Ananda Marga Mexico

Ananda Marga Mexico is a harmonious blend of personal development and service to humanity, the deep integration of spirituality and social activism. They focus on yoga, meditation, and social service.

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Dada Krpasundarananda

Dada was born in the Netherlands, originally trained as a computer engineer he dedicated is life to service in 1986 and has worked in Ananda Marga for the last 31 years; in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and now in Mexico. After some years working as a volunteer (LFT) he completed his training and became a monk in 1991. He has been organizing many retreats and detox programs, He runs a yearly 6 week tour in India. He loves outdoor activities and is very interested in alternative building techniques and energy self sufficiency. He is a certified instructor in Super Adobe dome building.

Dada Jyotiriishananda

Acarya Jyotiriishananda Avadhuta is a monk of Ananda Marga since 1978. At present he works in New York Sector. He began practicing yoga and meditation since childhood and took initiation in meditation at the age of 6. In the 80s, he took the Natural Therapy course of the Kularanjan Memorial College of Natural Medicine in Kolkata, on the special instructions of his Master. Upon completion, he was assigned to be the head of the department of Natural Remedies to do research and propagate for the collective human welfare. He has been giving lectures, workshops, seminars, and retreats extensively.

Didi Ananda Shanta

Didi, originally born in the Philippines has worked as a nun for the last 25 years. Most of that time she was running girls home and supervising the construction of several rural clinics and schools, in Ghana, Africa. The last years she has been part of the team in Mexico and helping with retreats, detox programs and many other programs. She is a great cook and does cooking workshops. She is also certified in baby massage. The last years she has been helping with a yearly ran tour in India. The six weeks "Spiritual Adventure Tour"

Dada Mokseshvarananda

Dada Mokseshvarananda, born in Germany has been a monk for 30+ years and worked in many countries around the world. Currently he is developing a land community and training center in Nicaragua. He regularly visits Mexico to help run retreats and give workshops. One of his passions are the "Spiritual Warrior Camps" that he has been running for the last 20 years. Often with youth but also other age groups. To be successful in meditation and life itself we have to overcome the fears that are blocking our progress. These camps are designed to confront those, build self confidence and a team spirit


Madhumaya from México, has been practicing Ananda Marga meditation since 2016. In 2017 she traveled to India and in 2018 she did a Yoga Teacher Trainning in Rishikesh India and completed the Ananda Marga's Wellness Trainning in Cebu, Philippines. She loves to teach what she learn and she is looking forward to assist us at the wellness/detox programs.

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from Mexico, April 2018

"Excelente experiencia!"

La atencion de los instructores, la enseñanza que trasmiten y la comida deliciosa.

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