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6 Days Meditation Yoga Inner Journey Retreat in Cambodia

  • Angkor Bodhi Tree, House No. 227, Slorkram Village, Slorkram Commune, Angkor Siem Reap,Cambodia


Yoga Holiday in Cambodia

Come and join us for a journey of complete pleasure, rejuvenation and inner peace. This is the perfect environment for those at the beginning of their spiritual journey, anyone wanting to find peace or just simply wanting to escape the daily grind. We have unique energy that cannot be experienced anywhere else.


  • A private meditation class
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • A holistic well-being treatment and full body oil massage
  • Day tour of the temples in Angkor Archaeological Park
  • 1 exclusive spiritual tour and Moto Mystery tour
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Vegetarian food

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Dorm rooms

We have two dorm rooms; one male and one female, each can accommodate 4 people. Both rooms have their own private ensuite with hot & cold showers. Beds are king sized singles, 2 in a large wooden double bunk and 2 as stand alone beds. Both rooms have fans, A/C and access to free Wi-Fi.

Private room

Guests can have their own room, king size bed, or a room with 2 beds (1 x double and 1 x single) with private ensuite, hot and cold showers. These rooms have fan, AC, and free Wi-Fi.

  • 06:45 - Wake up (Guests are welcome to wake up earlier to do their own practice if they wish)
  • 07:00 - Meditation
  • 08:00 - Yoga class; Vinyasa Yoga (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). Stretching session (Wednesday). Hatha Yoga (Friday). Classes are held at 09.00 on Saturday (stretch session) and Sunday (Hatha yoga) All classes are open to non-residential guests and are optional for residential guests.
  • 09:30 - Breakfast followed by free time to enjoy the Kingdom of Wonder
  • 18:00 - Yoga class ; Yin Yoga (Monday abd Friday). Hatha Yoga (Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday). Kundalini yoga (Thursday & Saturday). All classes are open to non-residential guests and are optional for residential guests.
  • 19:30 - Dinner
  • 20:30 - Meditation session (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Saturdays at 16:00
  • 21:30 - Self time

Angkor tour

While in Siem Reap, a visit to Angkor Wat temples is a must see. We offer a private tuk tuk (up to 4 people) with a day to go at your own leisure – this is an easy way to see one of the seven man-made wonders of the world. If you would like you have an early start to your day you can watch the sun rise over the towers of beautiful Angkor Wat.

Banteay Srey and Kbal Spean plus Banteay Samre, or just Banteay Srey and Banteay Samre tour

These sites are 37 kilometres and 49 kilometres, respectively, away from the Centre of Siem Reap. Just getting there provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside that Cambodia has to offer. You can take a 50-minute walk to the thousand Lingas carved into the rocky riverbed at Kbal Spean, or just visit the two temples. If you wish, on the way home you can visit the Land Mine Museum, an NGO supporting the clearing of land mines, which still pose a danger to many Cambodians living in rural areas, and are still creating new land mine victims.

Bicycle hire 3 USD per day donation

Hire a bike from us and go for a ride along the river, or into the town centre of Siem Reap for some shopping, or to meet friends for a coffee! Town is just a 10-minute ride away, and this is a great way to get around the area, and watch the local people of Siem Reap go about their day-to-day activities. There are no hills around so the ride is also very easy.

Kulen Mountain tour

This beautiful mountain area with a waterfall and swimming hole is a popular destination for Khmer families to visit for a picnic on their days off. Whilst you are here you can visit the 1000 Linga, the Big Sleeping Buddha and enjoy a refreshing swim in the waterfall.

Monk chats and blessings

Monks visit regularly. A great way to learn a little about Buddhism is to talk with a Buddhist monk who is more than willing to share their wisdom.

If you would like to experience a monk blessing, please let us know. There are a few different types of blessings that the monks are happy to perform for you.

Talk with either Margo or Stephen to find out which one will suit your needs, and they will be happy to organize it at a time that suits you. There is a small cost involved in arranging a monk blessing which includes a donation to the Monks for their time.

Moto Mystery tour

See where no other foreigners go or know about in Siem Reap. Jump on the back of one of our guided motor bikes (safety helmets are provided) and see the countryside, visit local villages and old pagodas along the way. A highlight for all our guests.

