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Anahata Retreats organizes worldwide yoga retreats and workshops with revered, respected, and acclaimed teachers of yoga, Ayurveda, wellness, and spirituality.

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Ira Berry Kathpalia India

Anahata Retreats website

Thank you Bijay Baba and his Shakti Sonali For Anahata and the Blissful times ! Especially this one where I had a deep Desire to be with Sir Jahangir and it came true !! Thank you once again for these three days of fulfilment of what ever we were deprived of what ever we Aspired for.

Vipul Mazumdar India

Anahata Retreats website

What an experience, were completely mesmerised by the divine light n the healing touch of Jehangir first encounter with Yoga and ashanas. Thanks Bijay n Sonali for giving us such a spiritual experience...!! And not to forget all the lovely people I met up. God bless you all… and wish that again I can be part of such retreats.

Sonia Razdan India

Anahata Retreats website

Thank you Bijay n Sonali Anand for this beautiful retreat …thank you Jehangir Sir for sharing your wisdom for your healing touch on all of us ...for having us experienced 'Oneness '. Thank you Veena Hooja for your hospitality. Thank you to all who participated in this retreat making it a joyful experience. Stay blessed stay happy! Satnam.

Vandana Mordani Awatramani India

Anahata Retreats website

Back from a holistic and real experience of how blissful and refreshing life can be. Waiting anxiously for the next one. Thank you Bijay J. Anand and Sonali Anand to bring this to our lives. And changing mine totally.

Rachana Shah India

Anahata Retreats website

A Buddha is not an extraordinary being but a person who is deeply conscious of the positive potential within him-or herself and within all others, and who strives to help others bring forth this potential! Thank you Bijay J. Anand for nurturing so much potential! Kudos to Anahata!! Continue to radiate this light and love for eternity

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