Arohan Yoga is a premier yoga school offering yoga teacher training and yoga retreats, having its base in the sacred land of Rishikesh, India.

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Claire Le Floch

from France, October 2021

"Super training"

I loved the diversity and the quality of the training

Emily Sanders

from Great Britain, July 2021

"Informative, integrative course with outstanding teachers"

I was reluctant at first to do yoga teacher training online. I was worried it wouldn’t ‘count’ and that my learning would be hindered by the remoteness and negatively impacted by unreliable WiFi connections and time zones. Thankfully I was completely wrong!

The zoom classes were held at fixed times each day and for those that I couldn’t do live they were uploaded in a timely manner. I was based in Spain then the UK and classes were from 08.30-2pm approximately.

Hatha - I really liked that Vikas had a student ‘live’ with him so he could talk through the asanas and show us how to correctly achieve these. We gradually went through groups of asanas e.g. forward bends, back bends before finally doing a few series/flows

Asthanga - Ravi has a good sense of humour and day-by-day extended the asthanga flow so we were able to do the full primary series. He encouraged us to memorise the Sanskrit names and mantras and very early on would ask us to teach small portions of the flow

Yin - we went through the book flow by flow and Melmar gave each individual feedback and guided us through the flows. She gave personal insight and was extremely approachable

Anatomy/Philosophy - as a practicing Doctor I was intrigued what would be taught. The anatomy was correct and explained well in layman’s terms. The philosophy was interesting and broken down clearly. It was interesting to compare aryuverda to western medicine and there are many core principles shared

Karen Jia

from United States, July 2021

"Highly Recommend Arohan Yoga"

I really like all instructors. They were all passionate about spreading the goodness of yoga and very caring individuals as well. Very responsive to any questions and went out of their way to explain to students.

Xiaoning Mao

from United States, July 2021

"Great training! Very thorough!"

The instructors are very friendly and nice people. Trainings are intensive and thorough.

Great communication as well.

Sandra Sunseri

from Spain, February 2021

"Great experience and very well organised training"

The training includes three styles of yoga: hatha, ashtanga and yin and it is perfect for those who want to have a quite complete view and choose their favourite style afterwards. The schedule is quite challenging but very well planned and all the teachers are professional, punctual, very attentive and caregiving to the students. The philosophy lessons are very interesting, and also a good attention is given to pranayama, cleansing techniques and yogic lifestyle. Anatomy is made easy for the needs of the students.

By the human point of view, I am really grateful to Neeraji, Vikas, Ravi and Melmar for their dedication and super attention to each need and question that raised during the course. I definitely reccomend Arohan online TTC and I hope I will be able to go to Rikshikesh and meet them personally

Sharon Frasca

from Italy, December 2020

All the instructors are extremely prepared and professional. Always willing to share and help to understand the huge amount of knowledge of their ancient culture. They are always positive and smiley, which helps a lot since the intensity of the course. The books and didactic materials we were provided are understandable and very very interesting and well written.

We didn’t have any issues with the internet connection or using zoom. Everything very clear. Of course it’s a bummer not being able to do this in person, but they tried to make the most of it anyway and they succeeded! Personal feedback of every students have being given very objectively and with a positive attitude. I was impressed by the modesty and incredible knowledge of Neeraj, the accuracy and vigour of Ravi, and Vikas being always smiley and very encouraging. Thanks Zoei (lovely Yin Yoga instructor) for underlining the strength of each one of us. I would do it again 100 times. Super recommended❤️

Hollie Lane

from Great Britain, October 2020

"An amazing experience! "

I feel so grateful to have found this school and could not have started my journey to teaching in a better way! All of the teachers were so enthusiastic, informative, fun and supportive. There was so much time for feedback and asking questions and the group of people I was with were also so fun, kind and keen to attend all lessons and help with eachothers' practical exams! So many materials were supplied in addition to that on the outline, they really can't do enough to help you. I can't recommend them highly enough. If anything they could even charge more! Thank you for everything.

