Bern, Switzerland

Aroga is a school that stresses mastery of body, to the message of Oneness of Guru Nanak and Yoga as a practice to be earned through 'jap' and 'tap'.

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  • Susie A.

    Aroga website

    It really was a pleasure and a privilege to meet you all and to share our days in the Dolomites together. I have very many great memories ️ Funny, serious, quiet, loud, silly and sensible. I have been practising some of your excellent yoga pose suggestions and breathing exercises Gurdeepak, which has been great so far! We also incorporated all the hearts and love you helped us to focus on in the Dolomites, Christel.

  • Alison G.

    Aroga website

    I had a truly fantastic time in the mountains with everyone and am so grateful for the group we had. It was just all so simple and easy. You're all great. I achieved what I wanted from the week that was to switch the world off for a few days and re-focus on the important stuff. I came away clearer, refreshed and energised. I also learnt something from every one of you (as well as the mountains, the elusive edelweiss and the murmelis) so thank you all. My task will be to apply what I've learnt and make it an everyday reality.

  • Christa B.

    Aroga website

    I am back home but still with the beautiful memories of relaxing week (perceived three weeks) in the Dolomites. I would like to thank you and Gurdeepak for this lovely time. Your understanding and loving care has meant that I have dared do things that I had already written off. It would be nice if the recovery would last until the next trip. But eventually it would succeed with five hugs every morning.

  • Monika R. Germany

    Aroga website

    Dear Christel, A big thank you for the wonderful days in the Dolomites, for your loving, caring and cheerful nature. It was the best thing I experienced at break in the last 20 years. Best wishes to Chilli. Greetings from Bamberg.

  • Elisabeth B.

    Aroga website

    Liebe Christel, lieber Gurdeepak, ihr seid two beeindruckende Persönlichkeiten mit professionellem Hintergrund. Ihr habt uns auf sehr achtsame und liebevolle Weise begleitet, und seid sehr individuell auf die unterschiedlichen Bedürfnisse eingegangen. Die internationale Zusammensetzung der Gruppe war spannend, lehrreich und sehr humorvoll! Danke euch beiden!

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