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Ananda Gurukula

Ananda Gurukula is a nonprofit sharing the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga and meditation through retreats, webinars, Ashram activities, classes, and books.

Instructors 2

Maetreyii Ma

Maetreyii Ma is a very ordinary person leading an ordinary life. But she is also a mystic and a lover of God. In daily life, she is a simple woman with family, friends, and professional life, but within she harbors a depth of mystical experience and deep abiding connection to the numinous that has been with her since her early years. A practitioner of yogic meditation since her early twenties, in the depths of meditation she, has met the Guru within and from that mystic relationship has flowed the wisdom, knowledge and abounding love reflected in the teachings she shares.

Ananda Deviika Ma

Ananda Deviika Ma is one of the instructors in this retreat.

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