Anahata Nada Journey

New York, United States

Anahata Nada Journey facilitates personal journey towards finding your timeless, unstruck self.

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  • Meena

    Anahata Nada Journey website

    I was in a privileged position to attend yoga classes presented by Edna in Port Elizabeth. She has a vast and in depth knowledge of yoga and the various postures and also offers other therapies. Edna regularly updates her knowledge by attending workshops and during visits to India. Her pleasant and patient disposition makes it possible for her to work with anyone from babies to the elderly. Best wishes in your new venture. Stay blessed.

  • Arya Murty

    Anahata Nada Journey website

    Namaste, I have great respect for Edna ji. I respect her experience. More, I respect her pure heart and helping nature.

  • John Sadler

    Anahata Nada Journey website

    I was referred to Edna de Jager by a mutual contact, for physical therapy and exercise after a hip replacement. Because of my limited mobility it was agreed that Edna would provide one on one therapy. I found Edna to be an extremely experienced and capable yoga and physical therapist, and she provided valuable instruction in a careful and caring manner. She worked within my capabilities with patience and only tested my limits when it was appropriate to do so. The exercise routines proved very successful and my range and fitness increased progressively. I would recommend Edna as a physical therapist to anyone lucky enough to obtain her services.

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