Ananda Meditation Retreat

Nevada, United States

The Ananda Meditation Retreat allows spiritual seekers to experience silence and seclusion as a way to connect with the Divine.

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  • A traveler

    Ananda Meditation Retreat website

    Thank you so much for your love and kindness. What a joy it has been to be here in silence with nature. From the sounds of the bell ringing, deep meditation at the Temple of Silence, nourishing food and lovely gardens - I enjoyed every bit of it.

  • Emily Menesini

    Ananda Meditation Retreat Facebook

    This place brings me home...The beauty cannot be put into words. Kindest people.The vegetarian dishes amaze. The accommodations are cozy. This is where I "check in to check out". Can't wait to return again and again.

  • Hal DeRoos

    Ananda Meditation Retreat Facebook

    I highly recommend the retreat center, the grounds are amazing, and the staff are wonderful. Overall, exceptional value..The meals are very delicious, and the gardens are yourself a favor, and visit the retreat center for a weekend, you won't be disappointed.

  • Nayaswami Brindey

    Ananda Meditation Retreat Facebook

    Paradise on earth! Continually Blessed by the Mother in Nature!

  • Sanjan Thelen

    Ananda Meditation Retreat website

    I found my time at the Ananda Meditation Retreat to be very special. I could not help but go deep within and feel God. From the temple meditations, to a little karma yoga (if desired), and peaceful walks with stunning views.To cabins designed to simplify and support introspection and meditation, to the glorious nutritious food. The Meditation Retreat has a special energy that can tangibly be felt - the Masters truly permeate this ideal seclusion location! Highly recommended.

  • Peter

    Ananda Meditation Retreat website

    A week of seclusion at the Ananda Meditation Retreat: what a joy, what a blessing. Even after having visited sites of pilgrimage all over the world, the Meditation Retreat temple remains my favorite place in the world to meditate.Seclusion here annually renews my faith in the possibility of Self-Realization. After a week of silence and meditation mere theoretical possibilities approach reality.The hem of Divine Mothers robe is here to be touched. I go forth recharged and ready for another round of battle with egoic desires, and the vicissitudes of earthly existence. Thank you for providing a place of unparalleled power and depth.

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