Spiritual tour

Experience an afternoon with an English-speaking monk who will share his knowledge of Buddhism with you and also his own life as a monk living here in Cambodia. You will visit 2 pagodas, receive a blessing, and have plenty of time to talk with a monk. You will learn a little about the life of the Buddha through the beautiful pictographs at a pagoda, and then be witness to the evening chanting with the monks.

This tour can be done by tuk tuk or car. You will depart the Bodhi Tree at around1.30 pm and return around 5.30 pm. Cost includes refreshments and the gifts and donation for your blessing.

Tour the floating village, Chong Khneas

This is the floating village at the edge of the lake closest and most accessible to Siam Reap. This village has both Khmer and Vietnamese families living amidst the floating markets, clinics, schools, restaurants and other businesses found in a village. This village is about 12 kilometers away from the town centre.

Tour the stilted village Kampong Phluk

This is a village on the flood plains of Tonle Sap Lake, a home to families who live on one of the most abundant inland fisheries in the world. A visit here by boat gives an insight into a different way of life in another world – flooded mangrove forests, houses rising up on stilts 6 meters above the ground. This village is about 20 kilometers away from the town centre. On your way there you can enjoy the spectacular changing countryside as you move from a built up cityscape into the more rural and farming areas of Siam Reap.

Visit local attractions

Visit Phasa Leur - the very large and very interesting local markets out on Highway 6, the Old Markets in the centre of town, attend the Beatocello concert on Saturday nights and learn the history local children’s hospital, roam around the Angkor National Museum and discover more about the temples, watch local arts & crafts being made at Artisan Angkor along Sok San Road, walk through the very special “Made in Cambodia Markets” at the rear of the Shinta Mani Resort, satisfy your thirst and/or your hunger at one of the many restaurants and cafes in and around the Pub Street area.


As part of your spiritual journey, we encourage you to share our passion for the Khmer people and help this developing community by volunteering your time and skills with one of the schools that we support where the poor children of Siem Reap are taught English for free. Work with the monks to educate and brighten the future for the Khmer children.

West Baray tour

Go for a 'Cambodian picnic' at West Baray, just 13 kilometers away from the town centre. Enjoy a scenic tour around the West Baray area; taking in the day-to-day life of the Cambodian people living in the surrounding villages, and the beautiful countryside of this area. Hire a picnic area, complete with hammocks, and spend the day eating Khmer street food such as grilled chicken or fish, or take a pre prepared picnic lunch instead. Have a swim in the very large, and very beautiful man-made lake that is part of the Angkor Archeological Park.

Spa treatments can be arranged on request

  • A chat with a monk and a monk blessing
  • A day touring the majestic Angkor Wat temples
  • A healing treatment e.g. Reiki, Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, etc
  • An amazing meditation on a Phnom Kroum as the sun sets
  • An exclusive spiritual tour
  • Breakfast and dinner daily (Vegetarian)
  • Free transfer to the retreat from bus station, airport, or another hotel in Siam Reap
  • Full body oil massage
  • Special mystery tour
  • Yoga, meditation and stretch classes every day
For information about the booking conditions, please send Angkor Bodhi Tree an inquiry.
  • Review by Marie Steiding from Stockholm. Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "This is a super place to stay when in Siem Reap as it gives you the best of two worlds - meditation, yoga and the opportunity to explore Siem Reap. I was welcomed by the staff in this small and well looked after center, they were always at hand for questions and to help. "


    "This place offers meditation and yoga in a beautiful sala, with different kinds of yoga which i like, so you get to try different styles. Yoga was followed by a very nice breakfast and in the evening a relly good dinner. The food I had at Angkor Bodhi Tree was very good, you could taste the is was made with love and devotion."


    "I appreciate that Angkor Bodhi Tree make it possible to arrive and depart whenever, and join their schedule as it suits you. "


    "Angkor Bodhi tree is situated walking distance to the city center, a small center easy to explore and get around. Lots of small cafes and restaurants, shops and a market. "


    "There are plenty of things to do and see near and around Siem Reap. Don't miss to do Angkor Wat, it is a big area with lots to explore. Next time I arrive I will make sure to have time to see the country side as well. ", edited

