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200-Hour Online Teacher Training Course

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2021
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Pablo Bustillo

Lila Lorduy

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Blandine Duverger

from Jamaica, July 2021

"Best decision I ever made !"

I loved everything !! The teachers, the group who became like family, the house, the food, the staff, the night games, the cats, the whole vibe was BEYOND AMAZING. The classes and discussions we had were always SO inspiring ! I came just wanting to have a yoga certification and I am leaving with my heart full of love and gratefulness for the best experience I could ever wish for. Lila and Pablo created the most beautiful Yoga School with the only goal of sharing their knowledge from a place of love and trust me they rocked it !! If you are hesitating booking this training, do not anymore, it will change your life in the best possible way just like it did for me and for all of us. I will forever be thankful for the universe to have showed me the way to Akasha Yoga School. Namaste

Veronica Vehl

from Denmark, May 2021

"Life changing experience!"

It was an absolutely amazing experience! The teachers Lila and Pablo are excellent teachers who really taught me a lot of what real yoga is and the whole philosophy behind it! They also prioritize to teach about anatomy which is very very important too. I felt (still do) really ready to teach yoga after the course. The house is incredible and has all you need, a pool, beautiful view and spaces to practice yoga. The food is very very good too and healthy! I am so happy I took my 200 hour yoga-teacher training course in Akasha Yoga school, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering to take an 200 hours teacher training course.

Ileana Gomez

from United States, May 2021

"Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Start to my Yoga Journey..."

Lila and Pablo are a powerhouse of a duo! They are both so knowledgeable and passionate in what they do, and it shines through with such a contagious immensity! The course was really well structured, and although there was so much new information coming at me, I feel they did an exceptional job in presenting and repeating it in such an easy and efficient way to help me absorb everything in a confident manner. The accommodation went above my expectations with daily room cleanings, pool access, wifi, access to a washer, safe filtered water, and really high attention to detail in taking COVID precautions. The view towards the ocean, as well as the house aesthetic was beautifully enjoyable. I loved that they were attentive in helping me with whatever I needed. I highly recommend this course!!!

Thalia Majdalawieh

from United States, May 2021

"Life Changing Experience "

Everything about this yoga teacher training was amazing! Everything anyone will ever need or want in a yoga teacher training from spiritual , physical, and mental ! The instructors are passionate about what they do and will make sure you’re on your way to a beautiful journey/chapter in your life ! If your dream is to be a yoga teacher this is the place for you! You will learn so much and meet the most incredible humans! Thank you akasha yoga school for this life changing experience !

Lisa Cimino

from United States, May 2021

"Two words: Life Changing."

I went into this experience knowing my goal was to become a yoga instructor.. little did I know it would completely change the way I viewed the world & myself. To start, the home was beautiful, breathtaking sunsets every night, refreshing pool for the super hot days, && hammocks to relax on scattered throughout the property. The staff, always eager to help, always had a smile on their faces, I don’t think it was possible to walk around that house without feeling a sense of joy. The knowledge I learned, the inner struggles I faced, the inner strength I built, the practices & meditations each morning, were all so beautiful in their own diverse way. I am beyond blessed to have started my yogic path at Akasha Yoga School. I will carry Lila & Pablos light so close to my heart and keep spreading it everywhere I go.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Nicki L

from United States, May 2021

"I don't even recognize myself after this transformation "

Lila and Pablo are a beautiful, loving couple who make this program an absolute pleasure to attend. Their love is present in each and every lesson provided.

The style of teaching and the small group setting makes it easy to feel very engaged in the curriculum as you have a lot of one to one time with the teachers.

Pablo and Lila stay with us in the house where the school is located, and are active and present in our lives throughout the entire 26 days. They are always willing to answer questions in person or via chat whenever necessary.

Their level of communication throughout the entire process and journey was absolutely perfect. They truly care.

I am leaving this program feeling absolutely equipped to provide thoughtful, creative and safe yoga classes to the students I wish to work with.

Not to mention the delicious food prepared by Anna and Lacho (sp?) that has left everyone with healthier bodies. They work so hard to keep everyone fed and any needs we have at almost any time of day.

Thank you SO much, Lila and Pablo. I am a new woman thanks to the love you put into everything you do.


Nicole Normile

from United States, March 2021

"A life changing experience"

Akasha yoga school was so much more than I expected. For one, the house is exquisite and an incredible place to have this experience.

Lila and Pablo are the perfect team. Lila is an incredibly talented and passionate yoga teacher and brings a spiritual aspect to her teachings making it a much bigger experience. Pablo is extremely logical and taught us philosophy in a very straightforward and direct way making it easier to understand. He is probably the most humble person and teacher I have ever met. Both of them make the school what it is. For me the experience was far beyond just getting my yoga teaching certification and reiki level 2; it was a month of healing and growing and coming out a bigger more connected person. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

Also on a side note, the food was amazing all the time. Prepare to be extremely hungry doing all that yoga!

Jo Hutchins

from United States, March 2021

"Puerto Colombia YTT"

The overall experience was amazing. Lila and Pablo created a very warm and safe atmosphere for the 26 training days. The program consisted of Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Asana Lab, Practical's and Meditation alongside additional yogic information and holistic tools which added to the educational platform. There was enough downtime so it wasn't overwhelming and I enjoyed the pace as a intermediate yogi. The meals were delicious and the lodging had many open spaces to enjoy plus hammocks and a pool to enjoy during down time. The atmosphere felt very family oriented and the teachers sincerely care about their students and encourage free thinking throughout the course. Do keep in mind though, that if you're heat sensitive the summer months will be very warm.

Jochen Spretke

from United States, March 2021

"Very good Teacher Training"

This Teacher Training was very good both Teachers are very good

From the yoga site Pablo is a incredible teacher of the yoga history the Vetas the 8 limbs of yoga meditation........this was my 3 teacher training and I did learn a lot more about yoga

Lila is a very good teacher of all the poses the alignment and specialy the anatomy of your yoga Body

It was very nice to see how everyone grow into a teacher

Brittany Loring

from United States, December 2020

"Absolutely Amazing "

I am so grateful for Akasha Yoga School! From the instructors to the location I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I highly recommend this school for all! From beginners to experienced yogis this place & the people are absolutely wonderful!

Alicia Gonzalves

from Colombia, December 2020

"Retiro ancestral"

Un lugar y una experiencia fascinante. Las clases de yoga y meditación son aptas tanto para prinicipiantes como para avanzados. En general, un ambiente súper acogedor y lleno de buenas energías.