Anahata Healing Arts Centre is a donation-based holistic yoga retreat in India offering a space for all people to reconnect with themselves and nature.

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Ian Llewellyn

from Great Britain, November 2018

"More than I could have hoped for..."

I had expected to go on a yoga retreat, but never expected it to be such a complete and mesmerizing experience. Idyllic doesn't begin to describe the location, including Anahata Centre itself and also the village of Ravandur, and the people who live there. There is such an air of peace, tranquility, inclusiveness and humanity about Anahata. I visited after travelling to Bangalore on business, and I could not have asked for a more healing and genuinely warm experience. I rediscovered the value of simplicity and genuine human kindness over the week that I was here. I have never experienced such hospitality and welcoming. I came away from Anahata feeling that I had been cleansed, physically and mentally, and feel that this has added a permanent joyous tint to my day to day living back in London. I could not recommend Anahata more to anyone who wants to re-connect to what should be the basic ingredients of harmony and kindness in life. Kiran has done such a wonderful job creating Anahata. Visit to enrich yourself and humanity!


from Austria, September 2018

"Great stay"

Kiran is an amazing guy, with a wonderful project.

This retreat is not really a 100% yoga retreat, but more a spiritual retreat. I had an amazing peaceful week in Ravendur.