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Seattle, Washington, United States

Aham Yoga brings you the knowledge of yoga from the east to the west. Keeping it real, clear, precise, relatable and simple. We conduct international trainings, workshops, retreats and more...

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  • Una Mente Maravillosa

    Aham Yoga Facebook website

    Arundati was a guest teacher in one of the classes at Aayana yoga this year. Her class was excellent, very engaging and fun. She gives a lot to the class, and as a student i benefited a lot from that one class. Thank You!!!

  • Allison Ash-Gubata

    Aham Yoga Facebook website

    She is so detailed in explaining our poses and what not to do and why, for me this approach is very helpful in my practice. I appreciate that each class is different and that she adds humor A generous instructor in many aspects!

  • Shalini Joshi

    Aham Yoga Facebook website

    Loved it and it's only my very first class so far! loved the attention to detail and needs of every single pupil in the class... was very good of her to dig deeper into my recent broken bones episodes to make sure I wouldn't injure myself and even tailored a couple of the asanas accordingly. Loved it so far I am highly motivated smile emoticon

  • Ashish A Washington, USA

    Yelp website

    This studio teaches Hatha yoga inspired by Iyengar. I attended Level 1-2 and 2-3 classes here. This studio is set a bit away from the crowds and the hustle bustle. I loved the chirping of the birds I heard outside. Went very well with the calm of the yoga practice.The classes here are all taught by the owner. She is a great teacher who pays close attention to every student. I loved how she noticed the minor details and her cues landed perfectly for me. She provides assists when she feels a verbal cue is not landing. She keeps the classes fun and interactive.I was amazed by how much she remembers about every student. She makes every student feel seen. There were 2 pregnant women in our class and they were doing a different sequence altogether for part of the class. This seemed almost seamless to the rest of the class. She provides great modifications and variations to almost every student in class. She encourages the use of props and she made me use some where I don't normally use them. This really helped me with those poses (shoulder stand and hanuman) and made me feel a sense of accomplishment.

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