Our company is based in UK and Greece (since 1984) and provide stunning sailing and yoga vacations in Greece.

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Maria Rallou Papatsimpa

Vasiliki Besiri

Maraianna Maliaroudaki

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Monika Slezak

from Germany, October 2019

I was really lucky to meet great people, that were open-minded, kind, funny and keen to practice yoga twice a day!

Elias is a very good skipper, and could squeeze our boat in every harbor like he was parking a car!

Accommodation in the hotels meet my expectations (except Tinos).

Yoga classes were great - I would be happy to do more challenging practice, but Yvonne made her best to adjust exercises to the level of all participants.

Pamela Wilson

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Girls sailing and yoga in Greece"

Drinking Champagne in a natural hot tub. Seven girls on a boat from early twenties to seventies. Sailed together, swam together, ate together. We bonded very quickly and will stay friends. Just perfect. Ilias and Yovonne very professional. Hotel rooms good. Can't wait to do it again.


Chloe Walden

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"An excellent week sailing and doing yoga "

This was a brilliant week which definitely surpassed my expectations. Our skipper - Elias - had organised everything perfectly from the route, to little island and inlets we could swim in to beautiful hotels.

Our yoga instructor, Yvonne, was brilliant too and able to tailor our sessions to everyone’s different abilities, as well as find the best locations.

We had an excellent group of seven ladies as well, all mixed backgrounds and ages. What was great was every was very social and happy to get involved to help sail the boat, prepare lunch, and eat together in the evening. Having such a wonderful group of people definitely made the experience that extra touch better.

Overall, it was a brilliant week-long retreat and I can’t wait to go back!

Stephan Schulmeister

from Austria, June 2019

"Wonderful days in the Aegeon sea"

Very different people with very different ages (from 20 to 72) coming closer together through talking, laughing, sailing, exercizing yoga, eating, enjoying life

Marilena Papaioannou

from Greece, October 2019

We were a small group of people on board, 6 in total (including our skipper Elias and our yoga instructor Yvonne), so this worked out just great! If one loves the sea, this retreat is perfect, because you spend a lot of time sailing. In general, you enjoy the sea much more than if you were vacationing on land. Not only do you sail, but you get to jump into the water, be in the sun, enjoy the landscape. Combing this with yoga on very particular spots on land was really great. Also, I appreciated the fact that our instructor really respected our personal desires (my friend and I were really not up for morning practices, as we both came exhausted from our work). Elias, the skipper, was also great, he actually spend quite some time with us and mingled nicely. On the whole, I spent a week on the boat, but when I came back, it felt like I had been away for a whole month - which means that I was really able to disconnect completely from my own everyday reality!


from Switzerland, October 2019

"Wonderful Sea & Sunshine & Sailing & Yoga Experience"

I enjoyed every part of the trip; from rough sailing with a lot of wind and waves, to peaceful meditations. The size and composition of the crew was excellent as well. Elias took us to a total of five different islands, one more beautiful than the other.

With Yvonne we did yoga in all sorts of different magnificent places, right in front of the boat, on the top of the mountain or on nice terrasses overlooking the sea. It was just an amazing experience.


from Netherlands, October 2019

"Un'ottima vacanza, se amate andare in barca"

A me piace molto andare in barca a vela, per cui ho trovato molto rilassante navigare per lunghe ore, anche di notte, con molto vento e onde. La compagnia era buona, il sole, ovviamente, abbondante, la cucina greca la conosciamo: molta insalata greca, pesce, yogurt, e altri tipici piatti greci. Di sera si mangia nei ristorantini, e quando si approda in un porto si fa' un po' di spesa con la cassa comune. Lo yoga e' semplice, per tutti; di solito si pratica una volta al giorno a seconda del tempo, della location, e dell'umore del gruppo. Sono stata fortunata ad avere una cabina tutta per me, perche' se avessi dovuto condividerla con qualcuno, ci si sarebbe stati un po' strettini. E' una vacanza che richiede un buono spirito di adattamento, perche' i piani cambiano spesso, a seconda del tempo.


from United Kingdom, October 2019

"If you like sailing, it is a very good holiday."

