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Swami Dayanand

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Anni Laine

from Finland, April 2019

"It’s not enought to have the skill, it’s about teaching it"

The restaurant were we ate was really nice.

Lukas Meutzner

from New Zealand, April 2019

"A great 10 day meditation and yoga retreat!"

The 10 day meditation and yoga retreat was great!

There is a good balance between meditation and yoga.

Already after a few days my visualization power has greatly increased!

I feel my third eye more; we have purified our entire body and strengthened our body + mind!

Swami Dayanand is a direct, friendly teacher.

If you ask him questions, he will explain everything exactly. For example which kind of meditation cleanses the third eye + heart chakra or how certain yoga postures effects your body.

I learned a lot in 10 days! Also how I should best continue now!

Even my fellow student, who has been practicing yoga many years, learned new things.

The food was very delicious.

Thank you Swami Dayanand! :)

Steven Brown

from Canada, February 2019

"Authentic yoga experience"

In only 10 days we covered yoga asanas for healing the body, kriya cleansing and astral projection. Yoga sessions were high quality and Swami was able to answer questions and give guidance for health issues including excercises that really helped a knee injury I had. Unlike yoga we have attended in other parts of India or in Europe the yoga felt useful and that we were learning rather than just another excercise class. If you are really interested in learning yoga and keeping healthy really recommend the classes. Left feeling energised and strong.

Tamara Nikolajevic

from Italy, January 2019

The yoga retreat experience was everything I needed and expected. The organization is excelent. The restaurant is just across the street from the guesthause and yoga just a short walk away. Baba is an interesting man and his yoga classes are excellent. After 10 days I felt much stronger and way more calm and flexible. Palolem is charming...

Adriana Tomiyoshi

from India, December 2018

"All good :)"

Swami is attentive and give clear instructions. I liked the cleansing process mainly, because it was something that I wasn’t expecting but really worked well for me. The kundalini practice also helped me to feel more energized. It was very good! Thank you Swami!

Frans Holland

from Denmark, June 2018

"Authentic kriya yoga"

Swami Dayanand teaches real Kriya Yoga with roots in the yoga school of Bihar. If you are looking for an authentic and healing yoga experience, this retreat is for you.

Plakhtiy Valeriya

from France, March 2019

"life's expérience "

i couldn't stay a long time, but the service what Swami did for me was great.

thank you Swami