Baaska Gankhurel

from Japan, October 2020

"Great experience "

I joined online 200hour YTT in September. It was great experience. The contents were informative and useful. I learnt many things including three type of yoga, yoga history, philosophy, breathing techniques, cleansing techniques and anatomy. I am very satisfied with the training in every way. We had 4 classes everyday such as three types of yoga and anatomy. Also it is possible to watch recorded lessons. Teachers teaching method and communications were amazing. I really loved them.


from Switzerland, August 2020

It was an amazing experience. The team is very competent and they all have a huge knowledge, while everyone keep their teaching style. I will definitely go back there for the 300 hour training as soon as possible. Highly recommended.


from Netherlands, August 2020

"Really love the deep dive in Yoga, enjoyed the deep knowledg"

The course is much more than yoga poses alone. It is a wholesome understanding of what Yoga is. It has encouraged me to continue my yoga journey and lifestyle. I am in love with it now. Great teachers, great lessons, fantastic information. Highly recommended.

Shannon Jamieson

from Great Britain, August 2020

"Excellent online yoga TTC"

The course was comprehensive and included multiple yoga styles as well as anatomy for yoga and yoga humanities and philosophy which was great for putting everything into context and giving the course a more authentic feeling. The teachers were all very good, very knowledgeable and willing to help with any questions or concerns throughout the course

Sally Willis

from Great Britain, July 2020

"Most amazing experience "

When I signed up for the course I had no idea what to expect. However, doing this course with Arohan Yoga is one of the best decisions I have made. The teachers were all fantastic; they are accomodating, friendly and helpful. My yoga practice has developed enormously with their support. The content of the course was incredibly intensive, in a physical and theoretical sense, and I believe the teacher are really pushing us to reach our potential due to this.

The school has certainly adapted well to the new online teaching that COVID-19 has caused; the course was delivered professionally, it was well structured and we had access to ample resources (books, mantras, powerpoints etc) and Neeraj answered any questions or queries we had very quickly. We had so many live sessions with our teachers that I feel I got to know them very quickly and became comfortable with them which improved the experience massively.

I would highly recommend this beautiful place to anyone who is considering the 200hr YTT, and I hope to have the opportunity to visit in person in the future.

Michiel Stekel

from Netherlands, July 2020

"Amazing Experience!"

All of them are very inspiring and skilled teachers, who give 100% to make sure you understand everything, and do the poses correctly. For me it was an amazing adventure beyond my expectations and I learned so much!

Anne-sophie Gravot

from France, June 2020

"Very grateful! Beautiful experience and training"

I really enjoy the training and the fact that I could study online. It is good to adapt the training to this difficult situation with the corona virus. It was pretty intense but we learnt a lot of things and we also received a lot of very interesting books now to keep studying by ourself which is great. I really enjoyed the yoga humanities class because it really helps understand what is actually the yoga lifestyle. It is not just about posture! We have so much information now to evolve in our own path and I really appreciate that. I am very interesting in all the cleansing techniques that have been taught as well! I will keep studying on my own for sure ! Thanks to the teachers for their generosity, simplicity and humility :)

Ksenia Steed

from Switzerland, June 2020

"Perfect yoga training "

Very happy to have choosen Arohan, very attentive individual approach, great experirnced teachers, very intensive program, traditional yoga practices, family atmosphere. I’ll definitely come back for other programs. Highly recommended!

Sylwia Lemanska

from Great Britain, June 2020

"Online TTC"

I liked everything about the course - the content, yoga sessions and the teachers. This is a very comprehensive and physically demanding TTC well structured and delivered. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in what they teach. Professional and friendly; always happy and ready to help with whatever needed. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do TTC with the Arohan school and I hope to meet all the teachers in person in the near future. Thank you.


from India, April 2021

Good structured program.

Even with my timezone (Mexico) being completely opposite to the live classes all questions were answered within a day.

Ronja Velder

from Indonesia, March 2020

"200 hour yoga teacher training"

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I choose Arohan for my teacher training, but looking back I can confidently say that I’d make the same decision all over again. I was especially impressed with the teachers and the location of the Ashram. The atmosphere during the lessons wasn’t disturbed by outside noise except for some cows, something that I really appreciated because it made focusing on the practice a lot easier. The view from the rooftop made the Hatha classes a million times more special and it was really nice spending the afternoons at the Ganges or in the garden. The food and the house were really nice as well, and Neeraj did everything he could to help us in case we had problems or special requests.

Java Habiba Noach Herce

from Spain, March 2020

"Life changing experience, intense training and great fun!"

