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Alpesh Yoga and Breathing is a registered yoga school that specializes in pranayama and Hatha yoga teacher training courses in Goa and Dharamshala, India.

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Alpesh Patwari

Alpesh vanquished epilepsy and other ailments emanating from it with the help of yoga. At a tender age of 12 Alpesh was fighting with this medical condition and after depending on other medicines he couldn’t find any recovery. Instead, he was surrounded by several other problems like memory loss, depression and trembling. Finally, Alpesh took up yoga as his last resort to come out of this vicious circle of ailments and live a healthy and normal life. Alpesh has been practicing yoga for more than 22 years now and is a trained and certified yoga teacher.

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Tal Epshtein

from Israel, April 2018

"Greatful is the best way to express my experience at Alpesh "

A combination of having the opportunity to experience and get to know myself through my yoga practise.

Santiago Vázquez

from United States, August 2017

"Gracias. Thank you."

La experiencia del yoga debe ser completa, más que sólo un ejercicio físico, más que sólo paz. Encontré una formación profunda que Alpesh facilitó, y que fue alimentada por otros dos maestros que apoyan el programa con filosofía, anatomía, y pranayama. El lugar está hecho para encontrar personas afines a una vida sencillamente feliz. Estoy muy agradecido con la experiencia.

Yoga is more than just a physical work, and Alpesh knows how to teach the complete experience. Also there is a team of wonderful teachers that help go further in anatomy, philosophy and pranayama. It is a wonderful place where you can find people that want an honest happy life, great to mingle.


from Canada, April 2018

Bhagsu is a delightful hippy village in the Himalayas away from pushy hawkers. It's a short walk to the Tibetan-like village of Macleod Ganj - home of the Dhali Lama. The weather is cool here in April ( so different from Dehli!), the people friendly, the cafes terrific. Alpesh is terrific at alignment. His cues will stay in your head for a long time

Axel Tuliara

from Finland, December 2017

"A great experience"

Food was excellent. The whole staff was very helpful and I learned so much in a week. Alpesh is a great teacher with a strong attitude. He can also push you to perform better!

Andrea Pavesi

from Italy, September 2017

"Learn real yoga spirit with Alpesh"

The teacher dedication, committment and humanity, the yoga studio, the participants

Ronit Maoz

from Israel, August 2017

"A total experience"

The yoga retreat with Alpesh was a wonderful experience. It was mainly so because Alpesh is a "born teacher".He was sincere,understanding,, with self respect, and also respectful. There was also a certain sense of humor and flexibilty, especially at watching each student and quickly analysing who is who and what are the needs of the person as well as the group . From the professional side I felt that I can trust him wholeheartedly . During class his clear explantions as well as personal example made me remain focused throughout the session and even surprise myself with my own achievements.

Alpesh introduced me to the world of yoga in a way that was very different from what I previously thought I knew. With all respect to the physical side, It was a spiritual experience as well.

I wish I could have stayed longer. Returning home I told my family and friends of this unique experience.

Shabaritha Rai

from India, July 2017

"I love the place and experience i had there"


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a traveller

Alpesh Yoga and Breathing website

Thank you for your open and honest comments. We appreciate your feedback greatly and appreciate that you took time to highlight areas for improvement. We are sorry the food was not to your liking. If we had known sooner we perhaps could have helped. In general the majority of our students are happy with the food but of course we will look into any improvements. Many best wishes and thank you for visiting our studio.

Tal Epshtein Israel

Alpesh Yoga and Breathing website

Dear Tal. Your presence here was a delight. It was a pleasure to watch you progress from a beginner to an advanced student. You worked very hard to improve your practice and always with a wonderful happy smile on your face. We miss you and hope to see you again soon. Thank you for trusting and respecting me a lot. Please come again and again and grace us with your wonderful presence!

Axel Tuliara Finland

Alpesh Yoga and Breathing website

Namaste Axel Gi. Thank you for your comments. You brought to the studio a very calm and beautifuly relaxed energy. We saw that you enjoyed the course greatly and appreciate the friends and recommendations that you brought to us. We hope you will visit us again soon and look forward to experiencing your happy yoga energy. Thank you.

Andrea Pavesi Italy

Alpesh Yoga and Breathing website

Thank you Andrea. It was a pleasure to teach you. You always listened to instruction and always I will appreciate how you created such a wonderful family atmosphere for all the students in the group. Thank you and Namaste dear Andrea. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Santiago Vázquez United States

Alpesh Yoga and Breathing website

Thank you for bringing so much happiness and fun to the studio. You made so many jokes and brought so much laughter to the yoga experience. We look forward to meeting you again and wish you the best of luck for your acting career. Please remember to come and visit us when you are a famous Hollywood star!

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