I liked sailing, being in touch with nature, the sunshine, the beautiful islands and landscapes.Sightseeing. Good company. I was grateful to sleep in a cabin on my own, because sharing that little cabin with someone else would have felt a bit tight.

Yoga is also a mindset, and one of the main mindsets is surrendering. Even though, and a few people seemed to have been complaining about it, you don’t actually get two yoga classes a day, because of weather condition, location, or because not everyone onboard is willing to get up early, and so on; however, what you will certainly practice during this holiday, is not having a clue of what you will be doing next; and even if you are told what the plan will be for the following day, expect a complete shift in plan in the morning, according to how the wind blows; forecasts are never exact, therefore, during this trip, the wind is the king and the final decision maker. Therefore, come with no expectations, and you will be better off!

The yoga you actually practice is mild, gentle, a nice and much needed stretch in between navigation time. Locations vary, but expect to practice on the beach, on the peer, by churches, little squares or other suitable locations; or on the boat itself.

I came back refreshed, relaxed, with a feeling of expansion, connected with my natural Self. My mind was clear, positive and full of sunshine. If you like sailing, and you want to get away from it all, I think it is a very good holiday.


from Serbia, July 2019

"Great, but"

The islands were amazing. Doing yoga was great. Sailing is always wonderful.

Annie Freres

from Germany, July 2019

"Perfect Combination "

Every day is different, full of surprises... be amazed!

The yoga teachers were always very open to respond to the group’s needs and always available for a chat to share their wisdom, both very experienced, always helpful and kind.

Elias - alias Capitano - or the skipper always made us feel safe, he was flexible to respond to ideas like swimming in the open sea, always relaxed, kind and very experienced... he knows what he’s doing!!

Beautiful places... beautiful journeys... I can only warmly recommend this trip... you’ll be well taken care off and for the open-minded yogis it’s a perfect combination!!!


from Netherlands, July 2019

"Great experience, but a few things I wish I knew ahead..."

The islands of the Cyclades are beautiful and I very much enjoyed seeing them in this way. Marianna was an excellent yoga teacher, as well as a very friendly guide to Greek culture, food, etc. (though Elias hires different teachers for different weeks, so no guarantee that she will be the instructor) Elias is very kind hearted and has very interesting stories to share after so many years of sailing. The trip was very relaxing and we had fantastic weather. I loved all of the swimming that we were able to do. The people on the islands are friendly. Food on the islands was very reasonable. Dinners with large amounts of wine at the restaurants were generally no more than 20 euros. I would do this trip over again, just with slightly different expectations than what I had going into it.

Marie Houdart

from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

"Just perfect"

Everything was perfect, fun and relaxing


from France, August 2021

"La galère.."

Les cours de yoga, la beauté des îles des Cyclades.

Super prof de toga qui essayait de toujours trouver des solutions et nous faire des super cours de yoga. Merci Mariana 😇


from Germany, August 2019

"Sailing & Yoga "

I had the best time with Elias, Yvonne and Athina on board ! Great relaxing experience on the greek ocean

Flora Spaeth

from Netherlands, July 2019


I truly had the most relaxing week of my life: sunshine, beautiful surroundings, the peacefulness of sailing ( even though due to the wind we used the motor most of the times), a wonderful group of people, delicious food and skipper Elias with his big heart for others dedicated to give everybody the most amazing experience while watching over our safety at all times!

Tine Dewachter

from Belgium, May 2019

"An awesome experience!"

I had an amazing holiday, it was my first time sailing and I loved every minute of it! Elias is a very experienced skipper and made me feel right at home on the boat. I really loved the various yoga sessions with Athina too.

I am very grateful for the experience, I enjoyed it very much!