Anahata Yoga Shala, located west side of Koh Phangan on Haad Yao Beach, organizes teacher training, yoga retreats, and yoga holidays.

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Adelaide Andrews

from United States, February 2020

"200 Hour YTTC January 2020"

Anahata provided an amazing experience all around. Vanessa is unbelievably talented and a fantastic teacher. I am so thrilled with my experience at Anahata. The new shala is gorgeous and the combination of Anton and Vanessa both teaching is super well balanced. I learned more than I thought possible and my practice improved tenfold. The training was very personalized and I feel well equipped and confident to teach, as we were provided ample teaching time with other students as well as the public. I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their practice and build confidence and skills to teach yoga.

Elisabeth Höhne

from Malaysia, January 2020

The view from the Shala was very good, right at the beach with a view of the ocean.

We also had a lot of fun at the training and enjoyed the yoga with good music and playfulness.

I think the training is good for people who are just starting on their yoga journey or who just want to deepen their practice for themselves.

Rachel Nelson

from United States, September 2019

"A month in paradise "

I loved starting the mornings chanting with Cheryl. She has a beautiful voice and a gentle presence, and it was a wonderful way to start the day.

We were lucky to have a small group of only 6 students so it was a very personal and transformative experience. I feel like we really got to know each other and valued one another’s unique contributions to the group.

The food that was provided by Art Cafe was so fresh and healthy, and it was really a feast every day. I liked the freedom with the schedule because after a few weeks I started to skip the lunches and take some “me time” at the beach or the pool instead.

I highly recommend communicating your intentions for the program with Vanessa, if you have an idea of what you would like to gain from the class. I told Vanessa early on that I was interested in pregnancy yoga and she made a point to ensure that I had all the resources I would need to gain that knowledge. She regularly checked in with me to ask if I needed any further instruction or resources. She gave me books and her personal notes from workshops she had attended on the topic, and mentioned alternative poses for pregnant women during our classes. If you know what you want and communicate it, she will make sure you get it!

Alana Dean

from Great Britain, July 2019

"A transformational month"

Vanessa and Anton really really care about their students. They are both so passionate about what they do, it’s incredible. Being taught philosophy by Alex was also an amazing experience. I felt privileged to have teachers from such diverse experience backgrounds, all teaching what they knew the best. The daily feast we were provided was always delicious and nutritious and we usually had leftovers for dinner too. The Dropbox that was shared with us has so many useful files and books on it, which is so appreciated. Overall, I learnt so much from this experience and I’m ready to take on the world as a yoga teacher!!

Solange Perrault

from United States, April 2019

"Thank you!! "

Vanessa, thank you for your unwavering support and for continuously encouraging us to find the passion and joy in life. Anton, thank you for your honesty, for sharing your love of yoga, and for teaching us to be here for ourselves and no one else. And Alex, thank you for challenging our beliefs and asking us to dig deeper in this practice of yoga, and of life. You have all changed my life, and I would encourage everyone to seek you out and take this course!!

Mikael Mannerbjörk

from United States, April 2019

"Fantastisk upplevelse!"

Amazing teachers, one whole Shakti the other hero Shiva, the third a man with supernatural abilities. (Yes, that's my experience)

Climbed up to the top list of meaningful / interesting things you have done in life. Thanks! Namaste! Mikael Mannerbjörk (Sweden)

Raigo Orti

from Estonia, February 2019

"Love&Happiness "

Absolutely everything.The teachers are just amazing and full of bliss.Its really hard to but this change/feeling into words.

They are life changers.....❤💕

Julia Hopfgartner

from Vietnam, February 2019

"absolutley worth it"

wow. no words needed. i learnd so much the last weeks. it was one of the best decisions to join this course. we learned different styles of Yoga & we had so many interesting lectures about Yoga history, philosophy, kinds of yoga, nutrition,...

The most i liked the motivation of Vanessa, Anton & Verena teaching Yoga. It was so inspiring. Thanks for this amazing experience, for caring & for sharing so many things with us.