The location is calm and beautiful; the venue is very spacious and comfortable; teachers are very human, positive and easygoing; and they all know lots more if you’d like to deepen any part of it; workers openminded and eager to please, the food was super healthy and tasty; we learned from indian yogic culture and philosophy; i feel much stronger and balanced and met lots of interesting people (the classmates) from all over the globe and had lots of fun sharing with them and learned from them also; i also learned about myself there. It was magic to wake up in front of the Ganges river and the mountains and do my breathing exercises watching the sunrise and hearing so many birds!! Then a fun and intense yoga workout before breackfast and theory classes: in the evening more physical yoga training and a bit of creative play after class on the roof admiring the sunrise; met some locals as well, had tome to chill and enjoy the people and some short shopping time round the beautiful Rishikesh center and lots of extras to discover if you attend ;) <3

Victoria Rodriguez Schot

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Excellent course with good vibes."

All the teachers are really professional and caring. I felt very save in the lessons and they always respected my boundaries.

They (especially Neeraj) help you with anything you need.

The place is amazing, it’s very quiet and has stunning views.

Charlotte Stern

from Mexico, March 2020

"Don't go through your life, GROW through your life! :) "

Thank you Arohan team for giving me / so many others the opportunity to GROW! Growing in terms of experience, philosophy, anatomy input, insights in different yoga styles and creating a surrounding in which we could thrive together.

The place- absolutely beautiful. The habitations in ashram and villa, the rooftops and yoga halls, garden area, Ganga Beach, everything we needed was there. The best was the view on the Ganga and that it was not in the crowded part of rishikesh. Peaceful and quite -right environment to learn, practice yoga and meditate. And the best neighbour's inclusive - AJ and VJ we love you! ;)

The food was super delicious. Even the dirty clothes are being washed regularly.

The weekend and extra activities like massage and ayurvedic doctor also fantastic!

The teachers - amazing! Everyone with his own special and authentic personality and teaching style. Answering all the questions, staying even longer until everything was clear.

Thanks neeraj for your patience, fairness, clear instructions and your support at any time!!!

Ravi for making me love Ashtanga, for making us sweat and enjoy practice even though 108 sunsalutations and some asanas are quite challenging ;)

Saajan for your nice way of teaching us so many tough philosophical topics and Sanskrit in such an interesting way, with stories and real life connections.

Vikas thanks so much for your happy energy, the extra time you invested to teach us more and the special cleaning techniques you showed us.

Filip Tichy

from Hong Kong, March 2020

Very nice and quiet place out of noisy city center, great teachers, friendly staff, fully recommend the training at Arohan!

Carly Fitzpatrick

from Thailand, February 2020

"Better than I could have expected "

I was hesitant to sign up for a yoga teacher training for three reasons. First, I am a single female traveler. Second, because I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and didn’t think that yoga could provide me with much more knowledge than gymnastics already had. And third, I am a coach of competitive sports and cardio conditioning and thought that my ideas of fitness may clash with the “yogi” lifestyle. I am happy to say that my experience with Arohan Yoga and all of the instructors enlightened my perception of yoga and created a life-enhancing experience for me (something that I do not say lightly).

I have heard many stories about young females being taken advantage of by “gurus” or male instructors at retreats. The instructors at Arohan were completely professional and genuinely helpful and compassionate. I did not feel preyed upon once. Also, one of their greatest strengths, in my opinion, was never claiming to be gurus. They are very experienced and knowledgeable instructors but do not beg to be idolized. I have great respect for this.

After being a gymnast for so many years and a competitive athlete throughout college, I wasn’t expecting to get much out of yoga. However, I was challenged everyday and I loved it. It was nice to be reminded of the strict discipline of deep stretching and to learn new poses to improve and maintain my flexibility.

Finally, yoga is much more than stretching. It is a lifestyle with a rich history. It will benefit me throughout my life.

