Arohan Yoga is a premier yoga school offering yoga teacher training and yoga retreats, having its base in the sacred land of Rishikesh, India.

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Jay Thompson

from United States, March 2019

"A life changing experience. "

The program structure was well outlined and adhered to, it made it easier to get into a rhythm and absorb the information. We were taught a very in depth look into human anatomy and how it applies to yoga, the importance of both form and discipline in order to attain higher levels of capability and awareness, and how to maintain a safe space through which we can continue to learn and teach. As a family run school, they do a very good job at making you feel at home, and are willing to work with individual needs in order to provide the best experience possible. I watched as a group of very diverse people came together to learn and to grow, all walking away having learned their art and gained confidence in both their ability to self evolve and to pass on their knowledge to others. I look forward to watching all of my fellow class mates continue to succeed.

Nina Tronhjem

from United States, March 2019

"Becoming a yoga teacher in the most beautiful surroundings"

I've had such a pleasant experience with arohan yoga. The family behind the school and all the staff are absolutely lovely people. The teachers are very talented and supportive in their own way.

Furthermore the area surrounding the school is incredibly beautiful, situated just by the Ganga with forests and mountains in the background. The noisiest things around are birdsong.

I enjoyed every bit of my stay and could I do it over, I would still have chosen this school. Thank you so much for everything!

Andrew Grace

from United States, March 2019

" Arohan"

All instructors engaged and passionate in their presentation. Push you to do what you can and what you think you can not while respecting limits. Philosophy course added so much more to history and intent of yoga practice.

Beyond feeling prepared to teach and further develop practice after this course I most appreciate the cultural education/exchange and friendships gained through my fellow students, instructors/staff, and family at Arohan.

Angie Chantre

from Colombia, March 2019


The school is a great experience. The instructors were fantastic (especially Vikas). They teach with lots of knowledge, intuition, and equal care and concern for each and everyone of the students. Highly recommend.

Clint Hougen

from United States, February 2019

"Challenging and fun YTT alongside the Ganga"

This is a quaint, yet challenging and fun family-run YTT set alongside the Ganges River, just outside the main tourist areas of Rishikesh. The setting is quiet and peaceful. The yoga instruction is very comprehensive - includes asana, pranayama, meditation, cleansing and philosophy lessons. A very intense yet tranquil training - prospective students should be prepared to be challenged both physically and mentally/emotionally. I highly recommend.

Maria Lucia Ammirabile

from Italy, February 2019

"Amazing "

Wonderful experience .. teachers are very competent, they motivate you and bring out the best of you. Also the place is really relaxing. Thanks Arohan for this experience

Grace Manongtong

from Philippines, February 2019


I got to learn a lot here and got feedback to improve myself. Everyone was very accommodating and we tackled a lot of topics and became more knowledgeable about yoga and Indian culture. The area was secluded and we had a great view. It was a fun and unforgettable experience for me.

Claudia Nicolai

from United Arab Emirates, December 2018

I found the type of humble simple and natural environment I was looking for. I paid for the single room and I unexpectedly received an extra service, which was the creation of my own yoga website for free and with his total assistance. I also loved Sneha daily assistance and help.

Harry Virtanen

from Thailand, November 2018


This reviews name is untitled because i have no words to describe my experience. Neeraj was very helpful to pick me up. Beautiful location and peaceful area next to the ganges. For a person who likes his time for himself/herself this is a blessing.

The accomodation is clean amd spacious with many spots you can chill and practice, study. listening to the ganges and birdsong, bring your guitar or ukulele, the sun is shining. I couldnt ask for more and quite frankly wanted to stay longer.

The teachers and students are like family, we learn and grow together, sometime discuss and argue, laugh and we cry. Its the people that makes this experience.

Pablo Hermoso Dorau

from Spain, October 2018

High qualified and passionate yoga teachers. Aerial yoga was also an unique experience.

The ashram is located in the nature. It is green and a lot of animals to see. You can also hear the river from your room which is pretty relaxing.

Neeraj is the brain of this place. He is the most German guy from India I have met on my journey. I mean this in a good way. He knows how to give the classes structure and you can rely on his word. Whenever you need something he is there for you. Sneha is the heart of this place. She has a really peaceful aura and is always smiling.

For this price you can't expect something better. I totally recommend this school.


from Australia, August 2018

"Interesting yoga training"

I like the location of yoga school, away from the noise of the city, there is fresh air and quiet environment, suitable for Yoga practice; I like the daily vegetable food, very fresh and delicious; I like the teaching methods of yoga teachers, so I will not have a lot of pressure, while learning more professional knowledge;I like Neeraj’s family,they are very friendly,show us a lots of temples and India cuture.

