Algarve Fitness offers a health, fitness, wellness, activity, and yoga retreats based in Algarve, Portugal. Algarve Fitness focuses on variety and enjoyment.

Testimonials (4)

Aonghus O'R Ireland

Algarve Fitness website

Incredible week! The training was top notch and the resort was amazing. I learnt so much and had lots of fun, can't wait to go back!

Jonathan W. Canada

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Beautiful weather, awesome workouts and healthiest foods. My type of vacation!

Kevin A. United Kingdom

Algarve Fitness website

I really enjoyed my time at Algarve Fitness. Not only did my fitness improve throughout the week, I also had a fun time with some good craic!

Michael C. Ireland

Algarve Fitness website

Great break, great company, it was such a fun week and just what the doctor ordered. I admit that I’d a beer or two in the evenings. For me the week was basically about detoxing body and mind, de-stressing and being active and eating clean for a week. That’s what I did. I’d new experiences, and really enjoyed the stand-up paddle boarding. The activities included a 20km hill-trek across some beautiful countryside, two 40km cross-country bike rides which apart from the exercise, were really interesting. I skipped the surfing classes because I’ve done it before, but the guys really enjoyed it. The formal fitness training was mainly in the resort but we did a beach workout one day near where were going to Stand-up paddle later. I came home a few kilos lighter, and it’s probably the first holiday I’ve had where I’ve come home feeling lighter and better than when I left.