Yonatan Chetrit

from Morocco, February 2020

"Memorable times at Arohan"

The community and family of yogis is first and foremost the most special part. Together we created a caring and lovely vibe to practice and ascend our spiritual yogic growth in this place. The teachers are all gems, really caring and disciplined in their practice. The structure and sometimes informal flow of the day was nice. Food is yummy and not super repetitive unless you dislike rice and chappati. And there’s restaurants nearby if you’re really hankering for something else lol. The location is probably the best thing, as it’s quiet and peaceful right on the Ganga beach... seems like most training facilities are in the city center where there’s non stop noise from tuk tuks and people... I couldn’t imagine practicing in a setting like that. The location and price make Arohan a no brainer for your first training!

Denise Ombe

from Mozambique, December 2019

"1month duration/lifetime experience"

The teacher training was really amazing, from the location going to the program passing through the teachers and including the team I found there. Was everything so cozy, realized and learned that there is a whole science behind yoga in and out the mat. Grateful for everything I learned,grateful for the people I met. I took not only new knowledge but also a whole new family,learned that people can actually be good even when they don’t know each other. Teachers that had no trouble sharing their time and knowledge unfortunately we didn’t have more time.Attention in solving our problems

And the location....sooo beautiful never will forget that view. Enjoyed everyday

Vikas very kind and warm soul, always supportive

Saajan one of my favorite teachers couldnt get enough of his classes

Neeraj very professional, eager to share his knowledge

Ravi makes you find strengths (and flexibility) you didn’t know you could.

Sneha so supportive and open always here and there to make our stay as comfortable as it could.

Nadine Gandini

from France, November 2019

"More than what I expected"

I really loved the School! I enjoyed everything: the location (amazing quiet place far from the noise of the city), the kindness of all the people working there and the professionality of the trachers. I fell in love with Ashtanga. Ravi, the teacher, is amazing and he is really able to teach A LOT in less than one month! All the subjects are well-studied and the program is interesting but still easy to undestand from people with no background knowledge. I loved philosophy sooo much! Saajan is a very great teacher, he is always smiling and gives you the most out of his classes. Vikas, tha Hatha teacher, is super nice, he is very experienced and fond of his job, you can see how much he loves it! Neeraj is the owner and he is also teaching anatomy, Iyengar Yoga and Aerial Yoga. He is a man full of knowledge, always willing to learn something new and to share it with his students. I really enjoyed all of his classes, also anatomy, which is really difficult for me, became easy to understand and study! Also a BIG thank you to Sneha, Neeraj's wife, and to the other nice women and men working at Arohan: everybody is super nice, professional, kind and always smiling!

I feel I really got the most out of this School and I am really happy with this choice!

Anna Kuczynska

November 2019

"Great beginning of my yoga teaching experience! "

There are many schools in Rishikesh, it’s hard to choose. You pay less than average at Arohan and you start to doubt. Well, don’t anymore. It’s a very good school and if you open your mind and heart you will have an unforgettable experience.

I read reviews from many schools and people were complaining about too many people, poor organisation, people getting sick. Nothing like that at Arohan!

We were very lucky group of 9 and I’m very greatful for every beautiful soul I met there.

First, the location is perfect. Tucked away from hustle and bustle of the city. You will appreciate it at some point. 100 meters from Ganga beach were you can find the serenity in nature. Or you can get on the rooftop for magic sunrises.

Second, passionate teachers who always give 100%. Very supportive, ready to answer every question. Sneeha, is always there to accommodate your every need. Neeraj is well organised, willing to listen to your feedback and improve. Variety of classes will give you an opportunity to choose the style that suits you. I loved Ashtanga with Ravi.

Lastly, food was delicious. Big portions. Maybe even too big :)

Once again, thank you everyone who is part of Arohan and made my experience very special.

Keep growing


Daniela Corbo

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Amazing 25 days"

Teachers very professional! Location is quiet and you can feel the positive energy all around you.

I learnt a lot and I highly recommend it

Anna Michel

from Germany, October 2019

"Beautiful "

The teachers are amazing, open-minded, and very supportive: a big thank to all of you. They showed us that we are more capable than we think and imparted an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom. They were very patient and always searching for solutions. They considered our straights and weaknesses (mental, cognitive, and physical). At the Arohan Yoga School, I've learned incredible things and beautiful people. Warm and powerful energy surrounded us daily. It is worth to experience this beauty.

Aleksandra Arnuš

from Slovenia, October 2019

"Arohan School is like a family..."