Rebecca Best

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"Review of Arohan Yoga "

Enjoyed the Ashtanga class with Ravi in the morning along with the evening class with Vikas in the afternoon.

Food and location are very good. Location is outside the center of Rishikesh (approx 10km) so is a calm and peaceful environment to study in.

Neeraj is a very good host and made our stay very comfortable. He was quick to respond to any questions and took time to show us around some of the local sights in his car. He also took the time to sit with us and answer any questions we had.

He provided us with a lot of reading material and took us on a trip to see a waterfall which was a lot of fun.

Ramesh provided us with plenty of delicious and nutritious satvik food and was very friendly.

Breana Daugherty

from United States, July 2018

"Amazing experience..."

Great food, incredible yoga, kind instructors, great philosophy discussions.

Boris Arons

from Germany, January 2018

It is wonderful to practic hatha yoga so many hours a day,

The teachers do what they teach,

It is very interesting to study the yoga related philosophy,

A quiet part of the Ganges was very close,

We had every thing we needed

Emily Baxendale

from Australia, January 2018

"Amazing genuine yoga school"

Arohan Yoga is a terrific yoga school. I can't praise them highly enough nor thank them for the experiance. Was truly amazing. Neeraj is the most genuine honest person youll find, he took such care and interesting into our personal practice and development. He has provided my with years more of content to ensure i can continue in my progress and futher my knowledge of yoga. He gave us advice on any topic needed, weather it was relevant to yoga or simply any part of our life or career. Very knowledgeable teachers and very fun as well. I have a great time duing my teacher training and learnt so much because of them! Anatomy, physiology and phylosophy was such a bonus, much more indepth then imagined. I will carry what i learnt with me for the rest of my life.

The location was beautiful and quiet. Accommodation well above the standard in India.

Although Arohan yoga is relativly new, what they lack in experiance, they make up for in effort and a positive attitude, going above and beyond what was expected.

On days off we were taken around the city and taken on acitivites. Everything you can imagine was included.

I would 100% recommend to a friend and will be back to do my 300 hrs!

Tom Haderer

from Austria, November 2018

Great experience, the place was super nice and the teachers were really awesome. I learned a lot. Would definitely do it again

Neeraj and Sneha were always supportive of whatever the requests were. Thank you again for that amazing experience. I am super happy.

Lorena De La Barreda Loza

from Spain, June 2018

"Excelente es una experiencia que volvería a repetir con ello"

Todo las clases muy buenas, los instructores dedicados, resolvían dudas nos dieron mil tips, me voy con un excelente sabor de boca feliz por haberlo hecho en la cuna del Yoga. Gracias por todo y nos vemos pronto!!! Ramesh es un excelente cocinero y anfitrión siempre al pendiente y nos consentía.

Wow me voy fascinada!

Helen Hancock

from Hong Kong, November 2018

The yoga practice.

Mansi Shah

from India, May 2018

Yoga and its practice.. Yoga teachers were great !!!!!

Testimonials (3)

Cynthia Lockhart

Arohan Yoga website

My experience and training with Arohan Yoga School at Rishikesh will always remain with me as a life-changing way. It was one of the most rewarding moments in my life. I took admission as a fresher but now I have a lot of confident & experience of yogic life. The instructor Sneha helped me every time when I go down. But finally, I got the opportunity to reinforce faith and balance in myself and to interact with so many warm, wonderful individuals.

Stephen Astle

Arohan Yoga website

I just became a certified yoga instructor after completing my training at Arohan Yoga. In my hometown, I learned yoga in a local yoga studio but was not satisfied as I knew yoga was much more than just practicing poses and breathing exercises. After a brief research on the net, I made up my mind to visit Rishikesh, India for a certified yoga course. I inquired few of the yoga schools in Rishikesh and finally shortlisted the Arohan Yoga as I find it affordable and liked the profile of its masters. The way the management received us and finding the students from across the world have assured me that I made a right decision by choosing this school.


Arohan Yoga website

For me learning yoga in India is one of the unforgettable experiences of my life. I was already impressed with diversity in Indian culture and traditions and now again quite happy after spending almost one month of my life at Arohan Yoga with the cooperative management and compassionate yoga masters. The training not only helped me in realizing me my true potential but also taught that how we can lift our society by being more compassionate and following a yogic lifestyle. Westerners who never visited India, for them enrolling for yoga course in India definitely would be a smart way to experience the culture, taste the cuisines and see the beautiful natural locations of the country.