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Ahimsa Yoga Ashram

The Ahimsa Yoga Ashram, set in a stunning natural environment, offers powerful teacher trainings and retreats for those students who really wish to learn yoga.

Instructors 1

Xian Breckenridge

Xian is an internationally trained and certified Hatha yoga teacher, energy and massage healer, AcroYoga teacher, psychic, acrobat, circus performer, trapeze artist, fire dancer, and author of the book “Why You Don’t Need Shoes.” Her extensive experience of supporting her students’ spiritual development and physical radiance makes her a unique teacher and mentor. Her 20-year yoga practice, which she taught all over the world for over 11 years, focuses strongly on correct alignment principles to open the energetic and spiritual body. Xian teaches with humor, love, insight, and a touch of magic.

Reviews 4

Andrea Peters

from Germany, January 2018

"I loved it."

I really did enjoy this retreat. Its in the middle of a jungle, a beautiful river is running through the property and the atmosphere is jyst amazing.

Xian's style of yoga was just the style I was looking for and you begin at the very beginning. By following Xian's suggestions I was able to do all the yoga postures without any back pain, hurting knees or hurting wrists and could simply enjoy the beauty of yoga with unrestricted breath. The workshop style she used, to teach us so many different things about meditation,  philosophy and awareness made it easy for me to learn and also built a nice community where I felt at home.

Thank you Xian for sharing your knowledge and having me now as a volunteer to see how this month's  students are roaring.

Kaya Wiltshire

from Taiwan, December 2017

"You're on the right path at Ahimsa :)"

21 days is the perfect amount of time to create some new healthy habits, and Ahimsa Ashram is the most beautiful place to do so!! I absorbed so much knowledge during my stay, and my yoga practice has benefited greatly! Xian's alignment classes and diverse lecture topics in the early mornings are insightful and well-informed, followed by time to review in the study group after breakfast. Afternoons combine fun and creative skill sharing workshops run by both participants and Xian herself, plus time to explore the magical waterfall, peaceful river, amazing library, and comfortable huts for lodging. The food is delicious, and I highly recommend Ahimsa if you're looking for a safe and peaceful place to connect with yourself on a deeper level :)

Testimonials 5

Cornelia Switzerland

Workaway website

I stayed for almost two weeks here and learned a lot from Xian! She has a huge knowledge about yoga, spirituality, nutrition, and all kinds of other stuff, which she happily shares with the volunteers. I was mainly working in the garden but whenever I was tired of something, she gave me something else to do, which I appreciated a lot. You can also always mention your own ideas and be creative. I had an amazing time with Xian and her adorable babies and am very grateful for all the things I learned.

Joel Canada

Workaway website

Xian came to be an excellent teacher. I learned many things quickly. She keeps a tight ship and needs everyone's helping hand. This gave me a friendly reminder to keep a conscious mind on all my movements and energy that I put into everything. I was taught about many different yoga practices, including alignment issues, building energy by conscious thought and meditation, and balance exercises. Saying grace and an opportunity to express gratefulness before every meal kept me in a good mood and happy thoughts for every moment.

Amy Costa Rica

Workaway website

An absolutely wonderful experience. From the moment I arrived at Xian's home, I felt comfortable and welcomed. I ended up staying longer than my planned three weeks and I am already planning to return in the fall! There are a daily routine and work schedule, which are shared equally between volunteers. Everybody takes turns cooking, washing up, helping with the beautiful babies, and hosting workshops. I loved changing the workshop theme each day because it creates a very fun and interactive experience. The actual hours vary depending on your skills, your preference, and what really needs to be done. It is simple and goes by relatively quickly. Xian (as a bonus) shares her knowledge of yoga. Alignment, philosophy, experiences, and so much more! My yoga practice has forever changed for the better. Thank you so much for opening your home and your heart with me, Xian. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Bianca United States

Workaway website

We spent an amazing, mind-expanding, and life-changing month at this magical little place Xian has created. I have dreamed of being able to experience life in an intentional community like this one. We learned so much about the yogic principles, meditation, and esoteric goodness. The food was great, work was fulfilling, and her babies are the cutest. Thank you infinitely, Xian, and a shoutout to all the karma yogis who made this experience so memorable!

Jonathan Cina Germany

Ahimsa Yoga Ashram Facebook page

What a magical trip. I am so grateful for this mind-changing experience! I thank everyone I met on my travel through Central America. Cheers to all the sublime weirdos for the crazy Envision Festival in Costa Rica! So thankful that energies led my way to the wonderful volcanic island in Nicaragua, where I finally found myself. Thanks to Ghislain Beauchamp, the Carpe Diem eco project, and all the lovely volunteers I met there. I really enjoyed learning how to build a house with nothing more than natural materials on the amazing Isla Los Brasiles. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Xian and her Ahimsa Yoga Ashram, Nicaragua, near San Juan del Sur, for bringing me further than I have been in my whole life so far, all within three weeks. Nice one to Aaron Ledezma and the whole Guácima crew for having me and last but not least, thanks to everyone who shared a part of the way with me.

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