Because they care of you, cook for you, show you beautiful places, teach you practical things for life, helps you... As a member you can be as you are. That is a great union of theory and practice, perfect place to learn with possibilities to grow.

Banjo Harfield

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Core yoga experience. "

Precise teaching methods with well structured syllabus. All teachers went above and beyond to cater to the academic and personal requirements of students when needed. Simple food and accommodation works well with the yogic philosophy to detach from unnessisary wants and cravings of the outside world.

Overall great value, life-changing experience I will never forget. Will be heading back to Arohan for 300hr in the future!

Cara-maria Hirsch

from Germany, September 2019

Charlotte Krekeler

from Malaysia, September 2019

"Loved it!"

I absolutely loved my time at Arohan and can highly recommend this yoga teacher training! The accommodation was really nice right at the ganga with a beautiful rooftop view, big common area and clean spatious rooms. Even the wifi worked pretty well after some initial problems :) In general Neeraj and Sneha always had an open ear for any questions and problems and always did their best to solve them as fast as possible. The food was really nice most of the time, a little repeptitive, but totally ok for 25 days. And the yoga was the best part of course! I think the education you get here is really good, very profound and professional, and all the teachers were amazing in their own way. Ravi makes you sweat a lot and go to your limits and always gets everyone's names wrong but finds his own name for you instead ;) Neeraj with all his dryness is also a super nice and helpful guy and extremely knowledgeable, he also gave us a lot of extra informations and insights into Indian culture which was really cool and of course I'm super grateful that he let me stay for 2 more nights after the course! Saajan is such a sweet kind person who you just can't not love, and Vikas is just amazing, he is the most experienced yogi and very dedicated, he even came earlier sometimes to have more time with us and also after the course. And Sneha who organised excursions, massages, cooking classes and doctor visits is super lovely too :) Thank you all for this amazing time, I will miss you!!

Nadja Van Der Heide

from Thailand, September 2019

"Value for money in Rishikesh "

Professional Indian teachers, amazing peaceful location next to the river, very engaged management, family approach, well balanced active program with insights in Indian culture, great participants in August batch, great Yoha journey!

Diogo De Carvalho

from United States, June 2019

"Real Indian and yogic experience "

Arohan was a very pleasant experience for me (and I can say, for my classmates as well). Teachers they have a very high profile and knowledge! Sneeha was all the time present and helpful in any situation. Neeraj a very professional and straight teacher and school’s owner, Vikas a real guru.

After I finished my 200hrs in this school I did my 300hrs in another school so I can tell for sure that Arohan is a special school in a very blessed place in front of a huge holy Ganges beach. Some small things to increase. Price the best. Thanks for this great learning time


from Argentina, May 2019

the location is perfect because it is far from the center and allows you to enjoy the course without distractions.

The teachers of ashtanga and natha yoga were very good.

the women were fabulous super attentive. I recommend the massage at the end, do not do it in the middle of the course.

Jade Juszkiewicz

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Magical & inspiring "

Practicing yoga on the rooftop overlooking the Ganges at sunrise/sunset was too perfect to explain.

All the instructors are brilliant in their own ways and made the practical sessions exciting, dynamic and inspiring. The different styles of yoga are well balanced in helping decide your preferred style and whilst it is challenging you are fully supported to go at your own pace.

Everything you need to live a yogic lifestyle is provided and Nareej and Sneha went out of their way to accommodate our needs.

I'd highly recommend to anyone wanting to begin their yoga teacher trainer journey.

Kohava Altose

from India, April 2019

Great location right on the Ganges river where it is quiet and peaceful. There are shops close by and it is about 30min from Rishikesh market, 40 min from Laxman Jula. Everything exceeded expectations, from the facilities to the meals. Having a multi style course was very helpful in understanding different aspects of yoga in a deeper way. Anyone looking to be a well rounded teacher or to deepend their practice should absolutely register for Arohan!

Jailan Hadidy

from United Arab Emirates, April 2019

"Wonderful experience at Arohan Yoga"

My stay at Arohan yoga was more than perfect.

Location: The ashram is located in a quiet place with a beautiful view of the Ganga, so you enjoy the peace and quiet during the weekdays but the market is still a very short tuktuk ride away.

Accommodation: Neeraj and Sneha were always there to help with anything we needed and always took immediate action regarding any problems we had. Personally, I felt very comfortable and felt like i was home.

