Artisa Retreat

Epidaurus, Greece

Located at a wonderful setting by the sea, Artisa offers yoga, silent and open retreats to create and re-energize.

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  • Prof. Dr. Halleh Ghorashi Netherland

    Artisa Retreat website

    We must thank you for creating this place. There is so much conflict and negativity in the world and here is so much beauty. When you come here life becomes beautiful. I wrote, being inspired by the setting, and rested myself at the same time. It was an extremely nice combination. It was an extra-ordinary experience.

  • Dr. Martin Kaiser Germany

    Artisa Retreat website

    Artisa is an outstanding place. Celeste does a marvelous job. You get so much work done in one week that you are thinking about your next stay while you are still there. I was simply thrilled. It was a great group, a marvelous place. It is the combination of routine and the feeling of being surrounded by creative people that is most stimulating.

  • Dr. Haley Swedlund Netherland

    Artisa Retreat website

    I found it incredibly useful to focus only my book project for one week. The atmosphere was lovely, as was the food, and it was all very flexible. Celeste was available to help as needed, but really just let you decide how you worked best. This was really wonderful.

  • Anna Keski-Rahkonen Finland

    Artisa Retreat website

    I came to Artisa to test whether an idea for a medical textbook that I’ve had for some time would actually be feasible. I was able to outline the project, do the required research and draft two chapters. This would never have happened had I not participated in a writing retreat. The setting was fantastic: lovely spacious rooms, excellent food, and warm and friendly hosts. I also enjoyed the stimulating companionship and walks on the beach and in the village. Writing can be a tough and lonely activity. The unique atmosphere at Artisa made everything so much easier! After the retreat, I feel energized and highly motivated to continue the book project. Thank you Celeste and everyone else for this fantastic experience!

  • Camilla Lindholm Finland

    Artisa Retreat website

    The experience was positive. I met my academic goals. The environment was inspiring and fruitful, the food is delicious, and the retreat provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on my writing. I liked the set-up with yoga in the morning, and the meals structuring the rhythm of the day. The dinners were appreciated as an opportunity to talk to the whole group.

  • Prof. Dr. W.H.M. Jansen Netherland

    Artisa Retreat website

    I worked with great pleasure on this article during my stay at Artisa. Thanks for the very good advice I got while spending time with you, sitting and talking at the kitchen table.

  • John Fitzgerald Ireland

    Artisa Retreat website

    What you do in stewarding Artisa, its retreats, visitors, brings benefit to so many lives that you should be justly proud of your work there. I think yours is one of those rare roles of which it can be truly said to advance the happiness and wellbeing of humanity.

  • Femke Halsema

    Artisa Retreat website

    I had an excellent stay and would love to return to work again on my book.

  • Walter Lucius

    Artisa Retreat website

    The arrival was overwhelming. Much more intense than I had expected. An enchanting setting, in an exotic atmosphere and at the same time a feeling of coming home. That to me is Artisa. In terms of work, I am much more productive than I am at home. In two weeks I wrote an amount that would take me six weeks at home. And at the end of the day, here, I’m still relaxed and energetic. It was everything that one can only wish for.

  • Joyce Europe

    Artisa Retreat website

    Women and Leadership ... a journey with women, at a very beautiful place ... We are all so different and yet we are equal and interconnected. This week of self-development and enjoyment brought so much that it is almost impossible to imagine how it was before ... I recommend this to any woman.

  • Nan Pluymackers Europe

    Artisa Retreat website

    After an intense period in my life, I was looking to regain balance. The silence week at Artisa meant more than a step in the right direction. It was a turning point in my life.

  • Lily Hugo Europe

    Artisa Retreat website

    To participate in this silent retreat is the best decision that I could ever take. This week has been beyond my expectations. What has been taught and shared is to my eyes very rich, wise and profound and helpful in my daily life.

  • Marijke Kremers, artist, teacher and visual therapist from the Netherlands

    Artisa Retreat website

    I know Angeline Lips as a very inspiring and knowledgeable teacher, in her art class. With concentrated attention and an open mind, she leads me to find the essence of what I want to express. She has the special quality of seeing clear links between various layers in my visual work. Her honesty, great integrity and commitment inspire and bring my visual work to new paths and new areas. In addition, she surprises me with technical and practical tips. With her fresh look at my work and our discussions, I experience a new focus and expression.

  • Abeer Ayash, Libanese artist and designer

    Artisa Retreat website

    Angeline has an amazing approach in the art class and motivational and inspiring attitude. She connects to my needs and was able to create exercises that were experimental and interesting and made me reach new realizations and states.'

  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Leyendecker Germany

    Artisa Retreat website

    Great week. This is the best combination of working in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere and at the same time making significant progress with writing. The approach and set-up are perfect. The social context is great as well - you can be on your own or join others - no pressure either way. Everyone is extremely well taken care of.

  • Vera Schlmerich Netherlands

    Artisa Retreat website

    I dont want to sound overly dramatic, but my stay at ARTISA has been like 2 weeks in paradise. I have never experienced this combination of really relaxing and getting so much work done. Next year I will make sure to come back its so much fun and also such an efficient use of my time!The structure of the program was perfect: a good combination of physical exercise, amazing and healthy food and the coaching of Louise.Louise was warm, respectful, to the point and really read and gave feedback to every comma I put on paper during the retreat. It was really helpful to have a set of trained eyes look over what I had written thank you.

  • Chloe Marshall the UK

    Artisa Retreat website

    I had an excellent week, thanks to Louise and Celestes support and the warmth and kindness of them, along with the other attendees. I had a wonderful, very productive and very happy stay.I completed 8000 words which was more than expected and Im proud of my work. Everything is very well organised, but also flexible enough to accommodate individual needs. The location is beautiful, inspirational and peaceful - perfect for a retreat.

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