Anaahat Yog offers Multi Style yoga training with Aerial yoga in Rishikesh and Dharamshala, India.

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3 Month Online Yoga Philosophy Course with 14 Live Sessions

November 1-January 29 | February 7-May 7, 2020–2021
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Prem Arya

Nurkyz Kadyrbaeva

Reviews (5)


from India, June 2020

"Prem Sir is a Knowledge Bank ever ready to share his Wisdom."

I liked the way every minute detailed aspect that was focused on.

Hon Keet Phoon

from Hong Kong, May 2020

Everything was great and the learning was always very engaging with Anaahat Yog. I enjoyed the every lifting moments of the experience and the strengths accumulation In each of the classes . Wonderful way to keep myself continuously engaged, learn and develop my skill with a passionate teacher. . Looking forward to more courses with Anaahat Yog.

Dolly Bhati

from India, May 2020

"Teacher who guides you through all the possible ways to grow"

I highly recommendAnaahat Yog and Prem ji without hesitation. I did my yoga and Pranayama teacher training with him at Anaahat Yog and am looking forward to do other trainings. He is a superb teacher. I found his understanding and knowledge of how the body moves not only physically also mentally and emotionally to be outstanding. I always felt safe to extend my practice under his guidance. He also led me to a much deeper practice in meditation. Beyond all this he is simply a wonderful human being. How simple and down to earth he is just beyond my expectations. Thanks Anaahat Yog and Prem ji from the depth of my heart for everything !!

Ujjwal Singh

from India, May 2020

"Best teacher who live it first before what he teaches !!"

Prem ji is one of my best teacher. I did not expect that I would learn such wonderful knowledges, I learned more than expected and I am very grateful. How nice is to have a teacher who is always ready to help you and to give you the best advice. Thank you so much! Honored to be his student🙏. I highly recommend this school to everyone who wish to deepen their knowledge in yoga, Specially with Prem Guru ji. His simplicity and kindness is something what I can't put in words. Just experience yourself once.