Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua

Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua offers Ashtanga yoga teacher training and yoga retreats on the Pacific coast in Nicaragua.

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Nico Canada

It's Yoga Nicaragua website

“This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life both physically. emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The setting was amazing though I would not choose to sleep in a dorm again as I found there where too many disruptions in my sleep – and exhaustion makes asana practice difficult. I enjoyed the course instructions though there where times when it was unclear which text to use for the 2 quizzes. I am extremely thankful to have been a student here and I am very much looking forward to my own version of Karmic yoga.”

Alexandra Netherlands

It's Yoga Nicaragua website

“I had a great time overall. The many hours of yoga asanas, the detox of sugar and internet made me go through ups and down and I enjoyed both. I love the way you (Edwin and Catarina) shared your yoga experience with us. Having deep conversations about Pratyahara and laughing about a dog drinking from the altar of Ganesha is a great combo of keeping yoga both serious and committed but also fun and light. Thank for everything!”

Ellie United States

It's Yoga Nicaragua website

“This time has been so rewarding with wonderful friends, delicious food on top of the physically demanding but yet so rewarding training. I also got to experience a little bit of Nicaragua. LOVE!!!”

Caroline Sweden

It's Yoga Nicaragua website

“My experience here has been exactly what I hoped for and was looking for. Creating a vivero (garden) as part of a community project and experiencing the beauty of Ostional was very rewarding. Thank you so much for the experience – I have learned so much and I feel confident to begin teaching others as well. Namaste Love Peace Happiness”

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