  • Review by Julia W from Dubai, UAE
    10 out of 10

    "I booked at Bodhi Tree looking to relax and practice yoga with some friends, but I received something much more wonderful. From the moment my three friends and I were picked up from the airport by tuk-tuks, we knew we were on an adventure. We were warmly greeted at the resort by Stephen and a delicious cup of tea. We stayed in a dorm room which was very basic and rustic. It was clean enough, but honestly, coming from Dubai we felt a little apprehensive as we unpacked. Any uncertainties though were quickly let go of. There is a beautiful energy in this place that you can't help but be filled with. The meals are prepared and served with love that comes through in the taste. They are enjoyed with your host and other guests around a large family table. Meal time was a wonderful time to hear about other's journeys and reflect on our own. The calming morning meditations were the perfect way to start the day. There was a nice variety of yoga styles and instructors which taught us a lot."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Jordan B from Toronto, Canada
    10 out of 10

    "My girlfriend and I stayed at Bodhi tree in late May for 4 nights and cannot say enough good things about this place. The hosts, Margo & Stephen, are warm, personable, wise and soooo helpful. They answered all our emails promptly before arrival and during our stay they helped to arrange and advise on tours, tuk tuks, city markets etc. The Khmer staff are also wonderful, friendly and patient. We came with minimal yoga (less than 40 classes each) and meditation (on and off for 5 years and gf basically none) background and really enjoyed all the sessions. The meals are healthy and delicious. The private double room was spacious, comfortable and nicely air conditioned. The resort is in a quiet, peaceful part of the city while being only minutes from the core night life by tuk tuk. We came to Siem Reap with nothing planned except our flight in and 4 nights booked at Bodhi Tree. 5 days later we consider Siem Reap among our best experiences abroad. We ended up doing 2 days of temples, the circus, the night market, and a few of the tours offered by Bodhi Tree. The mystery tour is a must in our opinion, especially if you are only doing Siem Reap and or Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The spiritual tour was also a very unique and rewarding few hours. I can only say that we are sad we could only stay the 4 nights and that this place is on the other side of the world from our home! A great base for a visit to Siem Reap where you can meet wonderful people from across the world, get a taste of the local culture and cultivate your own practice of self care."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Traveler from HK, China
    10 out of 10

    "I discovered Bodhi Tree the first day I arrived in Siem Reap and immediately felt I'd found a temporary home & family. I can't say enough about the classes, the retreat, and most of all the people. Although I wasn't staying there, I was drawn there almost everyday for a class, meditation practice or treatment. The yoga & meditation might be what first brings you there (and it's great for both beginners or advanced) -- but Stephen & Margo's passion for the retreat and for the Khmer people is what keeps you coming back. They work closely within the community so have rare insight into S.R. you'll find hard to get anywhere else -- the breathtaking people and places off-the-beaten-path. Finally, Jan Gelderloos is a neuro-muscle-therapist at Bodhi-Tree and is quite simple the "man-with-the-magic-hands". Within one session my bad shoulder had improved dramatically, and I achieved more in 4 sessions with Jan then I had with months of physio at home. If you want to deepen your yoga practice and healing, while also experiencing the heartfelt magic of Siem Reap within a wonderful "retreat-family". I can't recommend Bodhi Tree enough."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Liam Downing
    10 out of 10

    "I can't thank everyone enough. The kindness and information provided throughout my stay was perfect. The ability to sit and have breakfast or dinner with the teachers meant I learnt so much. The food was great and the classes where scalable to fit in with everyone's level. I would recommend to anyone and will be returning very soon. "

    January 2016, BookYogaRetreasts website, edited

  • Review by Stephanie from Sydney, Australia
    8 out of 10

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Angkor Bodhi Tree. Margo and Stephen looked after us beautifully. I loved the sense of community and the yoga classes were wonderful, as was the food. The mystery bike tour was a highlight. They also organised us with a guide for Angkor Watt, which really enhanced this experience."

