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3 Months Online 1-2-1 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Available in October, November & December
    from US$4,800
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    Ari Beers

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    Amelie Kraft

    from Austria, September 2020

    "A life-changing experience"

    I just completed the 200 hours yoga teacher training at Anahata Conscious Living and the experience I had was just incredible. The teacher, Dr. Ari Beers, is an amazing yoga teacher, who always radiates so much positivity, kindness, and joy. Ari has incredible knowledge regarding all aspects of yoga and Ayurveda and during the 6 weeks of the program I've learned so much from her. This training was highly interactive and provides you with a space to grow and develop your own unique power. I now feel so confident teaching yoga and I highly recommend this teacher training to everyone. Thank you so much Ari for helping me find my inner power and for this overall amazing experience.


    from United States, July 2020

    "200 hr Online 6-Week Holistic Yoga Teacher Training "

    I feel fully-informed and trained enough to teach yoga now, so I am satisfied!

    Dona Bayounguissa

    from Great Britain, November 2018

    " I would give 100 out of 5 stars"

    Ari is a well-known yoga teacher and this retreat was quickly sold out. She is also one of the most deep, thoughtful and big-hearted person that you could probably meet. "Your vibe attracts your tribe" and this is completely true when it comes to describe her team and this retreat.

    Communication was flawless. We had a whatsapp group with the other participants to introduce ourselves and start creating bounds weeks before.

    Participants: The atmosphere was very friendly and It was a small group retreat. Each one of us had, consciously or unconsciously, a purpose to attend this specific Retreat.

    Transportation: We had a team of drivers who really enjoyed sharing their love for their Island.

    Food: a naturopath Chef came every day to prepare our vegan and gluten free meals.

    Coaching: Ari had a network of friendly life coaches, shamans, meditators for any specific needs.

    It was not just a Yoga retreat but a full Body-Mind-Spirit healing experience.

    How was the overall experience? Moving. Life changing...

    Why attending a Women only retreat? Personally, It taught me how to tap into the strength, wisdom and powerful healing force of Sisterhood.

    I got the feeling that I was meant to meet all the beautiful souls who crossed my path during this retreat, well beyond the circle of the team and other participants. I left Bali with unforgettable memories and a 24/7 life-long international support from my new sisters tribe. I would highly recommend this Retreat to anyone.

    Nicole Thommen

    from Switzerland, August 2019

    "heartwarming and unforgettable 200h at the eastcoast of bali"

    We were a small group of 3 students. Ari is a wonderful teacher with a great heart and a lot of knowledge. I learned so much during the teacher-training about yoga, the philosophy of yoga and as well about myself! I would definitely do it again - these 200hours didn‘t turn me just into a yoga-teacher, they also helped me to know myself even better and changed my life! Thanks Ari for this unfrogettable experience!