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Florida, United States

Amrit Yoga Institute is a network of practitioners dedicated to the evolution of consciousness through the teachings and lineage of Yogi Amrit Desai.

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  • Laura Katers

    Amrit Yoga Institute website

    I have been exposed to Yoga Nidra now for about seven months and after the workshop this weekend I know that I will make it a daily part of my life. The potential for affirming beneficial life changes is profound and tangible. One lesson I feel that I learned is how to live spiritually rich and aspire to be a better human being in a world that in many ways does not support the spiritual path. I have often wondered who heals the healer? I aspire to work in drug and substance abuse and in mental health and I have often questioned keeping my own balance while helping so many others. Then I think of Yoga Nidra and even some of the basic spiritual science bestowed upon us this weekend and I discover that everything we need to heal or to grow or to be happy we contain. The power and the possibility come from within. This in itself gives me great peace because I know that I have the capacity to change my own life. It is an amazing gift and I feel very grateful to have been given it, and to have searched for it, you young in my journey.

  • Mel C.

    Amrit Yoga Institute website

    My experience with Yoga Nidra meditation was relaxing, calming. I had moments when I saw bright light under my eye lids. The most effective was when I placed my tongue on the roof of my mouth. It immediately made me present; there was even a visualization at my third eye of light streaming in. I had these moments but also realize how much my mind chatters as I struggle at times. I realize I am just starting my journey to guide the mind and maintain peace. Thank you for the lessons and I will incorporate them into my life. Much love.

  • Laura Harsha Conley Florida

    Yogatrail website

    I am truly blessed that the Amrit Yoga Institute is my spiritual home. The teachings and energy of our lineage as transmitted by Yogi Amrit Desai (Gurudev) have fostered profound personal transformation in my life, and the evolutionary process is continually unfolding. Ram Dass has said, "We are all just walking each other home." I could not ask for a more loving, supportive, and devoted community to walk with me on my journey of awakening.

  • Laurie Nelson

    Amrit Yoga Institute website

    Yoga Nidra is the most profound way to meditate that I have ever experienced. It leaves me with a sense of calm and joy that gives me lasting clarity. I can see the difference Yoga Nidra makes in my daily life, with less stress, an ease in my relationships, and a strong connection with my inner being. Thank you for bringing this wonderful practice into my life Gurudev.

  • Mark McGinley

    Amrit Yoga Institute website

    I now understand how all religions are speaking the same language and thus I am convinced I am following the pure truth. The truth I have discovered today is that divine energy is all around me and the universe is full of it, and I have this within me. That the love and compassion and wisdom of Christ or Buddha are the expression of prana or this divine energy. That I can reflect this divine energy by bypassing the mind and focusing my attention using Yoga Nidra techniques. This has opened a door for me, a window to see clearly and the potential to live a divine life. How exciting.

  • Traveler

    Amrit Yoga Institute website

    After this Yoga Nidra experience when deep emotions from past experiences arise when I remember that situation, for the first time I can acknowledge them without re-experiencing them. Gradually they are losing their tremendous charge. I can face them and truly understand that they no longer have the power to hurt me.

  • Bonnie L. Florida

    Yelp website

    I just returned from the Prana Awakening Program. If you're looking for a place to slip away and learn about yourself, this is it. If you want to know and practice true yoga, this is it. Gurudev teaches "Yoga is evenness of mind". It is achievable. Food is prepared with love. Accomadations are comfortable. Serenity is priceless.

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