APL Shamanic Journeys offers yoga and traditional shamanic retreats where you can step into the world of Amazon shamanism.

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6 Day Ayahuasca Retreat with Yoga in Yucatán

August 13-18, 2022 | August 20-25, 2022
    from US$1,800
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    Anael Rojas


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    Pascale Laxy

    from Germany, September 2021

    "I am in love and gratitude overflow"

    APL offered me a shortcut to heaven. I never worked that intense on myself and it was so worth it. within one week i became a total different person: the real me. I left all trauma and pain behind and i received a glow that cant be described by words. I met the kindest, smartest and most loving people.

    Apl is making sure that you are seen, heard and SAFE. Every single detail is perfectly curated with so much love. You can literally experience the cooks unique love to food or the sweetest angel touch by the massage ladies.

    I never felt so special in my whole life.

    My most recently felt feelings during the retreat: gratitude, love, joy, pain, connection, devotion, surrender, being honored, open hearted, contentment, calmness, patience, peace, tenderness, honesty, abundance, overflow, giving, receiving, wisdom, detatchment, luck, grace, pride, light

    During the retreat i was able to experience how much this event is already affecting my life. I got so many messages from people i love. My mum told me that she is beyond proud of me and that she loves me so much. After the last ceremony i took time to express my love for the people around me. Especially those ones where i found it challenging. God, the response was incredible. My heart is wide wide open. I am bathing in my own grace and beauty.




    from United States, November 2021

    "Heaven on Earth "

    I can’t find words to describe my experience, but I will try.

    Before the retreat, I was in a dark and lonely place in my heart and soul. I felt empty inside. The journey was not easy for me and it took a lot of hard work, determination and soul searching. But in the end, my heart is full of light, love and gratitude. Where before I felt empty, loneliness and despair, I now feel Heaven’s light shining on me.

    I want to say Thank You to all the APL team members for a job well done. You’ve exceeded all my expectations!


    from Portugal, November 2021


    By far the most profound retreat experience of my life, and I've been on several. The location, accommodations, staff, quality of food and genius of the shaman created a safe, care-taking environment that facilitated healing on the deepest levels. Amanda, Boris, and Sasha (founders) are involved in every single step of the process and every retreat participant was authentically cared for throughout the journey. The quality of the medicine is unsurpassed and the space where the ceremonies took place in was warm, beautiful and comfortable. I can't imagine any organization that can deliver an experience anywhere close to this - extraordinary, life-changing... there are not enough words. Highly recommended.


    from Great Britain, November 2021

    " Containing and Caring Healing"

    I found this one of the most profound experiences of my life. The atmosphere that Boris and Amanda and Sacha created was unique in it's caring and professionalism alongside spiritual loving. Everything they did was so considered, the preparation for the ceremonies was so thoughtful and sacred.

    They made my experience so wonderful and I will take what I learned from these last few days along with me for the rest of my life. I hope to return for another time and it has truly changed my life. I have been waiting for this for a long time and it was worth it. It exceeded my hopes and expectations and I will take this healing with me forever.

    Caitlin Harmsen

    from Spain, July 2021

    "Amazing experience"

    The most beautiful location, kindest facilitators and nicest group made this truly a magical week. Best spended money in my life. No other words needed :)

    Patrick Stirn

    from Sint Maarten, September 2019

    "Unexpected journey and experience "

    Thank you for all of you, this journey was an unforgettable learning experience. I Hope I will do it again soon to be able to go deeper with the ayahuasca.