Be and create your own guru in a place for peace and joy, Ashram Villa Sunshine, a beautiful house with a magnificent view over the Mediterranean Sea.

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Mikael Reuterberg

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Oliver Brady

from Ireland, October 2021

"Great retreat"

Everything top standard, food, room, instructor, ambience. Would go again.

Thank you!

Vanessa Ferrer Ayats

from Spain, October 2021

"Great balance between spiritual and earthly holiday spaces."

I was looking for a place where I could care about myself but not away from feeling that I am on holiday and close to city facilities, and to have enough space for myself, to rest or do whatever I feel like. Combined with sharing with others.

I liked the people and the food so much, also the place is great.


from Great Britain, October 2020

"Sunshine heaven"

This was by far the best yoga retreat I have been on. Everything from the location to the food was absolutely stunning. The food was vibrant and delicious (which really should belong in a restaurant). The yoga/meditation was different to what I am normally used to, but I am so happy to have experienced it as it was so healing and enriching. I am so grateful for everything I have learnt and have taken away from this retreat. I hope to return next year. Thank you so much! Claudia :)

Liz Wahk

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Already looking forward to going back"

The surprise of the vegan food was amazing (thought it was vegetarian). Mikael was a wonderful host, cook and yoga instructor. It was one of the most empowering en refilling moments of my life. Very thankfull.

Bridget Stuchly

from Spain, February 2020

"Deeply Restorative and Relaxing"

I really cannot put into words how much I enjoyed my time here. Mikael effortlessly and intuitively weaves different styles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healing foods together to cultivate the perfect retreat. He intentionally keeps the groups small to foster a more intimate experience enabling you to connect more deeply other participants. There is also a nice amount of free time for exploration or further contemplation. The villa is incredible. It has a calming and comfortable energy, and is located a short walk from town and the beach, perched on the hillside of sunny Sitges with exceptional views from it's large terrace. I highly recommend this retreat if you are looking for a transformative experience with the perfect mix of relaxation, fun, and incredibly delicious food.

Julie Duguid

from Hungary, November 2019

"An excellent mix of holiday and retreat!"

Mikael was the best part of this retreat. He opens both his villa and his heart to you and provides a safe place for you to explore. I don't know much about yoga, but this type of yoga was not like any other I have experienced and I found it really easy to join in with and very healing.

We spent each morning together in the group and most of the day was our own. Sitges is a really lovely seaside town to explore, but also the villa has many places to be on your own or enjoy the company of others.

If you are unsteady on steep walks, then make sure you take good walking shoes and stick for the mindful hike, as it is well worth the effort.

Linda Grayson

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Peace personified"

Mikael is warm and friendly on meeting for the first time and continues throughout the duration. Felt very comfortable the whole time which is tantamount to me. Enjoyed being involved in the cooking and found the yoga and meditation and mindful walk very beneficial to me

Cirila Santillano

from Spain, October 2019

"Superb retreat "

I loved everything about the retreat. I loved the embodiment of mindfulness presence from Mikael himself throughout the retreat. He provided a very down to earth example of how to live the yogic philosophy, which simply states there was so much real-ness in his interactions and how the retreat flowed. Theresa was a wonderful example too, although she was there only the first and second to last day she, they provided such an inviting atmosphere. It was a home away from home. The house itself was amazing with the graceful decor that allowed for comfort and ease while providing a serene environment. The location and the views were spectacular. Any time of day provided awe, inspiring views. The food was excellent, excellent, excellent! Vegan, vegetarian food tasted so delightful! It was delicious, healthy, fresh, varied, state of the art... literally art!


from Great Britain, October 2019

"Exceptional hosting from Mikael"

This is a meditation retreat, the yoga practised is more breathing than postures. This was very different for me but enjoyable and I found myself chanting along even though I had expected to not participate. Mikaels interaction for the week is all about healing your mind and body. His food is truly delicious by far the best vegan food I have ever eaten. The Villa is much nicer than it seems on the website. Some room have private bathroom, I shared with two other singles. The villa is sited on a hill so mobility could be an issue if you do not like/ are not able to cope with steep hills. There is a taxi service though.

The pool area is ample and there is a good combination of sun and shade. We ate lunch outside every day under the shade which was lovely for the month of October.

The mindfulness walk is over some step rugged terrain, worth it for the beautiful views and it does flatten out through the trees. An alternative route to avoid the steep climb at the beginning and end would be beneficial to those with mobility issues.

Sitges is a very pretty beachside town with all the shops/ bars and restaurants you would expect.

Overall a great experience and I would certainly go again

John Wright

from Germany, October 2019

"Perfect introduction to yoga/meditation"

The aura of the villa .. the views .. the layout .. the attention to detail and the mountain walk on a beautiful day is perfect

Sheylla Escalante

from Ireland, September 2019

"Perfect experience "

The villa have a wonderful atmosphere Mikael is a great host/ instructor/ chef/ guide, I have a nice time and will definitely come back.

Robin Katz

from United States, September 2019

"Very Healing Six Days"

A very well thought out program with no stress or dogma. Mikael's approach was warm accessible and very effective. The meals were delicious, greshly prepared and served in a festive manner. We were lucky as there were only three of us women at the retreat due to a cancellation. We were of different ages and nationalities. Mikael encouraged communication which was easy given the beautiful environment.

Daniela Gutiérrez Montes

from Spain, September 2020

"Satisfacción y agradecimiento"

Todo. Mikael te sumerge en su mundo...un mundo de pasión y entusiasmo por la vida, haciéndote sentir muy bien.

Te vas plena...llena de ilusión y paz. Y sobre todo muy agradecida.

Gracias Mikael

Paloma Bravo

from Spain, September 2020

"La casa espectacular y Mike perfecto"

Descansé y desconecté. Además he conocido otra forma de yoga, kundaline, gracias a Mike, distinto a lo que suelo hacer. Disfruté mucho de estos días.

Anaïs Segarra

from Spain, February 2020

"Mejor imposible"

Todo: Lugar, actividades, instalaciones, comida, ambiente...

Marta Aviles Hernandez

from Spain, October 2019

Me encantó la casa, la habitación y todas las estancias. Están muy cuidadas y son espacios especiales donde estar en tranquilidad, leer un buen libro o conversar con otros huéspedes.

Mikael es un anfitrión muy generoso y agradable.