The Teacher training: Loved the course structure, yoga anatomy and philosophy classes were very well organized and informative

The instructors: all of the instructors were extremely dedicated, were very patient with us and our endless stream of questions, and pushed us to be better everyday.

Overall, I highly recommend Arohan Yoga for anyone starting off their yoga teaching journey.

Catarina Teixeira

from United States, April 2019

"I would come back :)"

I loved the place, such beautiful and peaceful place just by the Ganga.. the course was very well structured and rich with all the different subjects and styles. Amazing to have different teachers for different subjects, and super great to have a volunteer that was a student of the previous course, which was able to support us when we have doubts and facilitate when there was communication barriers due to teachers indian accent.

Selma Bambur

from Saudi Arabia, April 2019

Instructors are great, very professional, I learned a lot in 25 days. They were trying their best to make us feel like home, they cared about our needs individually, and I didn’t have single time feeling that this is business. We were all one big family.

Lilley Fam

from United States, March 2019

"What a great expereince"

This was an amazing experience shared with my 16 year old daughter. 1 month was a long time but this family owned/run yoga school was excellent. At first we wanted to be close to town, but after a few visits into town, we appreciated the serenity of the countryside right on the river! If I could do this every year I would. Loved it!

PS - For some reason I couldn't click my rating for Ravi. If I could it would be excellent too. I'm not sure why it wouldn't click.

Jay Thompson

from United States, March 2019

"A life changing experience. "

The program structure was well outlined and adhered to, it made it easier to get into a rhythm and absorb the information. We were taught a very in depth look into human anatomy and how it applies to yoga, the importance of both form and discipline in order to attain higher levels of capability and awareness, and how to maintain a safe space through which we can continue to learn and teach. As a family run school, they do a very good job at making you feel at home, and are willing to work with individual needs in order to provide the best experience possible. I watched as a group of very diverse people came together to learn and to grow, all walking away having learned their art and gained confidence in both their ability to self evolve and to pass on their knowledge to others. I look forward to watching all of my fellow class mates continue to succeed.

Nina Tronhjem

from United States, March 2019

"Becoming a yoga teacher in the most beautiful surroundings"

I've had such a pleasant experience with arohan yoga. The family behind the school and all the staff are absolutely lovely people. The teachers are very talented and supportive in their own way.

Furthermore the area surrounding the school is incredibly beautiful, situated just by the Ganga with forests and mountains in the background. The noisiest things around are birdsong.

I enjoyed every bit of my stay and could I do it over, I would still have chosen this school. Thank you so much for everything!

Andrew Grace

from United States, March 2019

" Arohan"

All instructors engaged and passionate in their presentation. Push you to do what you can and what you think you can not while respecting limits. Philosophy course added so much more to history and intent of yoga practice.

Beyond feeling prepared to teach and further develop practice after this course I most appreciate the cultural education/exchange and friendships gained through my fellow students, instructors/staff, and family at Arohan.

Angie Chantre

from Colombia, March 2019


The school is a great experience. The instructors were fantastic (especially Vikas). They teach with lots of knowledge, intuition, and equal care and concern for each and everyone of the students. Highly recommend.

Clint Hougen

from United States, February 2019

"Challenging and fun YTT alongside the Ganga"

This is a quaint, yet challenging and fun family-run YTT set alongside the Ganges River, just outside the main tourist areas of Rishikesh. The setting is quiet and peaceful. The yoga instruction is very comprehensive - includes asana, pranayama, meditation, cleansing and philosophy lessons. A very intense yet tranquil training - prospective students should be prepared to be challenged both physically and mentally/emotionally. I highly recommend.

Maria Lucia Ammirabile

from Italy, February 2019

"Amazing "

Wonderful experience .. teachers are very competent, they motivate you and bring out the best of you. Also the place is really relaxing. Thanks Arohan for this experience

Grace Manongtong

from Philippines, February 2019


I got to learn a lot here and got feedback to improve myself. Everyone was very accommodating and we tackled a lot of topics and became more knowledgeable about yoga and Indian culture. The area was secluded and we had a great view. It was a fun and unforgettable experience for me.