    November 2015, website, edited

  • Review by Muriel Cressot
    10 out of 10

    "Margo and Stephen knows definitely how to make you feel comfortable. Always smiling and helpful, the staff will be there for you if you need anything. It’s a very charming place to stay, if you are solo or even a bunch of people. I stayed there 5 nights and had NO problems with AC, hot water, or the kind of troubles you can face in some hotels.Yoga classes, meditations and the food : just WOW :) Every night when you go to bed, you just can’t wait to wake up in the morning to attend to the meditation and yoga class and to eat this homemade / original breakfast! All the teachers have their own style of practicing yoga. Some people may not like it, so just remember that learning different experiences is always good. TBH, I arrived there in bad conditions as I have lost a member of my family only 2 months ago. I can guarantee that when I left the place, I felt completely different (in a good way:)). As well, Cambodian and the Monks you will meet there, gives and brings you something… hard to describe the feeling but it’s very positive. Thank you to all of you; Margo, Stephen, Surri, Savath (my favorite Monkey), … for what you have given, thoughts and messages you have transmitted.‎"

    March 2016. website, edited

  • Review by Stevie Tyler
    10 out of 10

    "Bodhi Tree was an amazing place. It is a place of calm and serene relaxation, a real oasis in Siem Reap. The food is delicious, the rooms are comfortable and the team who run it are friendly and smart. Margo and Stephen greet you like old friends, and take the time to get to know you and make you feel hugely welcome. The yoga classes are diverse and interesting - so I had a chance to try styles of yoga that were new to me. I couldnt recommend this place highly enough, whether you're experienced or new to yoga, it would work for you. "

    February 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Meredith C from Alice Springs, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Margo and Stephen were wonderful hosts eager to ensure you get the most out of your stay. The Mystery Tour is highly recommended. I saw beautiful scenery not observed on other tours. The Yoga available every day and suitable for all range of experience was great. Breakfast and dinner are part of the tariff and are vegetarian and delicious which as a vegan I really appreciated."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Bronita from Sydney, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Walking into Angkor Bodhi Tree feels like coming home, or like a cool salve for your soul after a day of trekking through temples. I stayed here for 5 nights in November, and Margo and Stephen made every effort to make myself and my fellow traveler at home. With their wonderful staff and teachers and connections, I felt like I had an instant community of friends welcoming me to Siem Reap!The food provided is wonderful, and nourishing, and the option of extra treatments is a wonderful extra service. The rooms are lovely and the whole place gives off a feeling of relaxed calm.Every yoga class was thoroughly enjoyable, and I was so pleased that I was able to try some new types of yoga whilst staying here, that I had never had the opportunity to try in my home town.I feel as though you could visit Siem Reap just to take a break from life at Angkor Bodhi Tree, but the retreat also makes an ideal base to explore the temples, and surrounding regions. I wish we would have had more time to spend being shown around the area by Margo and Stephen, hopefully next time! They did a wonderful job of sharing all their local knowledge with us.I am already hoping to be able to return again soon, having already visited Siem Reap twice, this time I'll be coming back just to visit Angkor Bodhi Tree! I definitely can recommend Angkor Bodhi Tree Retreat if you are looking to connect in a different way during your stay in Siem Reap. Thank you so much! "

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Diannah from Barcelona, Spain
    10 out of 10

    "I have spent 5 nights in Siem Riep at Angkor Bodhi Tree and from the first moment I felt like home. Margo and Stephen made me feel like home from the moment I have arrived and were extremely helpfull for the entire stay. All staff are extremely charming and welcoming and the retreat is a peaceful place where you can do Yoga classes and nurture your soul. It was for sure a different experience that everything you find when travelling and I am extremely happy for all the amazing people I have met there. If I am ever going back to Siem Riep this is the place I will definitely stop for a couple of days. "

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Clair M
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed here for 5 nights and it was a great experience. I originally booked 3 nights but I extended as I didn't want to leave. Margo and Stephen are a great couple- it feels like you are staying with a family. The food is great and the ethos is lovely and inviting. The yoga is great, there are lots of different types, which I loved trying. The meditation was really good, I have tried mediation before and I found the type of meditation at the Bodhi Tree really relaxing and engaging. Stephen takes the morning meditation and he creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere. I stayed in one of the down stairs rooms which was lovely; comfy bed, good Shower, air con and nice furniture for organizing your stuff. In addition to all this, the food is amazing and really healthy. I used the tuk tuk drivers to go to Angkor Wat and they were great drivers; cautious and slow- I felt very safe. To top off a great week I joined a birthday celebration on my last night. Margo and Stephen had organized it for one of the Cambodian staff, they are very good to their staff. It was a fab night and I was included in the celebration like I was part of the family! Overall a fun, relaxed and just all round lovely place. "

