Alpesh Yoga and Breathing is a registered yoga school that specializes in pranayama and Hatha yoga teacher training courses in Goa and Dharamshala, India.

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25 Days 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

January 6-30 | February 6-March 1, 2020
    from US$1,331
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    13 Days 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

    January 6-18, 2020 | February 6-18, 2020

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    Alpesh Patwari

    Benu Ji

    Acharya Swami Suresh

    Jyoti Kumar

    Reviews (12)


    from India, September 2019

    "Sexual misconduct during the TTC"

    I am not to write any good review on this account, because yoga teachers like Alpesh Patwari, who allows themselves that hideous sexual misconduct, must be excluded from yoga community totally, not to mention forbid from teaching or running yoga schools. Actually there is no place for that people anywhere in society except for psychiatric hospitals and jails.

    I am very grateful though for those teachers and students who supported me in different ways when I was victimized during the yoga course.

    The teacher is totally unaware of his actions and determines his sexually assaulting behavior as his strict, indian way of teaching. One time before, and one time after class I personally had been approached from back, embraced and squeezed in the area of arms and chest by him (which is highly dangerous for my health, and he new it) and lifted, so that his genitals were pressed to my butt. Without my consent or informing about what he was going to do. Both times he did it in front of other TTC and drop in students, and they were free to witness. He also offered me a massage in one of that incidents. I made him know I don't like it and directly named his behavior as a harassment when it happened again, but nothing changed much. There were also a lot of hints and pressure. Indian girl that ones came to our class were treated in a very different, respectful manner. Situation became better when a girl from one of previous batches made a review about his misconduct

    Andrea Pavesi

    from Italy, September 2017

    "Learn real yoga spirit with Alpesh"

    The teacher dedication, committment and humanity, the yoga studio, the participants

    [email protected] Rai

    from India, July 2017

    "I love the place and experience i had there"


    Jess Bradley

    from New Zealand, June 2019

    "I cannot fault this course!"

    Everything about this course was fab! The location was just amazing, what an incredible part of the world. The food and accommodation were above expectations, and due to the meal deal that Alpesh provided, each meal was varied and to my tastes. All of the varied lessons and instructors were so interesting and beneficial, and Alpesh himself is just wonderful as the facilitator of this course. He is kind, patient and funny, and really made each lesson so enjoyable.

    Shyamala Surendran

    from India, December 2018

    Alpesh is a great teacher and a very nice human. Also Very friendly. Made me “feel at home”. His classes are strong and it’s so much fun. I gained a lot of knowledge from him. My body has changed so much in 6 days. Many thanks to him :)


    from Canada, April 2018

    Bhagsu is a delightful hippy village in the Himalayas away from pushy hawkers. It's a short walk to the Tibetan-like village of Macleod Ganj - home of the Dhali Lama. The weather is cool here in April ( so different from Dehli!), the people friendly, the cafes terrific. Alpesh is terrific at alignment. His cues will stay in your head for a long time

    Tal Epshtein

    from Israel, April 2018

    "Greatful is the best way to express my experience at Alpesh "

    A combination of having the opportunity to experience and get to know myself through my yoga practise.

    Axel Tuliara

    from Finland, December 2017

    "A great experience"

    Food was excellent. The whole staff was very helpful and I learned so much in a week. Alpesh is a great teacher with a strong attitude. He can also push you to perform better!

    Ronit Maoz

    from Israel, August 2017

    "A total experience"

    The yoga retreat with Alpesh was a wonderful experience. It was mainly so because Alpesh is a "born teacher".He was sincere,understanding,, with self respect, and also respectful. There was also a certain sense of humor and flexibilty, especially at watching each student and quickly analysing who is who and what are the needs of the person as well as the group . From the professional side I felt that I can trust him wholeheartedly . During class his clear explantions as well as personal example made me remain focused throughout the session and even surprise myself with my own achievements.

    Alpesh introduced me to the world of yoga in a way that was very different from what I previously thought I knew. With all respect to the physical side, It was a spiritual experience as well.

    I wish I could have stayed longer. Returning home I told my family and friends of this unique experience.

    Sandra Maraldo

    from Germany, February 2019

    "Highly recommend the 200 hours teacher training with Alpesh "

    Alpesh is an amazing teacher with a great knowledge and he is a wonderful human being. He takes care of the needs of his students and he is able to help them when they have medical issues (for example back pain or problems with their knees).

    While he is giving yoga classes he explains the benefits of the different asanas.

    I appreciated a lot that he always corrects you and always gives you the right advise when you are not doing the postures in the correct way. I although learned from him and his team, what yoga truly is, which goes far beyond making beautiful asanas.

    Too make a long story short : For me it is a wonderful way of life!!!

    Doing the teacher training course with Alpesh and his outstanding team was a life transforming experience for me.

    I learned so many things from Alpesh, Gopi, Arjun and Patricia and I am very thankful therefore. They are all inspiring teachers and wonderful and unique charakters.

    They opened my mind and helped me to expand my consciousness.

    From the first moment I felt welcome. Alpesh and his team made my feel like a member of their family and I am looking forward to see them again.

    Santiago Vázquez

    from United States, August 2017

    "Gracias. Thank you."

    La experiencia del yoga debe ser completa, más que sólo un ejercicio físico, más que sólo paz. Encontré una formación profunda que Alpesh facilitó, y que fue alimentada por otros dos maestros que apoyan el programa con filosofía, anatomía, y pranayama. El lugar está hecho para encontrar personas afines a una vida sencillamente feliz. Estoy muy agradecido con la experiencia.

    Yoga is more than just a physical work, and Alpesh knows how to teach the complete experience. Also there is a team of wonderful teachers that help go further in anatomy, philosophy and pranayama. It is a wonderful place where you can find people that want an honest happy life, great to mingle.

    Alex Bru Dominguez

    from Spain,

    I start with Alpesh TTC in May 2017 and I'm very glad I decided to do it with him. Although it took more than 10 years practicing Iyengar yoga centers in my country as Iyengar Yoga Center of Barcelona® where students have some extra equipment and some teachers with a high level of training, can ensure that the Alpesh is an extraordinary professor. During the course, always been open to listening to all students, it is flexible yet demanding, I've never seen it leave any student hand, was open to transmit his knowledge without restriction or limit made thank you very, personally has worried the personal problems that each of his students may have had during the course apart from being a teacher was a great friend and esteem and believes that he does. Regarding practice, the style combines classic Iyengar classes typical of media (in this sense I think that would equip the center with a little more material, as good chairs Iyengar) and Flow or Vinyasa style classes, personally I loved that because it breaks the mental routine and gives a lot of variability classes. He has a great knowledge of the technique of Pranayama and we practiced on loan sequences are personalized for each student. Regarding the theoretical study material, I think it could be improved as it is a bit chaotic. It also taught us to a very important fact is that yoga is not only the practice of Asanas, has shown us the importance and power of mantra, meditation, Karma yoga and the Yamas and Nyamas. Finally, the atmosphere was very nice with lots of love, we laughed, we practiced hard and he left to go to Cookie Wal·la Jams sessions in Uper Bagsuh every night (this also recommend it as the Masala Chai Singh's Corner).