Ashram Soul Garden is a beautiful space of 10 acres in the middle of nature, a magical garden of the soul to learn, practice, and develop traditional Tantra.

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Rebecca Lee Warner United States

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I am a permanent volunteer for coming up on 2 years now and so obviously love and fully support the place. I arrived through workaway without knowing anything about tantra and planned to stay two weeks. A few days after I arrived, there was a Traditional Tantra weekend seminar - I was blown away by the power and sincerity of the methods and our Master's teachings. Our Master teaches faithful to Traditional Tantra, which is partly to say that though this may include work with the 2nd chacra, sexuality, and our more instinctual emotions, this path is much, much wider than what is generally marketed as 'tantra' (tantric orgasms, tantric sex, fancy positions, etc..). Here one has the opportunity to begin a spiritual journey with grounding in the land and guidance from the teachings. There is ample opportunity for meditation, participation in seminars and workshops, mantras, conscious movement, and enjoyment. There is no other Ashram of Traditional Tantra in Spain and it is one of the few in Europe. In this regard, I feel very, very fortunate to have landed here after many travels and searching. Volunteers and students come and have different experiences based on their perception and path. I would fully, wholeheartedly recommend a prolonged stay for anyone truly searching to connect with themselves, with their capacity to feel and love, and with a higher consciousness of who we are and how we can connect better with others and with our world.