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Illawarra Steelers from Newcastle, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "We loved our stay at Angkor Bodhi Tree. This is not a five star resort; thank goodness. If you want a accommodation and experiences that are unique, with the opportunity to immerse yourself in health, balance and have local experiences, stay here. We enjoyed the morning rituals of meditation, yoga, juice and yummy breakfast. This was my husband's first experiences of yoga and meditation and he loved it. A safe place to try yoga for the first time.Margo and Stephen made this feel like a home away from home. Staying with them provided access to opportunities we would not have otherwise had, like visiting and being involved with local schools and the community they have created around the retreat. We enjoyed meeting their friends and colleagues and sharing stories.Through Margo and Stephen we accessed places and experiences off the well beaten tourist trail, the Khmer aerobics and mystery tour were particular highlights.The rooms are lovely and have everything you need, however we didn't spend much time in the room. There are relaxing common areas and so much in Siem Reap and surrounds to explore. The Bodhi Tree was a convenient place to base ourselves.I would go back, without hesitation. Thank you Margo, Stephen and your amazing team."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jeanette and Bill Mac from Cowes, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "My wife talked me into visiting this place as I was looking for something to keep me fit after developing knee problems. I wasn't keen but decided to give it a go. Yoga twice a day for 3 days plus meditation morning and night. Ye gods keep fit? Absolutely fantastic. I can't run, jump or skip to keep up my fitness but now I've found out some of the yoga exercises were excellent for core strength and get the old heart pumping and my knees hardly bothered me (The instructors knew of my problem and I was aware of them keeping their eye on me).But the most surprising revelation was the meditation. There were a number of different instructors with different slants but all were excellent. Talk about an epiphany - as a fidgety over active type I have never felt so calm; it really does work!!! Even tried it out after at our next hols location, sitting by the pool. Calm, serene, rested, revived.But that's not all. The veggie meals were an absolute treat (can't remember what any of them were called, but my wife now has the recipes). Beautiful brekkie including a delicious omelette after our morning sessions and some gorgeous healthy evening meals.As well as the delightful Marg and Stephen, the other staff were a treat and so ultra-helpful with advice and especially the magnificent chef and her number 2.If you are coming to Siem Reap and want to give yoga a go (even if you've never done it before) this is THE PLACE to go. You will not regret it!!!! "

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jeanette M from Melbourne, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "We only stayed at this homely yoga retreat for a few nights but Wow! it was worth every dollar. Can you imagine visiting well-loved relatives? Felt as if we had known Margo and Stephen for years. So welcoming, kind and considerate and do a lot to help local charities. Not to mention all the lovely yoga and meditation instructors we met. We made the most of our time attending their daily yoga and meditation routine. Each session was different. I arrived there feeling stressed and exhausted, but by the time I left I felt the fittest and calmest I have not felt for years. The food there was incredible. So healthy, filling and scrumptious. Margo and Stephen only started running this magical guesthouse a few months ago and have already received a Certificate of Excellence Award. Wouldn't surprise me if one day, the will receive a Travelers Choice Award. The bedrooms are not too flash, who cares, they were very peaceful, clean and comfortable but what makes this place so special to my husband and I is the fantastic experience of a lifetime we will never forget. A great location close to all attractions. Do yourselves a favor, if you want to improve your wellbeing. Don't think twice staying at this enchanting, spiritual yoga sanctuary. We feel homesick to return back to this place already!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Michelle and Rosemary from Newcastle, Australia
    10 out of 10

    "From the moment I arrived travelling with my friend Rosemary we walked through the front door of the Bodhi tree yoga retreat and instantly knew we were in for a dose of absolute bliss from the beginning. Margo and Stephen were extremely welcoming and we were made to feel right at home straight away. The staff were also very friendly and the staff in the kitchen were fantastic with the food absolutely delicious and the service was wonderful. The daily yoga and meditation classes are a must do with stretching classes also available which were just sublime. With so much to do each day with activities organized by Margo and Stephen it was a fantastic two week stay with our only regret we could not stay longer. The rooms were also absolutely beautiful complete with a very comfy bed and lovely bathroom. The rooms were also decorated in gorgeous sari curtains and soft furnishings with wall hangings anybody would just love to have displayed in their own home! I wish! So please if you are planning a trip to Siem Reap you just have to look no further than The Bodhi tree yoga retreat you won't be disappointed. Thanks again to our fantastic hosts and their staff we will definitely be back."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Luce Lucilla from Pyongyang, North Korea
    10 out of 10

