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5 Day Rediscovery For Men Qigong and Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

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    from US$1,150
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    6 Days Yoga, Raw Food & Empowering You Retreat in Bali

    Available in October, November & December
      from US$1,000
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      Oksana Sokol

      Sonja Eberhard

      Michael Turlock

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      Omar Restom

      from United States, January 2019

      "A blessing for a solo trip and beyond"

      I did this yoga retreat as part of a 3 week solo trip. It was one of my favorite parts! I'd even venture to say this was one of my favorite vacations ever! I felt like I made a family in Michael, Oksana, and the other guests. They were so full of warmth and love. Michael was an amazing guide and friend, doing everything he could to make my stay as happy as possible. The itinerary was amazing, everyday enjoyable with the right mix of yoga spread throughout. And I could feel the positive effects of this experience even after I left. This experience really lifted my spirits.

      Meika Iso

      from United States, February 2020

      "A Must Join Retreat!!"

      Let me just start off by saying that Oksana and Michael are one of the sweetest most kind people I’ve met!! The fact alone that I have made an amazing friend like Oksana already makes this trip and yoga retreat totally worth it!

      This was my first solo trip and yoga retreat so I honestly didn’t know what to expect at first but choosing this retreat turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! I have learned and experienced so much and I feel it was truly what I needed to at this point in my life. It will be long if I begin to talk about all the things I loved about this retreat so I will just say that there will be absolutely no regrets joining this retreat.

      You gain so much more than the money paid in a way that you can’t experience in any other way.

      Thank you to Oksana and Michael :) I will definitely be back to join the detox program in the near future!

      Catherine Gendron

      from Canada, February 2020

      "Life changing experience"

      I had been searching for weeks for the perfect meditation/yoga retreat in Ubud and when I stumbled upon this personalized retreat it felt like a good fit. The experience exceeded my expectations by MILES! Oksana had created the perfect itinerary based off my needs and interests. She took me around Ubud on her scooter and made me explore the city in the most magical way and took me to the most amazing meditation, yoga classes and restaurants. She is so sweet and caring, we connected right away! The experience was like no other retreat I have ever been to because the personalized aspect of it made it unique and special. This experience was life changing and I am now considering moving to Ubud and living the routine Oksana and I had for the four day, forever. Do yourself a favour and do this retreat!!

      Veroniqueporter Veroniqueporter

      from Indonesia, November 2019

      "An amazing personalized introduction to Ubud "

      I liked everything. From the moment I met Michael I felt completely at ease, feeling I was going to have an Amazing experience. I had just spent 10 days with Yoga Healing and nature yoga retreat at Nandini, and was suddenly on my own in Ubud. I decided last minute to sign up with this personalized experience, intuitively sure of the decision not to be alone for these last few days in Ubud and to use my precious time to the fullest. This has been by far one of the best decisions I have made. From the very beginning Michael made me feel comfortable and nurtured. He obviously read in depth my application questionnaire and designed a retreat just for me, blending skillfully yoga classes, walks, keeping my metabolism going strong. He brought me to some of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants in Ubud maintaining my return to healthy eating decision. My body also got nurtured with a great experience at a one of a kind wet Sauna, as well as a wonderful Balinese massage. But what made this time precious for me is also the deep connection with Michael, hours of conversation, his ability to listen and with infinite compassion hold the space for healing.

      I am, as many of us in middle life, been going through personal change. Even if I am a seasoned warrior, I was definitely running low. Michael held a mirror for me literally, through his unique ability brought me to realize that « yes! I can be the person I want to be! »

      I can only recommend this unique experience. Merci 🙏

      Sherri Friend

      from Spain, November 2019

      "Bali Yoga"

      Oksana and Michael are the best! My yoga retreat was customized to me and spattered with other interesting side trips like a salsa lesson, manifestation work shop, Bali food cooking lesson, movie night in a cool Bali space with food. All of the restaurants I was taken to were amazing. Was a very special time, thank you.

      Elisha Preston

      from Australia, September 2019

      "Life changing and inspiring "

      Book it - book it now! Life changing and utterly inspiring - this was a priceless experience for me.

      I was drawn to this retreat after looking at so many and I’m so glad I did and can’t wait to book my next juice cleanse with Oksana, who I now have a friend for life and am so very grateful.

      I won’t give too much away just go in with an open mind and immerse yourself in the culture.

      I was a little nervous but This retreat was better than I imagined, truly above all expectations. Coming home with motivation, drive for life and only positivity after such a positive experience I honestly couldn’t put a price on the time I had and I will be back next year.

      I went out and purchased a cold pressed juices to keep on the healthy train and have been vegan ever since.

      Until we meet again, I look forward to it.

      Anca Sirbu

      from Switzerland, July 2019

      "A quite good retreat over all"

      I book a yoga retreat for 7 full days with Oksana.

      Both Oksana and her friend Lesya helped me during this seven days ( Oksana had to travel so I started the experience with her friend Lesya).

      Oksana is a member of Yoga barn and she also offers workshops and classes there.

      They were both flexible with the schedule as I was jet-lagged the first few days so I missed some of the yoga/ meditation classes in the morning.

      I liked also that I could add some more acupuncture sessions and Cranio-sacral therapy sessions - on my own expense; they are not part of the yoga program; it was just something I wanted to try once in Ubud.

      I received a nice gift from Oksana - a journal and a sarong for the purification ceremony - asa a welcome gift.

      I went to a nice sauna close to Ubud together with Oksana and had there the chance to meet her friend Sonja; they had a bit of time to debrief.

      I took part also in a chocolate workshop together with Lesya; very interactive and nice.

      Overall a nice experience.

      Nina Börbrink

      from Sweden, March 2019

      I had a great time in Ubud. Oksana och hennes man är fantastiska. Passionerade, jordnära personer som brinner för människors kemi och välmående. Oksana skräddarsyr ditt schema utifrån dina önskemål och hon är öppen för allt.

      Man blir varmt välkommen och man känner sig trygg.

      Lara Benigson

      from South Africa, January 2019

      "A Magical Adventure in the Vortex of Mama Bali"

      Oksana, Leseya and Michael became my family and tribe for 18 days. The accommodation at Adiwana resort was absolutely stunning. A magnificent room in the heart of the Jungle with easy accessibility to explore Ubud's dynamic streets. I was able to customise my retreat by doing daily yoga sessions, ecstatic dance, drumming, acupuncture, massage, steam, natural perfume making, exploring the culinary accept of Indonesian food and many more healing modalities, which was organised by Oksana and Leseya. Michael taught me how to ride a motor bike which was exhilarating. The amazing food that I ate was fundamental to my healing. Bali is lush with some of the best Vegan restaurants in the world !

      For me the absolute highlight was getting to know Oksana, Leseya and Michael. They are the most caring, intuitive, conscious, funny, fun, knowledgable trio. The bond that I developed with them has sealed in a life-long friendship bond. I am eternally grateful for all their time ,effort and absolute precision care about every detail.

      I cannot recommend Arts of life retreat enough !! Please treat yourself to an immersion of this magical retreat. It was truly life changing for me.

      Lisa Saito

      from Australia, January 2019

      "Perfect Retreat!"

      The personalised attention and kindness given to us by Oksana and her team during the retreat made us feel comfortable, relaxed and valued right from the beginning. The restaurants we were taken to were all amazing and completely opened our eyes to how yummy raw food can be. I loved hearing about the history of Ubud and its people, but especially loved Oksana's versions!

      I felt that we were able to learn and grow from the whole experience and am definitely inspired to live a healthier lifestyle!