We are Martin Sittek & Joanna Vladescu. Our vision is to combine and share our knowledge, teaching experience and expertise with other yogis.

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Vivien Lommerse

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Couldn't have had a better experience!"

I had an amazing time with Alpha Yoga School at Evia silence. The location is beautiful, the staff very kind and the food is amazing. I learned so much these weeks and really deepened my practice and understanding of yoga.

The workshops are a nice addition to the program and I absolutely loved alignment & adjustment. It is such an interesting and useful class and Martin is a very experienced and funny teacher, so the classes were always interesting. I really enjoyed the vinyasa classes as well. Joanna makes amazing flows that got me sweating like no other vinyasa class I have done before.

As for COVID, we had to do a test before coming to Greece. At Evia there were hand sanitizers everywhere and when for example getting food (the buffet is in a smaller room) we could only enter with 2/3 people at the same time. Furthermore, you spend a lot of time outside, so I felt very safe during my whole stay.

I met amazing people here and it is great how quickly you form a connection with everyone by being together 24/7. I would definitely recommend taking this YTT. At first, I was looking for a cheaper course, but choose this course in the end cause the program appealed to me very much and its value for money 100%. I am very happy I chose to do this with Alpha Yoga, this has been an experience I will never forget.

Neila Steele

from Saudi Arabia, July 2019

"Recommended "

Joanna and Laura are very patient and calm teachers, they show and have such passion for sharing their knowledge and love of yoga. They are attentive teachers and really get to know each and every student and their personalized needs.

Signe Eshøj

from Denmark, July 2019

"Best yoga teacher training!"

Martin and Joanna are excellent teachers and have put together the perfect curriculum for you to deepen your practice and becoming a yogateacher! I loved the big emphasis on “Adjustments and alignment”, which I am sure you won’t get most places, at least not in this amount or quality! Definately the best classes of the course. The two hour morning yogaclasses were excelent. I loved that it changed between Ashtanga and Vinyasa and how much attention the two teachers paid to evolving your practice. I didn’t practice Ashtanga before I got there and wasn’t sure it was really for me. Martin turned that around! I don’t think I will be a “pure ashtangi”, but he really opened my eyes to the practice. I also loved the many workshops we did, to dig in to some of the more challenging asanas or working on correct alignment in some of the poses we think we know and regards as easy, but that potentially can injure us, because we are doing it wrong (e.g. Chaturanga). We started teaching each other during the first few days, which in my opinion is very important, so that you can slowly begin to develop your scills as a teacher. The classes where we taught each other were excellent and we got a lot of usable information on how to teach and build a class. In general I found that the theoretical classes really opened up to everything behind the physical yoga practice. The place was beautiful, the staff nice and the water amazing. I would with no doubt recomend this teacher training!

Aneta Opletalová

from Czechia, July 2019

"Practice and all is coming."

Amazing life-changing experience! Could not wish for a better TTC. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with the best teachers. They are very well educated, passionate and so inspiring. They supported us and motivated us during the whole training, because they wanted us to leave as confident teachers with great skills. The knowledge they provided about philosophy and anatomy was enough to understand the concepts of yoga and to encourage us to continue studying. The training was very intense, od course, but the schedule was well planned. When we felt really tired, we always had easier day ahead of us. It was never boring, because every subject had a different teacher. We learned about adjustment, alignment, vinyasa sequencing, pranayama techniques...we covered a lot!

For most of us this was first real experience with ashtanga yoga and it really provided a great foundation to further studies. In one week we were able to practice in a mysore class, without any previous experience.

The location was amazing, with crystal clear sea, great food and nice, clean accomodation.

Thank you for everything!


from Great Britain, November 2019

"Angelique "

They were enthusiastic and shared their knowledge with love and care.

Heather Foley

from Great Britain, October 2019

"The perfect Yoga TTC for me"

I am a physiotherapist who enjoys and appreciates the philosophy and essence of yoga. I had a bad experience whilst attending a yoga foundation course that was completed over 5 weekends, so much so I was reluctant to go on to get my yoga TT qualification. It took me 3 years before I decided to do so.

I couldn't have attended a better TT course, to re inspire my desire to teach yoga. From the outset I had a good feeling about this course and the staff surpassed my expectations throughout. Joanna, Martin and Laura all have incredibly different personalities and ways of approaching their teaching and I enjoyed all three styles.

Laura is so incredibly passionate about what she teaches especially Philosophy, it is a joy to listen to her.

Martin is very entertaining and has an air of sarcasm, which is refreshing - my previous course was intense and critical - Martins style was so much more welcoming.

And of course not forgetting Joanna, who was my main source of contact before the course started. I have a very restrictive non vegetarian diet and Joanna was very supportive and organised food for me throughout, without any criticism or opinion towards how I eat. Any questions I had prior to the course she answered promptly and it helped me feel like I had made the right decision to attend their course. Joanna's teaching style was relaxed and enjoyable.

All three exude passion to a high level. I wish them all the luck in their future and highly recommend their course.


from Germany, September 2019

"Highly recommended"

It was a great retreat in a stunning location on Kythnos with two excellent yoga teachers.

I have been to some retreats, but that was the best and I will definitely try to come to another retreat from Joanna and Martin.

Manon Bussat

from France, November 2019

"Une superbe expérience "

J’ai réalisé la formation 200h avec alpha yoga School en octobre 2019. Le cadre était chouette à 3 min de la mer. Les enseignements sont de qualité et complets. Je recommande vraiment cette formation. Attention ce n’est pas une retraite, il y a donc pas mal d’études à faire mais on en sort grandit avec une très bonne base en Ashtanga. Le yoga est pratiqué tous les jours.