    "I casually stumbled on the site of Angkor Bodhi Tree and decided with no second thoughts I would spend there a few days. The fact that I had planned 3 and I ended up leaving after 5 days says a lot about the beautiful and nourishing atmosphere. The good food and the quality of the services.Margo and Steven, the managers, are really doing their best to make the lives of their guests easy and pleasant. All the teachers are extremely professional and each of them is unique, generous and available.It has been for me the best way to start my holidays in Cambodia and I would definitely go back there if the chance arises."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Noelle Tabios from Los Angeles, USA
    10 out of 10

    "Angkor Bodhi Tree is truly a special place. Right when I arrived, I immediately felt welcomed by Bob. He is definitely an unforgettable person that I will always remember. I stayed at the female dorm room which was quiet, clean, and definitely cozy and was able to relax and have my own privacy. Staying at Bodhi Tree allowed me to meet incredible individuals including the staff. Meals were incredible all the time. The drivers at Bodhi Tree are unbelievably kind in which I felt looked after during trips outside of the city. One of the things that is special is that at Bodhi Tree, Bob strongly encouraged us to venture out of the city and see Cambodia. The tours that he has are wonderful and eye-opening. There are so many things to do in Siem Reap, but I wanted to work on myself and felt that with the classes and close-knit atmosphere at Bodhi Tree, I felt like I achieved that. I'd recommend this place to anyone. I went to this yoga retreat in July 2014." website, edited

  • Review by Penelope J Katherine from Australia
    9 out of 10

    " I only had 2 days here but from the start wished I had booked a longer stay. It was truly a blissful experience. As a guest you are treated like a member of the family where every desire is met effortlessly and instantaneously. And as a yogi, all classes are small, personal and often tailored to your particular need. The guidance I received for my meditation greatly helped my practice and renewed my enthusiasm for meditation. The dorms are clean, air condition and comfy with enough privacy to be able to relax in your own space. The food was fantastically delicious and always more than we could eat. A great place to escape the hustle of Siem Reap while still being close enough to access any of the sites or activities you want. Hope to get back there again soon for a longer stay! "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Singapore
    9 out of 10

    " Was looking to attend a yoga retreat for the longest time and found Bodhi Tree with good reviews on Trip Advisor. Perfect for me as I was looking at a retreat with own personal time to visit the children at the orphanage and volunteer. I like how Bob, Helene and everyone there treated me as part of the family. Making sure am comfortable and welcomed. They cater the retreat to individual whether its your first time doing yoga and experiencing meditation or you are looking to deepen your practice. Bob, Helene and the other instructors are really knowledgeable when it comes to yoga and meditation. They each have their own inputs and it is nice hearing what they know and apply it to your own practice. It was also my first time sitting through at 45 minutes meditation with Bob early morning and I got hooked on meditation. How it calms me down. I left the retreat feeling more energetic and calm. All ready to face work and all. On top of the yoga and meditation sessions, Bob arranged for me to teach English at one of the schools and it was a great experience. Playing with the children, running around and all these make you appreciate what you have right now. We got the chance to visit the temple in town to hear the monks chant, receive blessings, freeing birds for more blessings etc. Something you wouldn't experience as a visiting tourist in Siem Reap. There are also a few tours the retreat center can arrange for you but didn't get the chance to do so. I stayed in the dorm and it was good enough. Really clean and comfortable with lots of privacy (curtains for each bed) and power plug. The food served was delicious (vegetarian) and Bob made special arrangement when I had to have vegan on certain days which was really thoughtful of him. Still missing the food served there. At the end of the 10 days, I felt like part of the family with each and every one of them (even with Moa and Montia). Definitely going to go back there every year (if time permits). Its home away from home. "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Mezza
    10 out of 10

    "I searched high and low for a yoga retreat before I discovered the Angkor Bodhi Tree on Trip Advisor. From the very beginning it felt right for me. And how right I was. Upon entering the Bodhi Tree for the first time, it felt like I had arrived home. Margo, Stephen, and staff, were incredibly warm and welcoming. The retreat provides two yoga classes each day, mediation each day and delicious vegetarian breakfast and dinners are included. There are different yoga instructors, different yoga styles and differing teaching methods but they were all wonderful. Healings and treatments are also offered at the retreat. There is free time each day to explore the Magical Kingdom of Cambodia and the delightful Siem Reap and its surrounds. Margo and Stephen helped plan, and organise our free time for the week we stayed at the retreat. We had spa time, a spiritual tour (not to be missed), Chinese Tea Ceremony (by a Russian in Cambodia), temple tours, volunteering at a school, healings and treatments. It was a fun filled, full on week, but made possible by Margo and Stephen's planning and organisation. After leaving the retreat, we moved to another hotel in town, but returned to the retreat one night for a yoga class. The welcome we received was as warm as the one we received upon our arrival. It is a place, I will definitely return to, and one that I highly recommend."