Andrea Salvador Rojo

from India, December 2019

Muy recomendable, Neeraj, Sneah y el resto de profesores se han portado de maravilla, muy agradables y dispuestos en todo momento a ayudar y enseñar. Es una escuela muy familiar y por ello mismo genial.

Las mejores clases para mi Filosofia, asthanga y hatha, muy completas, super dinamicas. A pesar de que puedes necesitas un par de dias para adaptarte al ritmo, acabaras disfrutando y aprendiendo muchisimo.

Ademas te dan mucho material adicional para completar lo que enseñan en la escuela.

Tambien practicas varias meditaciones y tecnicas de pranayama.

la localización es alejada del centro turistico de la ciudad, lo que es genial para centrarse si es lo que buscas. En tuk tuk llegas en unos 40 minutos o algo mas a Tapovan.

La formacion de 100horas ha sido perfecta para un primer acercamiento al yoga desde un punto de vista mas tecnico, de cara a seguir formandote. Como experiencia personal ha sido preciosa e intensa.

Ademas hicimos una excursion para ver amanecer y el masaje fue de los mejores que he recibido hasta el momento en India.

Muuy recomendable

Violaine Portel

from France, May 2019

"Great experience "

I really enjoyed my stay at Neeraj's yoga school. I've learn a lot and I'am very grateful for this experience.

The teachings are diverses and complementary. The place is nice and peaceful by the Ganga. Everything was beyond my expectation considering the indians standards.

Neeraj and his wife Sheha are very caring and will do all their best to fix whatever problem you may have.

Thank you for everything!


from India, May 2019

Los profesores fueron muy buenos, sabían mucho y lo transmitían con pasión y amor. Seguimiento personalizado

Amaya Delger

from France, May 2019

"Great location for people seeking tranquility "

What I liked:

- Variety and daily schedule of classes: 1. ashtanga at 7am : perfect for beginning the day

2. iyengar/aerial are less intense, and it was perfect to have after ashtanga (before breakfast)

3. anatomy/philosophy classes were rich in content: study in advance required if you want full immersion

4. hatha class was before dinner: perfect way to end the daily practice.

Also, group trips on Sundays were more than enough:-) Everything was perfectly organized.

-Location and people: 1. Mornings were peaceful. Meditation and chanting were nicely practiced on the terraces and rooftop thanks to the river/mountain view and tranquility. 2. Sneeha, Neeraj, Ravi and Vikas were really kind and helpful all the time. Especially, during my unexpected challenging days (was sick for couple of days).

Thank you very much!

Florence Nguyen

from France, April 2019

"Life changing experience"

Great professionalism, great work ethics, my stay in Arohan Yoga exceeded my expectations. I wanted to improve my practice in a safe, reliable and quiet environment. Thanks to Neeraj and Sneha and all their team, I challenged my physical goals like never before and I opened my eyes to a more cultural understanding of yoga. I am now happy to implement the lifestyle in my day to day routine.

The classes take place in a colourful ashram. The meditation hall has a view over the Ganga river. So does the rooftop, which made the evening hatha classes even more special. The rhythm is intense, expect to always take your limits further and further.

I stayed in a private single room with en-suite bathroom, in a very nice villa by to the Ganga. Going to the roof top at 6am to chant my mantras, listening to the flow of the river, watching the birds is a memory I will always treasure.

Last but not least, I also manage to quit cigarettes, coffee and refined sugar.

Thank you for this life changing experience

Pauline Rouif

from Vietnam, April 2019

"Really great value ! "

I am really happy to achieved my YTC 200H with Neeraj and his team.

I spent a really great time there. I learnt about the yoga and myself. I pushed myself and I am very glad about that.

The location is, for me, ideal because quiet, peaceful and the Ganga view is really nice.

The weather during March was perfect for me: not too hot, not too cold. At the end, it became hotter (and mosquitos arrived...).

Neeraj and Sneha are every time present to do their best for the student. Don’t hesitate to talk if you have a problem.

I was afraid about the food (because it’s soooooo important for me) but it makes me happy: not too spicy (comparatively at the Indian typical food), good quantity and good quality.

The massage, the excursions on Sunday, the cooking class were nice moments.

You can also keep in mind that this school is in India. You can’t expect the same thing than in Westerners countries.

The fact to be include in this great and generous family was the most important for me.