Akasha Yoga and Aryuveda

Almada, Portugal

Akasha Yoga and Ayurveda is based in Portugal offering various types of yoga classes.

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  • Servando Valero

    Akasha Yoga and Ayurveda Facebook page

    When one is so far away from the places where yoga is still devotedly preserved and genuinely taught as a sacred science in its purest form, devoid of today's whimsical adulterations, it is a rare and immense privilege to be able to sit in front of a yogi and teacher like Hera, to learn and imbibe yoga from her in such a wonderful, powerful way. As an Isha Hatha yoga teacher, she is everything you would expect from someone trained according to Sadhguru's and his foundation's standards. As she sits for a yoga session, you can clearly see that her commitment and focus are completely out of question, as it is her proficiency and responsibility towards the integrity of the practices; at the same time, she knows exactly how and when to be funny and supportive, always patiently sympathetic with her students' efforts, no matter how inexperienced they might be. She and her husband Ricardo came for a course in Cádiz, and I can only say that their availability and generosity before, during, and after the programs were (and still are) simply astounding. Conscious of what I have been given (and how it was given to me), I couldn't but bow down in gratitude and recommend her Isha Hatha yoga courses to anyone avid to learn yoga in a proper, authentic, and beautiful way.

  • Conchi Mota

    Akasha Yoga and Ayurveda Facebook page

    El pasado agosto pude disfrutar de dos cursos de Isha Hatha Yoga (Angamardhana y Surya Kriya) impartidos por Hera en Cádiz; fue una experiencia increíble. Hera es una magnífica instructora, siempre paciente, generosa y atenta a las dificultades que encontraba cada uno de los participantes. La accesibilidad y empatía tanto de Hera como la de su marido Ricardo son ejemplares, algo de lo que estoy inmensamente agradecida. Sin duda, fueron días inmejorables. Gracias, Akasha!

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