    June 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Alison
    10 out of 10

    "I recently stayed 6 nights at the Bodhi Tree, (which incidentally, was only supposed to be 4 nights) but I couldn't get myself to leave! I had been in Thailand on vacation and thought that I'd hop over to Cambodia for a few days to relax, do a little yoga and maybe catch up on some work (ha ha). This retreat ended up being the highlight of my trip, from both a physical, spiritual and emotional standpoint. I originally signed up for the 3 night Khmer New Year's package which had a full itinerary including yoga, meditations, a cooking class, a day in the country on a motorbike, and blessings from monks among other things. What I found so wonderful was the variety of the activities and the passion of the staff and instructors. All the meditations and yoga were completely different from one another (water meditation, kundalini, hatha yoga, mindfulness, stretch exercises, chanting etc etc. etc.) We were a small group with limited experience...which was not a problem as the instructors were so patient and explained everything so well. But the best part was the incredible people that I met. Starting from the management (Margo, Steve and Bob) who were so warm, funny and accommodating to all of us. They went above and beyond what is expected of management. Treating us like we were members of their family! The interesting, amazing people that I met there just made my trip. I am already planning my next trip back there, hopefully for an even longer stay...xx Room Tip: I had a single room but the dorm rooms were also quite nice."

    April 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Kirsty
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed at The Bohdi Tree while volunteering with a group of Australians. Steve and Margo are very welcoming and helpful with all needs and enquiries. They have local knowledge and access to a range of different people that can enhance your experience of Siem Reap. The food was beautiful and if you have special dietary needs just ask and they will do their best depending on what is available at the time of year. It is a neat and clean guest house. Simple and uncluttered. Bedrooms for couples and shared bunk style rooms available with bathroom. The yoga is great for all levels of experience and Siri and her meditation is amazing. The location gives you easy access to the main areas of town and Margo and Steven can organise you a local tuk tuk driver to take you wherever you need to go! It also gives you a taste of local life and there is an amazing little sports bar around the corner that sells COLD beers! Not a five star venue - they are further out of town, but a very comfortable and real experience of Siem Reap is available with the space to be calm and relax. I loved it and will hopefully be back next year with my family. Room Tip: Neat, clean and simple. rooms for couples and shared bunk style available for up to 6 in a room."

    June 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Sue
    10 out of 10

    "Angkor Bodhi Tree is relaxed perfection. From the moment we were collected in a tuk tuk at the airport, this place felt like coming home. What a beautiful healing space to spend a week. Our generous hosts Margo and Stephen sat us down and helped plan a magical week of yoga, meditation, healing sessions and spiritual tours with the local monks, their local advise was invaluable. Nothing was too much trouble. Delicious, freshly cooked breakfast and dinners were eaten around a communal table, where great conversation and laughter was always on the menu, further adding to the feeling of visiting with good friends. Can't wait to go back for a spiritual refill."

    June 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Robyn and Neil
    10 out of 10

    "We had heard about the Bodhi Tree from a friend. She just couldn't say enough great things about it. You can only imagine how excited and thrilled we were to find that the Bodhi Tree Retreat was everything she told us and so much more!! What an amazing and wonderful experience to be able to stay there for two weeks. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Stephen and Margo or any of their staff. What beautiful people! The building itself is a delight, ambience - perfect - and the food was amazing. The yoga and meditation (and the fantastic, varied and interesting instructors) were a highlight. Thanks again (and again and again!) to you both, Margo and Stephen and everyone else there - for letting us be a part of the Bodhi Tree for a little while. Thanks to your care, friendship and beautiful positive energy, our experiences in Siem Reap were truly wonderful. Exciting, uplifting, inspiring and so very, very joyous. The only thing that we would change is that we should have stayed for a month not two weeks. Ganesh and Buddha are watching over us as I write and will be a constant reminder of an amazingly special time for us. We know that we just have to return. Thank you, you have truly touched our hearts. Stay well."

