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Aislinn Laura Ireland

I was extremely lucky and got to spend 40 days in this beautiful space. From the minute I arrived Deborah welcomed me with open arms, very beautiful giving soul. Her loving energy is infectious. Waking up to a view that is out of this world every morning, feeling like I was dreaming. I participated in two retreats and they have transformed my life. I was feeling lost before, but I left the retreat feeling so full of life a clear mind and excited about my bright future. What a magical space this is and if you are in need of some a reminder of what it is to live life fully this is the place to go. The feeling cannot be put into words, you have to feel the magic of this amazing space for yourself.

Machteld Price Portugal

AskLifeClarity Website

I did a Yoga, Mindfulness and Breath work at the retreat in Deborah and her team magical place in India in April. Deborah, a mother of the earth, skilled, loving and transforming encouraging others to come closer to their body centre and giving full clarity of the mind into our authentic, energetic selves in a peaceful but goal oriented way. The picturesque resort and surroundings, which was full of flowers and natures finest coconut and mango trees, definitely adds to an unforgettable empowering personal journey. Thank you so much for this experience.

Olga Russia

AskLifeClarity Website

It was a mystical, wonderful journey, filled with unforgettable emotions and incredible discoveries. It wasn't easy, but a real breakthrough, transformation, and overcoming. They received and transformed our emotions and feelings. We got everything we needed for further practice at home and our teachers still stay in touch with us and almost daily consult us if we have any questions or difficulties. And now, after a month of self-study, I can say quite definitely that transformation has been completed.

Energy has come, now we are restless, emotional background remains at a good level. There aren't any annoying changes of mood, which we had previously after all other practices and trainings. It is a miracle! I feel my body, the ground, legs and back in a different way. And we continue practicing:-) And again want to come back there to dive deeper into the pulsations and incredible atmosphere of a warm and loving family.

Pooja A Gor India

AskLifeClarity Website

How do I describe an experience which is truly transformational. It can only be felt. I will still try. A few months back, I was looking for a getaway to a calm and cool place, just to unwind. Maybe like a yoga retreat. So a friend of mine suggested I visit Deborah and spend a few days with her and the team at their retreat. Since the idea checked all the boxes on my list (relax, unwind, retreat, getaway) I instantly contacted them and booked for a week long stay at retreat. I think it is the best decision I ever made. My younger brother joined me too. We spent 7 days working on the mind, body and soul with the most powerful practices and 1-1 sessions to really wake the mind up and give you complete clarity on the future ahead I cannot recommend the work they do enough I left feeling like a new women and it made me realise so many things about myself more importantly I was able to let go all of my old patterns and live in the now with so much clarity on life.

Mari Portugal

AskLifeClarity Website

I was with Deborah and her team in May for one week at her retreat. What an experience! 

Even before arriving Deborah kept in contact to make sure everything would go smoothly for my travel to India. The retreat place is amazing surrounded by hundreds of amazing trees that were all blooming at the time and thousands of butterflies. Simply magical!

Deborah’s healing was fantastic and a new experience to me. The early morning silent walk followed by yoga lesson followed by wonderful breakfast was just one of the highlights of my stay. So many things we did and after one week you are feeling so relaxed, recharged and free from a lot of “stuff” especially clearing the mind. I could write so much more but you should go and discover it yourself ! The personal care you receive is impressive and you are in the hands of professional healers! Oh, and the food: homemade from fresh, local vegetables. Simply delicious and something you will definitely miss when you leave (among many other things). Thank you Deborah I will definitely come again. Love you!

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