Anahata Yoga Space

For 25 years, Natalie Almond of Anahata Yoga Space has been teaching yoga and running retreats for healing and transformation with immeasurable results..

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Louise Johns

from Australia, November 2017

"Rainforest meets ocean yoga experience"

Amazing location

Great group

Experienced & giving instructor

So much natural beauty

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I have found practicing yoga with Natalie has had a profound imprint in my life. Whereas everyday life used to be a chore, I now have a new appreciation for life.

Natalie is more than willing to share her wealth and knowledge and experience in a down to earth, easy to understand manner. Not always an easy task when you consider the depth of what she is teaching, which is a complete system that draws from her years of experience in yoga, as well as other systems like chi kung. Natalie has helped make my life that much more meaningful, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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