    September 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Angelica
    10 out of 10

    "Generosity pours naturally from their palms, love from their hearts - Margo and Stephen are gracious and true gifts to this world. The yoga instructors are wonderful and warm offering a beautifully balanced variety of styles and knowledge. Fellow guests greet you like family, this place instantaneously felt like a second home. An absolute must."

    July 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Karen
    10 out of 10

    "I had five days of me time before my partner joined me, staying at the Bodhi Tree Retreat was the perfect place I could completely chill, despite being woken each morning at 6:30am and immerse myself into yoga and meditation. Even before I arrived at the retreat (my first night in Siem Reap I stayed at their guest house Angkor Voyage Villa) I was welcomed with open arms and hearts. Margot and Stephen treated you like one of the family and were very understanding of my needs and wished. The staff were always SO happy. There are so many fabulous things to say about this retreat, but I would just be echoing what all the other guests have said. Thank you Margot and Stephen for making my stay so relaxing it was just what i needed. We loved Siem Reap!"

    June 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Johanna
    10 out of 10

    "I didn't stay at the retreat, but I went on the Bodhi tree's Moto Mystery Tour with some friends after a recommendation from a fellow volunteer. It did not disappoint! Margo and Chris were so friendly and knowledgeable. They really made the tour worthwhile. We had an amazing day, taking a look at authentic Cambodian life and discovering some hidden gems around Siem Reap that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Fresh coconut and fresh sugar cane juice to rehydrate us during the adventure! I don't want to give too much away as it's a 'mystery' tour, but I definitely recommend it. I went back to the Bodhi tree last night (Wednesday) for a Yin yoga class. The teacher, the atmosphere, the yogi tea on arrival - everything was perfect! I'll be going back next week for a Vinyasa class :)"

    August 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Liz
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed here for two nights and my only regret is that I didn't have more time at the Bodhi tree. The place, the people and the cat are totally charming and Margo and Stephen made me feel so welcome. They offer a wide range of yoga classes, meditation and treatments/therapies and serve delicious veggie meals. I highly recommend a visit to the Bodhi tree!"

    July 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Brian
    10 out of 10

    "The staff is what makes it transcendent. Real joyful and attentive treatment of guests in a warm and welcoming environment I intend to return. Good yoga, good rooms, easy access to anywhere. Pick up from airport. Lovely places within walking distance like Peace Cafe."

    July 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Tahli
    10 out of 10

    "My time at the Bodhi Tree Yoga and Meditation retreat couldn't have been more perfect. I immediately felt at home when I arrived meeting Bob and a few of the kitchen staff. They really go above and beyond to make sure you have exactly what you want and need- from transport, to amazing vegetarian food and advice on what to do with your free time. The only part of my stay that I didn't enjoy was leaving! I wasn't sure how long to stay so I chose the three night/four day package and it honestly wasn't enough. Luckily I was staying in Siem Reap for the next two weeks doing volunteer work so I had the opportunity to drop in for more classes at night. The food is delicious, the dorms are clean, private (with your own curtains and a light) and everyone is respectful and quiet while still being social when you want :) I was lucky to meet people I am sure I will keep in contact with for life, including Claire and Bob. If your considering a retreat in Cambodia you won't be disappointed by this choice. Regards, Tahli"

    October 2014., edited

  • Review by Eva Grzesik
    10 out of 10

    "Loved my 4 days/3 nights yoga retreat at Angkor Bodhi Tree. It’s such a special place! Margo and Stephen are incredibly kind and went out of their way to make me feel at home. It was great to balance meditation/yoga classes in the morning and evening with the daytime free to explore the temples. The yoga classes were a nice, solid Hatha, focused on alignment and really accessible. I also did a couple of treatments like their neuro-muscular therapy and Reiki - both of which were a first for me and really interesting/different/helpful. Food was super yummy: amazing breakfast spread with fresh juice, muesli, yogurt, etc. + eggs made to order, then dinner was home-cooked Cambodian. Everyone working there is very sweet. Would recommend for a retreat, class, therapy, or all of the above!", edited

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