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Shri Govinda Niranjan

Masha Radha

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Marcelina Drozd

from Germany, May 2019

"Great learning experience "

I learned a lot during this one week of training with Shri Govinda Niranjan. What I appreciate the most is that it gave me a totally new outlook on yoga and my practice. The training challenged me a lot in the beginning as I had to change the way my body was used to move. I am inspired now to learn and discover yoga even more. I will for sure use what I've learned in my teaching and practice. Shri Govinda has a vast knowledge on the subject and I used this opportunity to ask a lot of questions, which he happily answered.

Patricio Adrian Manduca

from India, September 2018

"Amazing and very nourishing experience for body and soul!!"

We had an amazing and very nourishing experience for body and soul at the 6 day Yoga Kundalini (Hatha Tantra) retreat in Rishikesh. The course was very rich in content offering us the possibility to experience a complete trainning for our physical bodies and deeper levels under the guidance of our insightful teacher Yogui Swami Krishna Govinda. He has deep subject knowledge and experience which he imparts in a very clear and concrete way. It felt great listening to him as he explained quite complex concepts in very down to earth and practical way. He was very open to questions and always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who was ready to learn. Also his Applied Therapeuthic Yoga Method that took into account the different limitations and posssiblities of each of our bodies enabled us to have a great yoga learning practice. Nammastay Homestay was also awesome with very clean comfortable rooms, a nice and helpful staff and great food. Thank you very much for this wonderful and enlightening experience!!