Anelina Plati

Anelina Plati is run by Anelina Plati herself. As a yoga teacher, holistic massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner, she holds retreats, seminars, massages, and other alternative therapies.

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Anelina Plati

Anelina Plati is a yoga instructor who graduated from NYSY Studios Yoga School in Greece. She holds a 200-hour certification for Hatha yoga teacher training with the influence of the alignment of Anusara yoga. She has attended several workshops and pieces of training from Anusara certified yoga teachers in Greece. She is now teaching a new method called bow spring where she attended a workshop in Frankfurt and in the United States for two months in 2016 with the founders of this system, John Friend, and Desi Springer. She is also a holistic massage and Reiki therapist.

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Andreas Platritis

Anelina Plati Facebook page

That was wonderful experience, Anelina is an amazing, unique personality with a great character and she is one of the most positive persons I ever meet in my life!

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