Anam Yoga Centre

Anam Yoga Centre is located in Otres Village, Shinaoukville Cambodia. They offer yoga classes, yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and Ayurvedic treatments.

Instructors 2

Gregorio Zucchinali

Greg began his path in yoga at an early age. In the 80’s Greg first traveled to India where he studied with various teachers. In Rishikesh, north of India, he attended the ashrams of Ved Niketan and Shivananda where he immersed himself in the practice of yoga. He attended classes with Master Rudra and followed the Iyengar style. Greg then moved to the Holy City of Varanasi (Benares), where he studied with Guru G. Prakash and learnt Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Krya philosophy.

Filippo Fabbri

Filippo is a professional trained and expert yoga teacher at Anam Yoga Centre.

Testimonials 5

Pina C.

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I was at Otres for a week of yoga with Greg and it was great! His passion in Yoga are no surprises as he spent ages to learn it in India. Everyday i'm looking forward for his class for different poses and pranayama and I also like the way he teach and how you get into the pose easily. Don't worry if you are a beginner, Greg has option from beginner to an advance student. The best yoga class I've been so far and Greg is such a lovely soul. Thanks Greg for all the teaching, conversations, and the whistles. I'll come and visit again for sure!

Sergio and Yana Moscow

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Yoga with Greg was awesome! I was on Otres for two weeks and every day did yoga. It was really great and Greg is a professional yoga teacher. Thank you for everything!

Nathan H.

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Greg is not your stereotypical four-week course yoga bunny masquerading as a teacher. He is the real deal which is no surprise given he has spent over 30 years in India learning his craft. He looks, knows, and acts the part of the authentic, realized yogi. He is exact in his methods with emphasis on getting each pose absolutely correct without forcing the body beyond its limits. No flow and acrobatic nonsense here. He is traditional in his techniques allowing you the time to enjoy the benefits of each pose. I cannot recommend him enough. He is the best yoga teacher I have come across and he is a lovely man.

a traveler Vietnam

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What a beautiful experience I had at Anam yoga. Greg is 100% authentic and totally committed to what he does. He has a peaceful and gentle energy that is, in itself, therapeutic. I was a little apprehensive because of my age but Greg caters for all levels of capability by giving each person individual attention and care!

He is highly knowledgeable having studied the many and varied aspects of yoga comprehensively in India. As we relaxed, he played musical notes that vibrated through my whole being. This is a truly unique mind, body, and soul blowing experience. At a time when yoga has become just another commodity, this experience comes highly recommended.

Clara Giraud United Kingdom

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The two-hour yoga classes are really the best around. Demanding yet adapted to all capacities, Greg is a kind teacher with great knowledge which he shares widely, recommended to all yogis, beginners and experienced!

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