Ananda in the Himalayas

Rishikesh, India

Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, Ananda is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul.

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  • Nilesh S India


    “Princely Retreat”

    Located an hour away from Dehra Dun Airport, this retreat, 3000 feet above the city of Rishikesh, is a great place to relax, detox, rejuvenate and be closer to heaven. There is nothing to do or there is lots to do, your choice. You may just enjoy the views from the rooms sipping ginger lemon juice or tea, the open deck outside the restaurant dining and sipping juices or coffee, as also the palace and green lawns while doing the morning business walk or the evening stroll and gaze at the numerous stars that are visible. Thats doing nothing.

    If you choose to be active, you can do spas and massages, play golf on a small 6 hole but challenging course, have yoga tuition, attend spiritual lectures on Vedanta, attend exercise classes for abs, muscle development, back strengthening etc, do river rafting in the Ganges, visit various temples in Rishikesh and Haridwar, go for Ganga Aarti, visit Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula… can go on. A month would be required to do all.

    The Ananda has detox packages, even the non detox food was delicious, well appointed and luxurious rooms with excellent views, very very courteous staff right from Nikhil the manager to Rajesh, the golf cart driver. Its a place I would love to go every year for a fortnight, to do everything as also to do nothing. Its definitely on my list of Yearly Trips.

  • Shikha Shah India

    Trip Advisor website

    I visited Anandas a couple of days back i.e. October end and I've had an experience that will remain with me for years to come. The moment you enter the space, you're greeted with loads of warmth and love. The staff welcomes you wholeheartedly and this just makes for a perfect beginning to your getaway. The environment at Anandas is extremely holistic, beautiful and pure. You're truly living amid nature - lush green mountains, clear skies, beautiful peacocks and other species of birds etc.Rooms: The rooms here are up to date with all necessary facilities. Plus point? Every room, irrespective of the category, has a private balcony with a coffee table where you can simply sit and relax. I enjoyed lounging in the balcony area listening to the chirping birds and gushing waterfall. These sounds make you feel alive. You can also ask for a wake-up call any time between 5 am to 8 pm and you will have the staff waking you up with a cup of steaming hot lemon honey ginger tea.Food: If you prefer light healthy meals, you'd love the food here. But if you're into spicy, fried food, you may be disappointed as the resort revolves around the concept of healthy living. They food served at the restaurant is healthy, tasty and pleasing to the eyes. If you're opting for a wellness package, you'd be recommended a diet according to your dosha - ie vata, pitta or kapha. And all these menus are tailor-made as per the body type. The restaurant has indoor as well as outdoor seating. And the outdoor seating is right in the middle of the wild, amid the jungle. I enjoyed having long meals here and that's one thing I miss the most about Anandas.Spa: Anandas has some beautifully customised spa packages that pack in a lot of massages and treatments for a healthy mind and body. From different kinds of yoga sessions and fitness consultation to Ayurvedic and international therapies, they have it all. The spa menu is elaborate and the treatments will leave you wanting for more. The entire spa area with a large number of rooms is made quite beautifully keeping the little things in mind. For example, the man playing flute right at the centre of the building elevates the spa experience. You can hear the soothing tunes of flute throughout the place.Staff: All the staff members of Anandas are very warm and friendly. They are always serving you with a smile. They also contribute towards making the experience a lot more personalised by interacting with you on a personal level.What's more? You can pack really light when you are travelling to Anandas in the Himalayas. White kurta and pajamas is the dress code here and they provide you with two fresh pairs every day. They have these kurta pajamas in all possible sizes, so you don't have to worry about finding the right size for yourself.To sum it up, if you haven't been to Anandas in the Himalayas, you have truly missed out on a lot. If you are craving some quiet time with yourself and some rejuvenation, this one is undoubtedly the best place to be.

