Anjenaya Yoga Studio

Occidental, California, United States

Anjenaya Yoga Studio offers a variety of affordable yoga classes, styles, and their schedule is always evolving.

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    • Christie

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      I feel so fortunate that I was able to attend Jenay's yoga retreat in Iceland last week. I have never had a burning desire to see Iceland, but I had been wanting to learn more about yoga. It just so happened there was one opening left for this retreat.

      Jenay was an incredible teacher who simplified each movement with her words. Besides a few incidences of my needing to peek at a fellow yogi to see if I was attempting the moves correctly, Jenay's words of direction made the practice seem effortless. Jenay frequently came over to enhance my awkward pose, and I immediately felt the difference - in a good way!

      My experience in Iceland with this retreat was magical. Iceland was eye candy with it's breathtaking natural "wonders." From waterfalls to thermal hot springs, glaciers, and hiking trails everywhere, there was never a shortage of things to do. It felt good to have my body totally exhausted at the end of each day --- all the while looking forward to Jenay's gentle voice lulling me in the evening's Restorative Yoga.

      Not only were the yoga classes amazing, so were the people who attended. I enjoyed getting to know each of them and hope that we are on a retreat together again in the near future. I have so many fun memories - the favorite being our Dance Party in the street. One evening after returning from dinner in town, I requested that Jenay and her sister put on some "oldies" music. I was happily singing along when others in the van started to chime in. Those under 50 and those over 50 all seemed to enjoy this music. When I mentioned that I would like to dance, Jenay stopped our van in the middle of the road and told us to get out for a Fire Drill. She turned up the music and we danced in the streets!! The Icelandic horses found us quite entertaining.

      Anywhere Jenay goes, I hope to be there too!

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