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Nirav Thomas

Artemis Aarti Doyle

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I have a feeling that if I hadn't come on this trip I would have struggled a lot more in India! There is no way that I could have experienced this much and learned so much about this culture if I had been alone and now, I've been given the tools and know how and I feel like I could truly do it alone. Everyone is just so light and joyful and playful - people just aren’t so serious here. I don’t know if I would have been able to see this if it hadn’t been for this tour.


Anuttara Ashram website

I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in exploring the world in a safe and exciting space with people who really know what they’re doing. When I first arrived I felt overwhelmed by all of the people, food and noise but Aarti & Nirav gave me the tools I needed to face the challenges.


Anuttara Ashram website

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Get out of your box, out of your belief systems, work out your blockages and just see another culture, a new environment. See how other people work with each other with another focus in their life (spirituality, religion and love) another focus that goes beyond planning everything and just letting life flow. I think it’s good for everyone, old people, children everyone should experience this.

They are so natural here, they know how western people think but they also have been to India so much and know how Indian’s think. They show you places you’ll never see on another tour, where to eat, where to get healthy things, temples, different gurus, where you can do yoga, even just the general overview is incredibly helpful because it can be really overwhelming here at first. Really they’re also really amazing people so that’s a bonus too.


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Friends had told me stories of India that had intimidated the dickens out of me! So somehow I had been living with this strange sense of what India was, but now that I have been here I am so excited to have come. And especially the guides that we had, they gave us a window into so many areas of the culture, so many levels of spirituality, guiding us through the people and mayhem and chaos. Which seemed to be a lot of chaos at first but then seemed to become an orchestrated and enjoyable chaos with their help.

a traveler

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My favourite part is that I came away more connected to Self.