossy green hills, old chestnuts, distant mountains, and as I learned- food everywhere! It was great living in a self sufficient household. I learned a lot about foraging, cooking, and yoga. I now try to do yoga everyday and want to explore that path further. Thank you Simon for opening that door, and all the others that open after it as well. I think the great thing about staying with Simon is he allows it to be an individual experience. I think everyone who stays will get something different out of it, but after my three weeks there, I felt a different part of myself had developed. It was hard to leave. I hope to return one day, sit around the fire baking potatoes and talking about anything and everything! Thanks again Simon.

  • Julia United States

    Asturias Yoga website

    My retreat at Asturias Yoga was a truly amazing experience. Aly and Simon are phenomenal teachers and they live in a breathtakingly beautiful place. The mountain views that we saw on our bike rides are images that I will carry with me forever. Both Simon and Aly are talented cyclists as well as gifted yoga teachers. I had practiced yoga for a few years before coming to their retreat, but their adjustments to my poses really helped me sink deeper into them and experience yoga in a whole new way. I loved drinking tea with herbs from the garden, and the food was delicious. Asturias holds a special place in my heart and I can't wait to go back. I would highly recommend Asturias Yoga for a retreat.

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