ArborazOm Yoga

Alajuela, Costa Rica

ArborazOm Yoga celebrates abundance, unity, and vitality through yoga, dance, meditation, mindfulness, retreats, and playing with life's roller coaster.

Reviews 3

    • Mimi

      BookYogaRetreats website

      How fortunate to catch at least part 2 of Ken Reed's talk in Santa Barbara My questions of the moment were supported, answered by this plain clothed Sage.

    • John K.

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I am deeply grateful for the introductions you have given me in my life with amazing men. You are an inspiration.

    • Samuel Avital, Author Body Speak, Teacher Le Centre Du Silence

      BookYogaRetreats website

      A real treasure of practical wisdom and valuable golden nuggets of words.

    Testimonials 3

    • Patricia

      ArborazOm Yoga website

      As a result of regularly attending Jodis classes, I have much more flexibility in my body and am able to breathe more freely. What I love most about Jodis classes is that she encourages each person to do what they can in that moment and not compare with other students. Also, I de-stress. I would absolutely recommend her classes to others as there are many physical benefits, and the way Jodi teaches is very unique.

    • Vanessa

      ArborazOm Yoga website

      I have seen a multitude of benefits from Jodis yoga classes including: I sleep better, I relax, I eat healthier, Im a little more flexible, I breathe better, and I have a better posture. What I like most about the classes is that in every class different asanas are developed, and Jodi is very creative. I would recommend the classes to others because of the mind, body, spirit benefits that I have experienced.

    • Angela Cleveland

      ArborazOm Yoga website

      Jodi ended each class with a guided meditation that melted any and all stresses and I felt closer to wellness / wholeness at the end of each class. Jodi was a great yoga teacher. I highly recommend Jodi's yoga class.

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