Anahata Yoga Retreat is an integral residential yoga retreat in Golden Bay, New Zealand. They organize meditation and yoga retreats that welcome everyone.

Reviews (16)


from New Zealand, January 2020

"Beautiful experience"

The energy is so positive around the place and the landscape is so beautiful

Drifa Benseghir

from New Zealand, August 2019

"A nice break from your everyday life"

The place was beautiful and the instructors had an amazing knowledge. It was great to learn so many things about yoga and pranahyam.

Ursula Passl

from New Zealand, May 2019

"An Inspiring and heartfelt experience"

What a wonderful retreat, it fulfilled me on every level. Thank you so much for all the experiences you offered me. I came away with great enthusiasm to integrate what I had learnt into my teaching practice and everyday life...


from United States, November 2018

"A life changing retreat in the mountains"

The environment and people of Anahata made it easy to settle into the retreat. They were knowledgable and the structure allowed me to truly explore myself and learn more about yoga.

Paul Auwerda

from United States, April 2018

the whole overall experience


from Spain, April 2018

"Great retreat!!"

The whole atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxed. The yoga, meditation and instruction sessions were excellent. The residents took great care of the people attending the retreat and they made us feel part of the family,

Sylvia Mclean

from New Zealand, April 2018

"Powerful retreat with opportunity for deep transformation"

The retreat provides a very generous offering by the wonderful team at Anahata. I enjoyed the passion and attention to detail with which every happens at Anahata. A 3-day retreat will offer more teachings to those interest in an authentic yogic lifestyle, then a year of yoga classes.

Raul Villarreal

from New Zealand, March 2018

"A place of light"

The commitment of the people

The blissful and positive atmosphere which generated a space of learning, devotion and communion

Catia Batalha

from New Zealand, November 2017

"Amazing - The true spirit of Yoga"

Everything was excellent, I fell in love with the place, the people, and the whole setting which really embodies the true spirit of Yoga in all its dimensions. This retreat was everything I was hoping for and more. Deeply grateful <3 Hari om