Aliya Galim

Aliya Galim specializes in Somatic Yoga Movement, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, meditation, dance, and breathwork to guide you as you face your limits and abilities.

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Raphael Fol

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Wonderful experience "

The place, the amazing teachers with a smile 24h7, the food, the staff, the pool, the every day coconut water.

Vicky Yap

from Hong Kong, April 2018

"Journey of Soul"

The combination of these two amazing women, Aliya and Cher, make this journey balance, lots of fun and love. They have included plenty of topics make me want to explore more.

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Ri Tika India

Aliya Galim website

Thank you Aliya for taking me on such a special journey into myself. It was an interesting session, very relaxing in the beginning but then I was amazed to see how Aliya guided me to a place where some blocks in my energy were revealed. Through careful guidance and questions, Aliya helped me to see what the blocks were about and I was able to come to clear understanding about them. I felt so light and free afterward. It’s a magical journey Aliya takes you on but one that requires courage and clarity.

Myrna Younes Lebanon

Aliya Galim website

I attended the 3 days workshop in Beirut last weekend and I would like you to know this:

I feel Blessed and most of all I feel very proud of myself to have taken good decisions in my life that led me to meeting you and learning from you. It was never easy for me to change.... I’ve always seeked “change” and chased after it and for the first time I feel “change” is chasing after me, wanting me so bad to listen and take what I’m receiving seriously and Change. A teacher is everything. And I’m grateful for your teaching. I respect the way you loaded us with precious information and guided us even after you left, making it very clear that we are always connected with you and to the power of knowledge you’re willing to keep in our reach at all times. Aliya, I’m very thankful because I have a foundation of knowledge I can share now with my two teenage daughters who desperately need all this love and guidance.

Hannah Shaw United States

Aliya Galim website

Aliya’s therapy was a completely new experience for me as I’ve never tried any visualization techniques before. She was professional, gentle, helpful and knowledgeable in her guidance throughout the session. At the end of the session I felt clearer about the topics we covered and I left with a plan of action. While I struggled to stop my mind from dictating the therapy, this was a great introduction for me and something I would definitely like to try again in the future.

Kyla Miniken Australia

Aliya Galim website

When I first signed up to have a session with Aliya I had no idea what Mind Body Therapy involved. But her warm smile and gentle personality made me feel so comfortable and open that I just went with it and put my trust in her. It turns out that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Through deep relaxation I explored memories from my life that were once forgotten. These minute experiences turned out to be the keys in understanding so many things about myself and the distructive patterns in my life. With these realisations I have been able to really see, understand and let go of my past, moving forward with my head held high to take on my real purpose in this life. I am and will always be grateful that I was sent something so wonderfully healing.

Vera Shkatova United Kingdom

Aliya Galim website

During my stay at the Island Yoga retreat I was lucky to have attended two of Aliya’s two hour classes. One was focused on breathing meditation and another was a spinal workshop. After the spinal workshop our whole group was just in awe of how good the class was and some people felt like they had to come up and personally thank Aliya not once but twice. For me, both of Aliya’s classes were incredibly transformational and the best teaching classes I’d ever experienced.

Aliya is an amazing and inspirational teacher. Her positive and relaxed vibes were very strong, this played a big part in the overall enjoyment of her sessions. She is super knowledgeable and throughout her sessions she kept sharing practical tips I could take away to apply in my meditation and everyday life back home. I’d highly recommend taking Aliya’s classes and workshops for a truly breakthrough experience. She also played the most beautiful meditation music which is a big bonus and again contributed greatly to the quality of the class.

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