The Ahimsa Yoga Ashram, set in a stunning natural environment, offers powerful teacher trainings and retreats for those students who really wish to learn yoga.

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60 Days 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua

March 1-April 29 | July 1-August 29, 2020
    from US$4,500
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    Xian Breckenridge

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    Johnny Casey

    from United States, March 2019

    "Amazing Ahimsa experience "

    This 21 day retreat was so amazing that it has changed my life so much for the better. The yoga was amazing and I learnt so much. The meditation was new to me but has now become an important part of my daily life. Xian also gave life experience lessons in the afternoon which really opened my eyes with her powerful energy and an amazing way to look at your personal problems and how to overcome them. I also really enjoyed mixing with like minded students who have become really good friends.

    Andrea Peters

    from Germany, January 2018

    "I loved it."

    I really did enjoy this retreat. Its in the middle of a jungle, a beautiful river is running through the property and the atmosphere is jyst amazing.

    Xian's style of yoga was just the style I was looking for and you begin at the very beginning. By following Xian's suggestions I was able to do all the yoga postures without any back pain, hurting knees or hurting wrists and could simply enjoy the beauty of yoga with unrestricted breath. The workshop style she used, to teach us so many different things about meditation,  philosophy and awareness made it easy for me to learn and also built a nice community where I felt at home.

    Thank you Xian for sharing your knowledge and having me now as a volunteer to see how this month's  students are roaring.

    Kaya Wiltshire

    from Taiwan, December 2017

    "You're on the right path at Ahimsa :)"

    21 days is the perfect amount of time to create some new healthy habits, and Ahimsa Ashram is the most beautiful place to do so!! I absorbed so much knowledge during my stay, and my yoga practice has benefited greatly! Xian's alignment classes and diverse lecture topics in the early mornings are insightful and well-informed, followed by time to review in the study group after breakfast. Afternoons combine fun and creative skill sharing workshops run by both participants and Xian herself, plus time to explore the magical waterfall, peaceful river, amazing library, and comfortable huts for lodging. The food is delicious, and I highly recommend Ahimsa if you're looking for a safe and peaceful place to connect with yourself on a deeper level :)

    Ilinca Lang

    from Switzerland, January 2019

    "Wonderful and magical transformation retreat"

    The time that we got to spend with Xian in her magical place was wonderful and peaceful. We learnt about our own bodies, their capacities and alignment as well as about different yoga philosophies, vegan cooking, DIY products, awareness, consciousness and a sustainable life style. Xian has created a healing and positive place with unconditional love, she has an open ear for everyone and is truely honest about her own experience. Thank you so much Xian for everything! I can highly recommend this ashram and can’t wait to go back and learn more from Xian and her beautiful community.

    Amelie Theriault

    from Canada, December 2018

    This place is amazing !! I was a beginner in yoga and I learned so much ! Everything is so well explain by the teacher. It was 21 days surrounding by amazing nature and river. Also the food is absolutely delicious.

    I have really enjoyed every second of it and I recommand this retreat to anyone.

    Nicaragua is such a beautiful country ♡

    Fiona Schleussinger

    The rating for the yoga teacher training and overall experience is 10. This is a deeply transformative retreat and Xian is a true spiritual leader. She is not only generous with her knowledge but puts her heart and soul into teaching. If you are prepared to work hard and be transformed, this yoga teacher training is invaluable.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Deroeck

    from Michigan, USA,

    I recently came to Nicaragua for a 21-day intensive retreat at Ahimsa Yoga Ashram. It was a truly life changing trip for me. First of all, being off grid and completely immersed in nature was so healing. I was truly able to connect with myself and made friends who will last a lifetime. Sleeping in a tent in the jungle, listening to all the natural sounds, enabled me to really sleep, returning to my natural rhythm. Eating vegan, which was not the case before, now I am a vegetarian and I feel so great. Daily yoga and meditation were beautiful. Xian has created a healing, uplifting, and welcoming environment for anyone who is not worried about getting a little dirty and seeing a few bugs.