  • a traveler Belgium

    Trip Advisor website

    I came to Ananda this year again and the experience was amazing, again. I love the peaceful environment, as the resort is like an island in the greenery of the hills.Everybody from the staff is very friendly, and most importantly, genuinely friendly. They are all very professional too. The therapists and the yoga teachers are excellent, world class. The new yoga team is excellent, and I enjoyed a lot the diversity of the morning yoga classes.The therapies are all excellent. One minor comment: after the therapy, one might get a (warm) tea instead of water. The side benefit of getting tea in the treatment room or the changing area will be to reduce even further the usage of bottled water.The discussions with the Ayurvedic doctor are also very beneficial, not only for the stay, but in general, when back home. The food is delicious (I took the wellness menu), with locally grown ingredients and very well prepared. The chefs are all excellent! And whenever I wanted something different, it was always done.I appreciate a lot the quietness of the place, and the fact that the mobile phone signal is stopped at the Spa and at the restaurant is really good. You might even consider stopping it at the pool as well, because this is also a place where people relax before or after their treatments.Ananda is a fantastic place for relaxation. Given how stressed the daily life back home is, Ananda has a real unique proposition to people seeking rejuvenation, away from the stress of the daily life, from the loud noises, and from the ubiquity of the mobile phones.I loved my stay and I look forward to next year.

  • R C

    Trip Advisor website

    Excellent staff and excellent hospitality ever seen during my entire life journey and staff!!!Most beautiful place in the lap of Himalayas where u will just find peace everywhere!!!Excellent mind and body relaxing techniques and therapy!!! World best therapist and nutrition expert are available here!!!Advice to stay for a long week and get rid of all your tensions and start a new life!!!

  • Geetanjali UAE

    Trip Advisor website

    Highly recommend for people looking for mental peace, weight loss, rebounding or spending some quality time with your partner. It's a beautiful place lush green brilliantly maintained and the staff is just amazing. From welcome to see off you will be pampered to the core.

  • S.R Palkar, from Kuwait

    August 2014. Trip Advisor website

    We attended a five days' stress management program at the "Ananda in the Himalayas" earlier this month. The experience was beyond words. Coming from an urban background we never had experienced such serenity and tranquility that we experienced in the Ananda. Extremely professional though polite and friendly staff, excellent facilities enduring SPA treatments just can't be missed. They provide you accommodation where clouds enter your room and you can take sips of morning tea (served in the room on request) sitting amongst them. Oh...what an experience. One must visit Ananda to rejuvenate and rediscover.

  • Ajay B

    August 2014. Trip Advisor website

    One of the best place I have ever stayed in the midst of Himalaya spread over vast hilly land. Surronded with lush green environment. Very curteous staff. Great Spa experience. Room with great view from the balcony and bathroom. It is all value for money. Delicious food with extra helpful staff.

  • Lata V India

    September 2013. Trip Advisor website

    High up in the mountains, this resort spa is a absolute delight. The picturesque surroundings,clean and fresh mountain air, the tranquility in the environment is an experience in itself. The bathrooms have one wall of glass and one can have sweeping glimpse of the mountains and valley from the bathtub. The spa probably is a little over-rated. Have had better experiences in other places. The staff are quite professional and courteous.The healthy options available in the restaurant combined with the different yoga and spa programs do make it a different kind of get-away.

  • Archiki India

    June 2014. Trip Advisor website

    This is one of the best weekend holidays that I have had. The property is set far away from the madding crowd and it is so peaceful and tranquil that you can actually hear yourself think. It was very easy to navigate the website or call their toll free number to get the details. It is a great place for relaxing and the spa treatments are heavenly. The staff is very helpful, friendly and courteous and they go out of their way to make your stay comfortable. I had requested for a late check out and they obliged. Even the meal options are great and the quantity is more than enough for one person.

  • a traveler Columbia

    April 2014. Trip Advisor website

    One of the most exquisite places in India. Everything you could ask at a Spa, Hotel. Excellent food and service, the shops are wonderful, the natural views all over, tea time at the living room 4 o'clock english stile you can choose out of many places where to eat, have tea, meditate, walk, have fun or just enjoy. It's a huge place!

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